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    prayers for shifty

    for those who havent heard @ShiftySamurai father is in the hospital. so out of respect(put your feelings about the game aside) go to his twitter and give some prayers or well wishes
  2. sfosterjr

    F13 game tshirts

    kso i was surfing the web for some F13 merch when i found these.https://teespring.com/brokenf13game-tee?utm_swu=5599&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=seller_campaign_launch_1&utm_source=Seller_mktauto_us#pid=2&cid=2397&sid=front
  3. i havent found any but have heard someone finding on during qp 3 times i believe
  4. im either on f13(made some great friends just to give up) or battlefield 1.just downloaded h1z1 but havent really tried it yet
  5. yea but in the movies he starts off as this killing machine but by the end he has trouble with one or two people
  6. to be honest i think they did his rage mode backwards. i think je should start off in rage mode. and it should diminish as fast as it fills now. that would definitely change counselor strategy and maybe even these jason hunter squads would play different
  7. sfosterjr

    July Friday the 13th

    yay!!! its my birthday!!
  8. @wes @ShiftySamurai is there goin to be a live stream at your panel?? would love to watch if so
  9. sfosterjr

    F13 game tshirts

    probably. just came across it lookin for new f13 shirts and had to share
  10. sfosterjr

    forum is in a "coma"

    im not posting this to start any trouble. i work nights and have access to a computer. before all this stuff with whether gun knew about deadline or not stuff went down i could go on these forums within a couple minutes and just about every topic had new responses or new topics were at the top of the list. but now you see last reply being hours apart on most topics!! with the recent departures whether voluntary or involuntary of some of this forums top contributors most of the "higher" wouldnt say the forum is dying. well if it isnt dying then its in a very deep coma
  11. ive seen this a few times. usually as long as tommy is the first one to hit jason the stun still works and jason drops.
  12. somehow on ps4 there alot of people who are hosting but cant get players? maybe its a regional thing??this happened before
  13. sfosterjr

    forum is in a "coma"

  14. they need an event where only the sacred branch can vanquish jason!!
  15. sfosterjr

    pumpkinhead the game??

    i think a pumkinhead game styled after F13 but bug/glitch free would be kinda fun. thoughts??? if in wrong place sorry and please relocate
  16. yea no dedicated servers(not cost effective as the reason)
  17. my prediction is that i will celebrate because its my birthday!!
  18. if they wanted to make some extra money(to pay for those dedicate servers...wink wink) id buy a tumbler. without the gun logo seeing that im not an employee
  19. well @wes posted on twitter on jul 3rd that gun employees just got them so??
  20. wouldnt this be considered new content??? lol
  21. next to the bugs emotes and clothing dlc are the worst thing about this game. if they wanna add clothing to the game then they should come attached with positive and negative attributes just like the perks. for example u wanna rock chad in his speedo. fine. +5% sprint increase(lighter due to less clothes) but you lose one item slot(where's he goin to put it all anyway???). sorry @The Tommy i had to use chad as my example
  22. sfosterjr

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    for some reason i thought it was getting fixed on this patch but when jason rages through a door on jasons screen you just walk through the door and are temporarily blind(cant see because door is still there) and are open to an easy stun from a counselor.