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  1. i think if someone commits suicide they souldnt be able to come back as jarvis
  2. yes. but for f13 have it setup so if counselor wins it they break free and if jason wins its a kill. and make it so you can only use it once
  3. sfosterjr

    Boat Escape Idea

    a buddy i play with makes it his lifes mission as jason that nobody escapes by boat!! lol. of course when hes a counselor boat is his preferred method of escape
  4. sfosterjr

    Battlefield V

    cant wait!!
  5. sfosterjr

    Boat Escape Idea

    i like the idea but think the max should be 3. heres why. when u have both cars on the map there are 6 items u need to repair both cars and there is also 6 seats available. but if u get a map with a boat and the 2 seater thats 5 objects but only 4 seats? so if each object is found by a different counselor then who gets shafted? there should be an available seat for every vehicle part.
  6. im thinking it was called clash in the game but i could be mistaken. just remember when it happens ur action buttons show on screen and it says wager. been awhile since ive played could be thinking wrong
  7. im pretty sure injustice does it as well. when the two players go for same move theres a little meter kinda like the break free on this
  8. i like the idea. jason definitely needs more kills
  9. if they really want to keep it at this level maybe they should redo the grinder perk and actually make it worth something instead of it being totally useless
  10. they could do like the injustice games(i think) where when jason grabs someone and if the counselor guesses which button jason picked it goes into a tug-of-war type break away but favoring counselor at start since he guessed right
  11. sfosterjr

    Creighton Duke?

    would be nice to have new heroes. oh and this post will probably be moved or deleted cuz it was posted in wrong category or its a duplicate topic
  12. this past weekend i played with 6 friends basically all weekend we all were on game chat talking even the randoms we came across and nobody found a tape. but that is just a 12hrs worth of gameplay sample size
  13. maybe they should do the emotes like the perks. each emote has a positive effect and a negative. like +35% fear reduction -20% chance item drop?? cuz with some of those dances some people could drop a "riot stick" they were holding onto to further annoy jason. just an idea
  14. im on ps4. psn id is the same as here