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  1. Even if I have a knife to use on Jason, 90% of the time, he catches me anyway. I use stealthier characters usually so fighting isn't my thing. I'll always use my knife on a trap as I've only ever escaped by fixing things instead of fighting Jason.
  2. It doesnt alert Jason to you setting off the trap. Which is very valuable when there's only two of you left
  3. So I was playing as Jenny and the Tommy spawns right by me. I have the phone fuse and a knife. I flash my light at him and said "hey come help me do the fuse box". The box was double trapped so I use my one knife on one and I tell him to use his on the other. He proceeds to hug the wall and step right into the trap and then Jason shows up... Both dead pretty quickly after as we were the last two. This guy was a level 63 as well. Is it generally not known that you can use knives on traps??
  4. HTMLRulezdOOd1

    I Play Offline.

    Why are you ragging on him for being a "newbie" when you haven't been a member for two months yet?
  5. HTMLRulezdOOd1

    Tagging the phone?

    I agree. The random things Jason can't do is baffling. No one is a match for Jason... Except a couch.
  6. HTMLRulezdOOd1

    Tagging the phone?

    No, that's not why i created it. I created it because I had just played a match where a person was holding the first half and dropped it when he got killed. I hadn't seen the fuse house by where I was searching, so I picked up the fuse and went to the area's I hadn't searched (and I know most spawn points for it) and still couldn't find it. Jason killed everyone and I just though "maybe this could be helpful?". Not everyone is garbage and the game and wants this spoonfed because they had an idea.
  7. HTMLRulezdOOd1

    Tagging the phone?

    If everyone knows how to play and has mics, this isn't needed. But we've all seen and complained how the player base has degraded so low that rarely anyone will attempt to play correctly. Most matches, Im a lone wolf and will walk the entire map with aj trying to find stuff. Not to mention, most people that find the fuse dont attempt to fix the fuse box for some reason and you're usually finding the fuse dropped somewhere (nowhere near where it was found).
  8. HTMLRulezdOOd1

    Tagging the phone?

    That's what I thought, but most games recently, it feels like it didn't spawn. I know that's not the case, but it's gotten super frustrating playing with dance parties and trolls who wont answer a question.
  9. HTMLRulezdOOd1

    Tagging the phone?

    That's how I felt too and that works well when you have good groups. The cooperative groups have just been few and far between the past couple of weeks I've played.
  10. HTMLRulezdOOd1

    Tagging the phone?

    That'd have been smart. Oops lol
  11. I don't know if it's been brought up (search didn't really show anything helpful), but we should be able to "tag" the phone house. One of the biggest issues I run into with the fuse is being able to find the phone house. Sometimes it feels like it disappears or something haha. Maybe by picking up the phone (before the fuse imstalled) would reveal it on the map? I know people will say "play with a mic", which I do, but it's harder to find cooperative people with mics that aren't screaming twelve year olds.
  12. I tried searching and couldn't find anything. But any tips on morphing when someone's in the car? It never puts me where I click it and I am always facing a terrible direction. Is there a tip for this or is it just the way it is? Nothing makes you feel more like a dipshit than morphing and watching the car go right by lol.
  13. HTMLRulezdOOd1

    Salt mine worry from today

    You chose to read the thread and respond so I don't know, you tell me.
  14. HTMLRulezdOOd1

    Salt mine worry from today

    I was Jason
  15. HTMLRulezdOOd1

    Salt mine worry from today

    I appreciate the helpful posts lol. Unfortunately, we live in an 800 sq ft condo, so our space is limited. I usually back out when it starts a lobby for me when it can't get me in an established lobby, but it filled up quick and I felt like a jerk for ending it. I thought I had a good hour before they'd show up but I was vastly wrong lol.