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  1. How many times do I have to tell people everywhere? The lawsuit isn't FOREVER Sure it can last year's but it can also just be months!
  2. Hello. I really support your idea. I have a form found on my account about DLC Single Player Challenges. You'd play as Pamela Voorhees on the first challenge. I though maybe can talk about our ideas for future things we can have to put in the game! Thanks!
  3. I've been watching a lot of Melissa McCarthy movies so.
  4. Never read it so I wouldn't say that, but one thing I'd say is I'm supporting your idea.
  5. What Ima say may lead to another forum, but they can have an update being made now, and publish it when Friday is free.
  6. Do you THINK I didn't know that? I knew. They can see the idea. They can still work on the DLC
  7. There are ten missions. I think we could use maybe 6 more, BUT. It's DLC. 6 maps come in one DLC pack. I don't know how all of them would go though. I have two ideas. Challenge SP1: First Friday Pamela Voorhees is still mad at those idiotic counselors. Jason is dead. Pamela has a job to do. Kill. The. Camp. Yes, you'd play as Pamela Voorhees after Jason dies. You can NOT shift and morph, but you can stalk, and you still have your Sense ability. You can NOT grab, but you can grab the counselor by the back and bring them into a spot for a context kill. Challenge SP2: Heroes Aren't Forever Taking place at Alice's neighborhood, you are to find and kill Alice. You are to also kill the neighbors. For Alice's special kill, go to her fridge and place Pamela's head inside. When Alice sees the head, go to her and kill her with the ice picker. Since its 6 challenges, I thought of something. On the last 3 challenges, you play as a counselor. I don't know the rest after that though. Thanks! P.S. Since we're loaded on emotes, make the rewards clothing for counselors.
  8. Whenever I play with my buddies on Friday, we always do a couple private rounds. Here's the problem. We don't have the option to choose Private Match as a in-game party host. We have to close the party, go into private match, and invite everybody back in. It's retarded. Please see this and make us be able to have the option to go into a PM with our in-game party. Thanks!
  9. In the part where Alice dies, she's the only one who dies there. You need more people. Who? It'd be WAY too short.
  10. I've seen this movie many times. Also, what I meant by The Revolver was nothing was that it never stunned Jason in the movies.
  11. Your explanation is okay, but Illfonic bases the game stuff from the movies. The revolver was nothing. Why would there be a revolver in a camp? Shotguns and rifles would be more fitting.
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