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  1. Thanks for the Update?? What game are you playing? There is more bugs now then there ever was. A lot of people are uninstalling the game!! Please Don't screw this game up for the love of god don't. Loads of people are asking where the $800K plus some that people kick started this game with??
  2. It's better than dead by daylight. And they listen to the player's problems and keep in touch through their Discord and forums. Something Gun And Ill Haven't done in a year that this game has been out
  3. Still so many issues not fixed. Bummer... Hopefully, some more are fixed before August. You will Lose Loads of players to A better game. HIDE OR DIE
  4. Yet another new person, and yet A GAME THAT IS FULL OF ERRORS
  5. Instead of fixing things that aren't broken, fix things that are... Bullying of Jason making him Scary again. And fix the pocket knives again. More and more keep popping up. Bugs with the cars and the survivor's getting stuck , unable to pick up weapons
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