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  1. Just saw a video on youtube telling viewers that if you got someones psn account info that has savini and logged in then started up f13th that you will have savini?? They go on to say that even after you disable the legit savini account you will still have him? Is this even allowed?? @ShiftySamurai ?
  2. sfosterjr

    Sharing Savini??

    Im not goin to do it. Dont think i know anyone with savini anyways. Just was bringing it to guns attention
  3. It wont support name change. A former forum member changed their psn id and had to start from scratch
  4. sfosterjr


    Ok. The challenge is guessing how Gun paid for their servers on Amazon. Did a backer(wink wink) give them his Amazon gift card??
  5. sfosterjr

    Can't hear the boat?

    @[IllFonic]Courier posts in patch updates that certain bugs are fixed but we all find out later they weren't. so why couldn't this be any different??? plus its not like they're say hey we added a new sound!! cuz if they did they would be up shit creek without a paddle
  6. sfosterjr

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    I see there is no kind of response to the video evidence thats been posted about the boat sound not being there at the beginning like they claim. So this would fall under new content which we were told wont happen. So it seems we were lied to again.
  7. sfosterjr

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    Here is a video from the beginning and there is no boat sound on jasons side. And for the record this was posted june 2017
  8. sfosterjr

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    So you can bring "back" boat starting sound because it was already there so why cant you go ahead and bring Uber because its already there? And Wolf before you do your usual gun defender comment. Put a muzzle on it
  9. Its problem with playstation network. Its happened a couple times and i couldn't play online for any game
  10. sfosterjr

    F13 game tshirts

    kso i was surfing the web for some F13 merch when i found these.https://teespring.com/brokenf13game-tee?utm_swu=5599&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=seller_campaign_launch_1&utm_source=Seller_mktauto_us#pid=2&cid=2397&sid=front
  11. How did the playstation store get savini Jason in the first place?? He was a "exclusive" for all the backers of the game. So someone at Gun had to give both Xbox and Sony the codes for savini
  12. i think jason should be able to "quick throw" while locked on to someone in combat stance. that might stop those ring around the table players
  13. this right here. also i would like to see the ability for jason to quick throw a knife at locked on counselor while in combat stance.
  14. im at work at the moment. when i get home ill try to find the list and post. only one we dont have is savini. plus we always make sure its just the sweater girl and tommy. we do it so when girl starts sweater stun tommy should be ready hit from behind or front then hit the kill button. only way we allow other counselors near is if its one of our group. we have had the stun get ruined because of a random hitting jason as hes in sweater stun
  15. me and some friends who tend to "jason hunt" have figured out you have to hit each jason from either front or the back you cant do both. and part 3 you have to hit from behind to get him to drop. the best thing to do is do a private match and write down each jasons "stun point"
  16. i ran into it a couple times last night. me and a friend are wondering of they made it that you had to hit each jason either from behind or the front only. for example part 3 u had to hit in front to get him to drop and part 6 you hit in back to get him to drop
  17. sfosterjr

    prayers for shifty

    for those who havent heard @ShiftySamurai father is in the hospital. so out of respect(put your feelings about the game aside) go to his twitter and give some prayers or well wishes
  18. thursday night i got blue screened twice,connection to host lost twice and still didnt end up in the salt mines. so these people who are sayin they got put there after one time might be the ones that the salt mines were intended for and are now complaining after the one time they didnt rage quit on purpose cost them a trip to the mines
  19. well the game style most be different between consoles and maybe even by time of day. i dont trap the cars and rarely do they get fixed(except by my friends who know my strategy). theres a guy on ps4 with gamertag of zombie something who mains a vanessa with all epic thick skinned,hypo, and medic and the matches ive come across this guy all he really does is tank jason traps at objectives
  20. my favorite thing to do is if im part 2 and im in a escape focused lobby. i tend to put 1 trap at fuse as "bait" then ill put a trap on both side of the road by the exits where cops show up because most people will juke jason and run along side of the road in grass. i have got cussed at alot with this method afterwards in the lobby!!! lol
  21. yea but if the parts are already by the 2 seater then your possibly screwing those who cant get a seat in the 4 seater. granted the person dropped part off by 2 seater should at least attempt to fix it if its early in match
  22. you shouldnt be sent to salt mines from just one occurence.
  23. you cant do this anymore all doors that dont have a barricade can be unlocked from both sides