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  1. you gotta give time for apologies, @AldermachXI been here longer than you and I .Theres been ten times things worser said to the devs on these forums. Btw,thank you @Freddie Mercury .like a comet blazing across an evening sky, gone too soon......
  2. I just seen that,Wtf are they thinking?They both said things about each other but that does not prompt a ban on Alder.
  3. Yeah, @AldermachXI thread also prompted me too leave,the energy of the forums 3 months ago vs today is just sad.
  4. Well....I never thought it would come to this but as of today ill be leaving the forums.Toxic attitudes ,shady behind the scene people on here, and The lawsuit killed my energy.Of course ,the game I wont be leaving as you may find me playing at mjfan0958.I would like to thank those who made my time here enjoyable.This "Fan-Fic" writing "bragger" is out of here(unless a magic deal comes to save the game as a whole). Btw ,**** Dory ,Jason todd Voorhees,and a few more(obvious people).
  5. It did look like his mask.Im leaning more towards @NthnButAGoodTime theory of it just being a candy bar.
  6. @wes is that a Michael Myers figurine in jasons candy bag ?
  7. Too many ghost films now a days.I feel more threatened by physical forces than spiritual forces.late sixties to 2010 is when Horror was Poppin to me.
  8. I personally believe Michael is supernatural.A lot killers of the 70's,80's,90's have some sorta supernatural element to them. Michael more than likely will be shot in the new film and still feel nothing thus hinting at supernatural ability.
  9. Today is june 25th,Ive been celebrating the man rather than his unfournate death.
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