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  1. After the recent news, most of my questions have been answered, but one...Will there still be double xp weekends, or is that something that has been put on hold too?
  2. I just wanted to say thank you for not updating in April...Like many other people I was angry about the update not happening...But after some binge playing I realized it is probably for the best. While playing I realized that if the game is as great as it is now, even with the glitches...Then the wait is probably worth it. You all took a kick ass flick, and made it into a highly addictive bad ass game...Plus it takes me back to when I was 8 playing the NES version lol... Nostalgia is priceless...Thank you for the game, and your honesty. I'll wait happily! Grimcheefer187...... Side note....Hit me up on PS4 anyone...for some F13TH SLAYING and PLAYING!
  3. Could bring in the Jason Hunter dude out of part 4 or Crayton Duke JGTH, as reason for revisiting the camp....
  4. I hope this topic has not been brought up...if so I'm sorry...Just had the idea of a possible map...Crystal lake in the present year...An old run down camp..over grown with grass..... Collapsing cabins.....Broken doors, smashed windows..Old fireworks that only distract... flare guns that misfire....rusty pocket knives that may not work...and old electronics that need repaired...sounds like a challenge.... Also what would Jason look like now? Could be cool to see what he looks like now in the present time.....a new Jason and a new map lol...Sorry I just love the game....
  5. Just stopping by to introduce myself...I play as GriMCheefer187 on PlayStation, many of you have killed me lol...It is awesome that there is a community for the players! I can't wait to see what I dig up next...Keep up the good work! See y'all later at camp!
  6. Just a thought...Why not add the Telekinetic chick out of part 7....She could be summoned some how, and be used like Tommy. Or she could even possibly summon her dad too, as another way to kill Jason like in part 7.
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