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  1. Logged on yesterday to play as I haven't played in a while. first game, two people come and just start hitting me, followed me for a good 10 minutes. Quit, because obviously they're teamers or just making the experience not fun. Next game, bunch of kid Jason teamers. Quickly remembered why I don't play this game nearly as much as I used to.
  2. Eh this one I quit because the dudes we're slandering and just dbags in general. I'll take my loss, but yelling dumb stuff will make me go to a different lobby lol. But it was quick and precise, never seen tasks completed that fast. I think the total game time had to be like 7 minutes lol
  3. Just encountered a whole lobby of Vanessa's and I was Jason. Thought chain stunning wasn't a thing anymore? I couldn't get a hit in without getting stunned and every one of them had a health spray or knife. They killed me while I killed zero. They also got the boat in like 1 minute and Jarvis called within that as well. I'm not an expert Jason, but not awful either. Any way to combat this? Lol
  4. Played for the first time in almost 2 months yesterday, all I got were new people that hopefully didn't know how to play the game. Literally no one attempted objectives and I couldn't find the objects to save my life. Even calling Tommy doesn't get done. The one time I did it, the person wasnt playing, so Tommy just stood at the edge of the map and eventually got killed
  5. found the fox hole PC guy. Everyone gets that PC has more interchangeable things, but I just prefer consoles than a computer. now lets stay on topic of F13. I haven't played in over a week and the last time I did, it took well over an hour to get a lobby where there aren't host quits and full lobbies. It's not dead by a long shot, but its limping.
  6. With my limited experience and time in these forums, I see why people are pissed. The devs will drop big announcements and then will go silent to cause people to fester. We saw them hype up the huge upgrade, then nowhere to be found after it caused more issues. Then they'll address some issues with a patch, but not major ones (rubberbanding?). With my personal experience in customer service and business, Gun/Ill brought this on themselves with their lack of clarity and communication. Clearly, this forum has a dedicated fanbase, why not try to interact with the people that genuinely want the game to succeed? Obviously, don't cater to the forum (Reggie, the dog), but communicate and be open to criticisms. I've yet to see anyone say that Wes or Shifty are these evil people with bad intentions, but they have fairly criticized them. I haven't seen NHA, but I appreciate his time to come on here and explain his quotes. Gun/Ill should follow suit.
  7. I don't get why they cant just work on fixes for a few months and resume content? If they'd communicate with the community, they'd keep players. But, it seems like they're doing everything they can to degrade the playerbase so that in three months they can go "there's no point in making new content when there's barely anyone playing". So that's why it seems like they don't give a shit anymore. I feel like most of us on here could do a better job of maintaining the player base than the people who made the fucking game. Like, send out something special to backers (I'm not one btw), bust your ass on bug fixes, have lawyers contact miller/Cunningham to talk about the future of their game (which either of them should love the game because its an added revenue to their pockets..). They just have no fight in them for the game anymore and it's really sad for us players. We feel like the person that just got dumped.
  8. Add the people who spam click the ready button and yell "ready up!!"
  9. On ps4 it doesn't let you. It brings you to their profile every time when you click on mute unfortunately.
  10. I put the dj one. All are annoying, but it's super fucking annoying when the dj guy comes on at the last second when you're in the match but it's waiting for the last couple of people. You can't mute them and have to play a horror game along to so trash need wave hip hop.
  11. He's a d bag most times I play a game. And by d bag, I mean that he doesn't attempt to help any counselors and just escapes or hides.
  12. Re read. First post I made saying at tagging devs isn't the way to go didn't quote anyone. You quoted me saying you have a right to complain. I quoted you saying complain all that you want, but at tagging devs 30 times (not referring specifically to you, just in general) will just annoy them. Relax
  13. Did I say you did? When I said my original post, it wasn't at you. Take that "shit" elsewhere.
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