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  1. Great job fixing the problem of counselors staying on the ground. Its so much better as jason when people are dancing on the rooftops
  2. Im pretty sure the lawsuit was just an excuse for them to stop working on the game because they wanted to move on to their next project. The killer puzzle game just added new stuff. Just noticed that this didnt get put in with above post for some reason?? Sorry about double post
  3. Experience has nothing to do with it. Ive been killing jasons of all experiences. Even before the October flow of newbies
  4. I dont think it was i tried several times after yesterday's update to kill jason and he wouldn't go to his knees during sweater stun
  5. I think they should have made it where after rage jason could only be stunnned once per weapon.
  6. Thanks for an update. Is there any talk of possibly adding the ability to change your spawn preference in the pre match lobby?
  7. Im not goin to do it. Dont think i know anyone with savini anyways. Just was bringing it to guns attention
  8. Just saw a video on youtube telling viewers that if you got someones psn account info that has savini and logged in then started up f13th that you will have savini?? They go on to say that even after you disable the legit savini account you will still have him? Is this even allowed?? @ShiftySamurai ?
  9. It wont support name change. A former forum member changed their psn id and had to start from scratch
  10. Ok. The challenge is guessing how Gun paid for their servers on Amazon. Did a backer(wink wink) give them his Amazon gift card??
  11. @[IllFonic]Courier posts in patch updates that certain bugs are fixed but we all find out later they weren't. so why couldn't this be any different??? plus its not like they're say hey we added a new sound!! cuz if they did they would be up shit creek without a paddle
  12. I see there is no kind of response to the video evidence thats been posted about the boat sound not being there at the beginning like they claim. So this would fall under new content which we were told wont happen. So it seems we were lied to again.
  13. Here is a video from the beginning and there is no boat sound on jasons side. And for the record this was posted june 2017
  14. So you can bring "back" boat starting sound because it was already there so why cant you go ahead and bring Uber because its already there? And Wolf before you do your usual gun defender comment. Put a muzzle on it
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