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    I'm a huge fan of the Friday 13th movies (my favourite list as followed 7,8,6,F vs J,X,4) and a big Kane Hodder fan (he's the best by a mile). First movie I saw was 6, I was only a kid at the time and so this zombie giant indestructible killing machine nightmare was.. THE COOLEST THING I'D EVER SEEN!! And I kinda still think this about the character in general. Got a Hodder replica mask at home, t shirts, figurines... I'm a nerd...
  2. Norgusta

    Jason nerf

    might off topic, but imagine being the poor guy who had to job to yokozuna? You've definitely done something wrong to get that spot, far as im aware he crippled a few ? ouch
  3. More variation, tweaks, extensions to the maps, more more more. This game is obviously leaving ALOT of players short, it obviously still needs ALOT of work to be a long lasting classic, which brings me back to my other point of the early 2000's earer with the ps2/n64 etc there's so many of those titles I would still happily play, and do regularly and some of these games have hit the twenty year benchmark. That's a long lasting game that defies time, a great game is a great game no matter the age. This game hasn't lasted a year
  4. I loved this game... After the server issues etc but for me this game has as much depth as a free mobile game, once you've played as a councillor and then as Jason - you've experienced EVERYTHING this game has to offer... Very short lived. However im a mega Jason movie fan and after waiting untill I'm in my THIRTIES for a Friday 13th game I don't want to see it disappear for another twenty years once this game is gathering dust.. Which will be very soon. In this age of next gen console's and billion dollar budget games imagine what kind of Jason game this could've been? Or imagine what we could get in the years to come. love to hear everyone's ideas for this
  5. think British and us governments have secretly set this up to train us for WW3 ? but seriously up to 5 military style games a year and my last trip to the cinema there were 4 (fucking 4!!) army recruitment ads before the movie started???
  6. black opps 4, really? This is what I mean! They should have called the next gen console's the first person console!! I'm with u, I only bought black opps 3 for zombies but it takes up soooo much room u can't have many other titles on your ps!
  7. star wars battlefront on the ps2 was just incredible
  8. don't get me wrong there are some diamonds in the fps ruff (can't wait for far cry 5) but you nailed it, why do people keep feeding the C.O.D and battlefield cash cow, they got like 3-4 titles a year yet they keep feeding? Basically telling game companies that what all gamers want. Had a great chat with a friend about how ps2 was our fav era of gaming, so diverse, so many awesome titles
  9. Truth, u gotta admit there's ALOT of fps games out there especially on ps4 and they do get very samey, I'm part of the doom generation so I've played my share lol
  10. ah new to this, didn't realise I was posting in the wrong place
  11. Hello team Friday its Norgusta here, I've been playing since the ps4 release last year over here in the UK. Sadly I don't play anymore as we only have 4 of us online so we have to play open matches and this completely ruins your experience as Jason and frankly hurts the Jason Voorhees character to some degree. Never say never though and im sure in the future ill stick it back on for a round or two, so here's some idea's for the future. 1. Guys you GOTTA improve Jason, I mean all round every aspect, he's so awkward to move around, so slow with the grab, gets stuck on objects all the time, the door bashing mechanic works about 4 times out of ten so u may as well just hit the door repeatedly rather than hold, the shift never seems to take you the direction you need to go when turning (trying to shift in front of the car is next to impossible), I'm sorry but the walking Jasons are WAY to slow now most of the councillors can run a marathon, the combat stance is useless and pointless and he can be worked over way too easily but the councillors which is just wrong, plain wrong. 2. Let's get some power tools!!!! Imagine searching a house in the dark and a chainsaw revs up behind you!!!! 3. Get rid of the phone, let's face it in the movies when does a phone work? The two vehicles and boat is more than enough for the councillors or change the phone exit? Instead of 5 min wait then boogie your way over the line (as we all do) is just the easiest escape and makes this Jason player want to throw his Ps out the window! How about the police are at the exit for a few mins only? if u miss it then tough shit, your trying a different escape? 4. I'd love to see the kill from six when the newly waken zombie Jason snaps the Sherriff so the back of his head is touching his ankles? 5. Bigger boobed councillors!! That wobble!! (I might be a minority on that one but don't ask, don't get) Cheers dudes ??
  12. Norgusta

    Should I buy this game?

    In my Personal opinion its just depends on what u really like in a game, if like me you like in depth story based titles for hours of adventure and character building then this is not the game for you. That being said if u have online friends to play with/against and enjoy a simple based 'pick up n play' game it can be a fun experience and to be honest its peanuts on the store most of the time so you'll be sure to get your moneys worth.
  13. couldn't see the point in Halloween, would be pretty much the same would it not, how about a horror genre game, cram as many in as possible? Love to see Freddy vs leatherface but done well ?
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    Take I easy dude and there's some AWESOME games coming out this year so if this game ain't doing it for ya, get stuck into something else but if u ever want to join a lobby just send a msg (NORGUSTA) heads up far cry 5 at the end of this month which will be EPIC ?✌?
  15. Norgusta

    Jason's even rage quitting the films now -_-

    surely this flaw along with the many MANY other's this short lived game has could easily be fixed, oh wait I forgot fixing problems with this game is too much to ask.
  16. Norgusta

    Why I stopped playing Friday the 13th The Game

    I've read advice from other players on tips for Jason and a popular choice is simply hitting the councillors with whatever weapon your current Jason has to get kills. Really? I hate the idea of following councillors around whacking away, but seriously what's the point of all those wonderfully graphic and violent kills each Jason owns a fucking arsenal of if trying to get a grab is too time costly and rarely works now off the shift. 9 times out of ten unless someone is standing completely still when u try to grab from the shift the councillor is already 12 feet ahead of you when Jason reaches out? Pretty useless. Let's not forget how easy it seems to be for councillors to avoid Jason's grasp altogether.
  17. Norgusta

    Why I stopped playing Friday the 13th The Game

    I couldn't agree more, I've been playing this title on my ps4 with pals since it came out in the UK, literally every Friday. I gotta say guys it saddens me but most of us prefer playing councillors only these days as playing as Jason is just.. painfull. I LOVE the movies and the character Jason Voorhees is literally just the coolest monster ever created! The last round I played as Jason ended with me walking away and just letting the time run down,"call the police I couldn't give a shit" was the last words from my mouth. ok so here's my problems.... Why when I'M a councillor I run out of stamina before I reach the next f@#king house but when im Jason the chads out there seem to have unlimited bloody stamina?? And WTF happened to Jason's grab?? Why dosent work anymore? I find u spend most of the round with councillors running around under your nose and feel pathetically powerless to get your hands on them! I'm not a newbie, I've played since the games release last year, unlocked all the jasons so far, bought all the kills etc sat through all the server issues, glitches etc to get to this? Please turn Jason back into the killing machine nightmare he should be, as a councillor your game experience should be fucking terrifying, if Jason SEE'S you - your f@#£ed. Not let's laugh at how easy it it to escape from Jason, we all play as councillors now as to be honest its an easy win. I now find myself bored shitless when playing but its a better alternative to the incredibly frustrating and repetitive experience playing as Jason 'The camp blood joke'. Please dudes I beg u I loved this game originally, make me love it again NORGUSTA