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  1. Have you seen Solo? Its a fantastic film. You like Starfighter Assault? Ive never heard anybody like that gamemode! @Alkavian don't forget Rocky, scarface , and The Godfather on your list!
  2. The Gloved One

    We're Still Here

    The Forum reaction to Pappus in a nutshell
  3. The Gloved One

    Who's your favorite band?

    Jackson 5/The Jacksons.Faverite songs:Maybe Tommorow,Things I do for you,Blues Away,Torture,Everybody…..Bunch more.
  4. The Gloved One


    Dbd does not own Michael Myers, the same way NetherRealm didn't own Jason for Mkx.
  5. The Gloved One

    E3 2018

    BattleToads are coming to Gamestop……...
  6. The Gloved One

    Happy Fathers Day!

    A Joyous day to all fathers! Live your life off the wall!
  7. Unfortuanatly Victor Miller has copyrighted the game from using animals as well.
  8. The Gloved One

    This game was a disaster.

    Schucks, im gonna miss you talkin about your "babes", is this one of them?
  9. Cant Really Mourn something that was never there...…..
  10. i personally like the lighting as well,i just put it on here to appease those who hate it.
  11. Speak Up! we don't bite on here.The more the merrier!

    1. Term180


      Thanks 🙂 


    2. Freddie Mercury

      Freddie Mercury

      Yeah! Don't be shy, everybodys welcome on here.

  12. Oh yeah im never that egotistical.But if you've seen how Dory posts ,that's him. But be fair Manny,No one really could have gave us the experience gun has.
  13. Alright, did you actually believe any of the things I was typing ?I was just impersonating Dory for the sake of levity here on the forums .No hard feelings as in times of hardships we need some laughter to wash it away.