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  1. That would be awesome. Good note. However, i think they may be saving that for the SP Challenges since the AI won't be notified of your presence at first. I think they only have 7 in OB for now for balancing reasons. More might be too much to handle, especially if they improve the bot AI and make it smarter so it will complete objectives faster, try to kill you, escape faster, etc.
  2. Oh i have no doubt that they will improve significantly in time. (Hopefully) It's not as good as you make it out to be. Yes, there are other factors like decision making and such which can confuse the AI and cause it to ignore/bypass some other functions like its navigational programming. (You often see this a lot in Early Access games or betas where the AI gets confused when other factors have interrupted its normal routine and get stuck somewhere) But the fact of the matter is that this is a full product. Yes, it launched without AI at all but if you're going to make AI, at least delay it if you know it's not going to be up to a professional standard. Things like them getting stuck as they do as frequently as they do is not a professional standard. I mean, the AI you're talking about is the kind of AI that is VERY, VERY advanced. Like top of the line stuff that has took years to make and rarely falters in live gameplay. A great example of this would be the AI for the Xenomorph in Alien Isolation. To this day the xeno AI in Alien Isolation is without a doubt the best and most realistic I've ever seen. And that came from a developer who makes STRATEGY games who managed to make an AI as believable, fault-less and as realistic as the AI for the Xenomorph was in a HORROR game. Just goes to show that with enough passion and talent, anyone can do it. So in light of that, what is everyone else's excuse when their games have been in development for years and their AI is sub-par at best?. (Not F13 The Game of course, that AI was made in only a few months and with 3rd party software) But yes, hopefully we see many more improvements and inclusions like the features i noted down in my post added. I for one would really enjoy OB if even just some of these features were implemented.
  3. Well, when you have a rig like mine you expect 60FPS at the best of times. When you're used to that kind of framerate anything lower than it has an affect on you, makes you think it looks like ass when it's decent really. I never always had a monster rig like i do now, it took years to save up the kind of money i spent on this thing. But yeah, private match has had the option of rain since they first implemented it a couple patches back. (The Part IV Jason and Jarvis House update i believe) It's a little odd that one game mode has it and the other one doesn't especially since the game mode that doesn't is offline play only. Like i said, some people don't like to play online right now and like you said, there's no excuse for not having that option. All the other mentioned features are just common niceties. The option to toggle rain on and off when it has an impact on performance is vital like you say. It's like it forces you to play on specs that you don't match.
  4. Ikr?. The current state of the optimization in this game is god-awful sometimes. Sometimes i hit around the 30-40 FPS mark in certain areas and i have a GTX Titan X, 16GB of RAM and an I7 CPU... something tells me that shouldn't be happening on a rig like mine. That and you can actually turn the rain off IN PRIVATE MATCHES. Why OB doesn't have this option i... i don't even know.
  5. What do i mean for more options?. Well, think of it as more features instead to give more variety and customisation for players that play OB or SP Challenges exclusively. (I'm one of them for now) New features that would be nice would go something like this i think: 1. The option to toggle rain on and off. (Pls for the sake of my FPS) 2. Counselors are able to use a variety of costumes like the Halloween pack for example along with emotes. It would give them more life i think. (Though this might be coming, i can't remember, the costumes that is in OB) 3. The ability to change and customise Jason's abilities, like their cooldown times or rage being instantly active from the start of the game. (It's a pain in the ass to find Tommy Jarvis if he's the last one alive and you don't have rage and a -Morph) 4. This may be difficult to implement but in all of my time in OB, i have never once seen the Counselors actually try to kill Jason and they've been near my shack/house multiple times yet they never go inside to try and get the sweater to actually ATTEMPT to try and kill me. I don't know if this feature is already in the mode and the AI has trouble figuring out how to kill the player or if it's non-existent but it needs tuning if it actually is a thing for OB. Would be nice if they actually tried to kill you on the Hard difficulty exclusively for example. 5. The AI intelligence needs a serious looking into. I'm sure all of you by now have seen Counselors getting stuck to rocks, drawers, doors, walls, standing out in the open not doing anything (Jarvis i'm looking at you) etc, etc. I know general improvements are coming but i don't believe it will be enough for the meantime. AI this poor should not be a thing, even for Indie games. These things are very, very basic for AI guys, c'mon. It's basic navigational errors. I know they're very busy tackling bigger, more concerning problems but the state of the AI really is a mess. God knows what the SP Challenges AI could act like if it's anything like the AI on OB. 6. The option to have Jason unmasked from the start. Now this might sound a little silly but some people might prefer to see Jason's actual face instead of those masks a lot more oftenly. Also, it will make the killing process for the AI a hell of a lot easier. Giving the player more of a challenge, especially on Hard mode if the difficulty setting is tweaked so Hard mode will actually act like it's on the Hard difficulty. Right now, the difficulties are pretty much the same and determine if Counselors are just going to hide under beds or in closets more oftenly than not. Could also be a nice option for people who want to roleplay as Jason who wouldn't have found his mask yet like in Part III, Part VI, VIII and the 2009 Remake. Yeah, that's pretty much it for now. Unless someone has more suggestions which they can provide in the comment section. I think adding these few features would give OB and possibly SP Challenges more variety and appeal because let's face it, OB is pretty empty and sadly boring for the most part right now and that's sad to see as an F13 fan who was waiting for OB to arrive since they first announced it all the way on the Kickstarter page. (Yes, it's been that long, lol ) I was fairly dissapointed with OB because of how lackluster it is. But anyway, let me know what you think in the comments and add suggestions if you have any and hopefully with luck, the devs will see this and get around to adding some of these interesting features. (In my opinion) I still have faith in you guys!. Even with all of the game's problems right now.
  6. As the title says. Can we please get some information of possible modding support or tips on how to actually modify the game's files if at all possible?. I've wanted to mess around with Jason's abilities for a while now but I've noticed that there aren't actually any accessible files to do so in the game's directory or i do not have the correct software to view them. Which is a shame because it would make the game interesting in Offline Bots instead of the same old thing every once in a while. Take Jason's rage being available at the start of the match or Jason's abilities having a 1 second cooldown for example. Keep in mind that i'm ONLY talking about OFFLINE play here, stuff like that online would be ridiculous and unbalanced. Probably not even possible at all if the asset information is stored server-side instead of client-side. (Don't know why you would store information like that client-side but yeah) So, can you help a guy out here?.
  7. Oh, it's beautiful... Goodbye teabagging Chads, hello mass dismemberment!.
  8. As the title says. Can we get some mod support for F13 The Game?. I noticed that the game is not currently moddable when i have just recently checked the game files. Which is a shame. It doesn't have to be for online modes, all i request is that there is some sort of modding support implemented for the Offline Bots section of the game. As well as Single-player challenges and future offline content that may arrive. So yes, is there any chance of modding support being made available for the game or is this a feature that cannot be implemented at any point?.
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