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  1. @ShiftySamurai Nicely done. Been waiting for this. But I got two questions upon it. 1)Suppose if the person were to end up in the salt mines but wants out of the place, how would they able to get out of the 'salt mines'? 2)If the host would to rage quit, would it pass to a random player to be the host? I keep getting annoyed on the host rage quitting just because they died or being Jason.
  2. That topic in question is here : http://forum.f13game.com/topic/17525-suggestion-for-general-counter-for-trophiesachievements-objectives/ Suggestion for general counter for trophies/achievements objectives.
  3. True but how do you track your progress on PS4 since that part is quite hard to tell. Especially when it comes to counting how many times you play as Jason.
  4. But yeah I take note on that (Sorry for the double post above since I can't seem to edit the post to put the quote above)
  5. That or you could combine the post since mine is related to how many times we need to be Jason/ Counselor to get the trophy. But yeah PS4 has that issue but not XBOX for that particular reason why I'm suggesting this.
  6. Hey all. I've been playing the game for quite some time and I have a suggestions. Well most of the time we play for fun and some of us play for the online trophies. However one of the issues of getting the trophies is the 'count' trophies (E.G: 'The Final Chapter' - Play 1000 multiplayer matches as Jason and 'Gotta Kill Em All' - Kill 1313 counselors). But the problem is there is no way to tell if we really did perform that 'count'. And there are some reports/rumors that playing offline doesn't count. Also since I'm playing PS4, it's much harder to figure out than XBox players. So my suggestion is in the Progression section, please add a section of the count progression since the badge collections progression doesn't seem to be helpful in knowing how many times we play as Jason or the counselors (since this will pretty much help if us the players are doing right in the 'count' in either online and offline). I could go more details here if anyone wish to hear more. Hope this is a good addition to the game.
  7. Hi everyone. I'm Andrew369, whom started playing the game a few months ago.
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