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  1. A competent developer(someone who can fix glitches)
  2. My guess is they're waiting for guys in charge of the "coding" the update get done with their night school computer programming class
  3. Be careful a post like this(truthful, constructive criticism) could be considered toxic or trolling in here
  4. I think they've proven already that they cant fix bugs so might as well try something else
  5. Im pretty sure the lawsuit covers f13 content not some random content. But im sure they'll say otherwise
  6. Couldn't be any worse than what the updates are doin to the game so might as well give it a visual effect
  7. Watch the videos for the fortnite end. Not saying do it exactly the same but something that draws attention before an update
  8. I think gun should pull a epic games and blow up the game in between updates. Maybe get some press attention and maybe some players to come back and see whats up
  9. Must be out spending all that switch money
  10. Just realized i had digital copy which is why i didn't know about medium bloody skins. Lol
  11. just was wondering how much time everyone has in on the game. Sorry for the sideways pic thats how it posted for some reason
  12. Here's a question cuz im not sure how steam works. Is it possible someone posted an unlicensed dlc pack in the marketplace?? Because it wouldn't be the first time something was distributed falsely(savini)
  13. I agree with alder. If you cheat,hack or exploit glitches you need to be called out on it. Discreetly reporting them to gun wont accomplish anything cuz i dont see then banning anyone. So call out them out in public and let people know who these POS are
  14. Im pretty sure the backers paid for that. You might wanna wipe that brown off your nose so you can see more clearly
  15. Im pretty sure you had to pay for extra kills, Halloween costumes, and the bathing suits. And if i wasn't for the lawsuit halting the new content thats in the coding but cant be released all the new stuff probably would if have to be bought as well. So they arent better than a big company. They're cash cow just got put to pasture by the lawsuit
  16. The game we all wanted but nobody got. All the good content none of the bugs!
  17. So you're saying you guys made new emotes after the lawsuit affected content???
  18. I just love how some of gun's stooges when off topic of the thread and not once did a mod or an admin say anything??
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