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  1. The Packanack roof glitch is still active. I was just in a game where 2 people was on the roof. Also there is a glitch where you get stuck when you climb out the side window next to the camp fire on packanack main house. This is ridiculous
  2. man this happened to me too i am now level 104 i have been level 150 for over a year
  3. I think I get more network error disconnects than before the patch.
  4. people are still using the cheat to run across water on the pine hurst map. This needs to be fixed too.
  5. I got stuck between two objects in car just today. It really sucks. I was crossing the bridge in higgins and the car drifted between the bridge and a tree. It sucks that they added this drifting to the car when the car was working fine before the update.
  6. Its happened to me several times Its very irritating. I sent in a few videos I uploaded to my youtube account to jasonbug report site. I tried to send a new bug to them and they have disabled the send button I am assuming that they are getting tons of reports which I hope that is the case.
  7. too many bugs in this game. I was driving a car and when I got out of it and ran jason just stood by the car swinging his axe and I was no were near him.
  8. I put mine at 2.78 just about put it the way it was before the update
  9. For Christ' sakes, there was an update on my post before you replied. Read it.
  10. This game is not enjoyable any longer with the new update. It is full of bugs. Its too dark and you cant see anything anymore. I was playing the game all this morning before the update and now I don't enjoy the game. Update: I just found out how to fix the game lighting. Just go to settings in the game and select video and raise your gamma to make it brighter.
  11. Hi I am new to the forum introduction but been playing the game for a while
  12. Dude, I have 500k points I am not worried about that. It's just the fun and the fact that all the time you wasted fixing stuff about to escape and then your fun stops abruptly with a rage quitter. Just imagine for example if this happened to you for 10 straight games you would be upset I'm sure.
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