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  1. So I thought of a way to incorporate more ways to use the window. Two story windows to be exact. While getting out/escaping (not suicide dive), there'll be a prompt to quickly press with X/B/whatever. This'll allow you to do a quick 180, and grab the window frame to hang. You'll have another way to juke/trick Jason into thinking you're going out the window. I feel this'll be super helpful with countering the rage buff. Stamina gain is also possible, but it does have its disadvantages. Jason can do an instant kill if they guess correctly. A slicing off the fingers kill, maybe impale head with weapon? Ha! As a joke kill, Jason could just slam the window shut, and the counselor will let go in fear, and fall to their death. Damage from this lesser two story drop, will be halved. Fair enough in my opinion. Shitty to think this'll be considered new content. Even though they could just use the animations in the game (like they added the tractor in Pinehurst), and that's all. Minus the window slamming kill, totally doable. Damn, I wrote a lot!
  2. The moment i saw +throwing knives, remake was already in the bag. That +traps just solidified my pick too. I feel having the extra knives helps with his -weapon strength(if your a decent knife thrower). I can deal with his -morph since he can run, and his shift is neutral. Nes has a combination of weaknesses that warrant a one time play for me. That -destruction is what really hurts the most
  3. If my Deborah went against my Roy, it's only a matter of time till that marathon stamina is gone. Or the never saw it coming stalk kill. Can't forget to watch your back either. Never know when a knife will hit ya. Even through all the chaos, and making repairs, i do enjoy a good stroll around crystal lake with Jason. Gotta make the chase fun, but rookie mistakes do happen. Especially when your running blind with no map
  4. Flare, and shot gun are guaranteed stun, but come with some shitty downsides. No stamina gain from either gun, and you get interaction lock from the shotgun. I'll take my chances with any weapon, but i favor the frying pan, and baseball bat
  5. Ha! I can see it now! Nothing but naked counselors skinny dippin, and the water perks being the new meta! I welcome change, but this probably won't ever happen
  6. Your not the only one thats experienced the jump through windows glitch. Had forum leader(whatever title you call it these days)kodiak try to tell me i was doing something wrong with my analog. Would love to hear his excuses now that I'm not the only one experiencing this
  7. I wouldn't mind more throwing knives on all the maps(knife happy jason speaking), invincibility frames on wake up after being stunned, interaction lock actually being fixed from the game(biggest issue for me), and whatever else needs fixing
  8. Honestly, it's made the game super again(not like it's been fun since the beginning).As Jason, I've started not trapping the phone, and only trapping the drivers door to the cars. I've also made it a habit to put as many counselors in the limping state, before i start killing them. As a counselor, if there's a level 1 in the lobby, i make it my goal that they survive the night. I've done a lot of unnecessary running/stamina burning, and unequipped all my perks. It's little things like that, that made me appreciate the game that much more. Ha! I feel ya on that grizzled veteran feeling
  9. Here's what i noticed, i get to play like an idiot again. Wellb not completely. I do use the knowledge i have, but i tend to play on the dumber side now. Unless it's in a lobby that knows what they're doing, i tend to play like the village idiot
  10. PSH! Still experiencing that stupid jumping through windows glitch, when you've been sprinting. Hate it when your being chased, and, BAM! Jump through window. Don't know how many games I've suffered through this chicken shit crap
  11. Very true! I loves the nes nightmare game. The dream world could have infinite possibilities! I'd love to see a developers take on the dream powers, and how to escape fred(gotta use his OG name, cuz freddy sounds too child like. Even though he was originally a child molester). Holy water as a way to defeat him(just like dream warriors)? Maybe even being summoned as Alice(alas Tommy)? Wow! My stego brain is in overdrive!
  12. No worries boss! All in good fun. As a fan of the halloween franchise, i would be down to see someone have their take on a halloween game. I feel like, now, would be the greatest tike for all horror franchises to have a game built on them Damn! The quote button didn't work on my response to you
  13. There a ps4 build as well? Haven't been keeping up with the news for awhile, so this is all new to me. Thanx for letting me know. Damn! Now i wish this would all come to fruitation Whoops! Forgot to quote you in my last response
  14. The answers are out there for sure. It's all based on if you really wanna commit, and find them. Hey! Like me!
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