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  1. The Gloved One

    Hosts rage quitting

    Now I Agree with your post! Its gonna take some time for them to Lock this useless thread up . Agreed
  2. The Gloved One

    Hosts rage quitting

    Fixed it for you
  3. The Gloved One

    Hosts rage quitting

    With that logic, Savini would have been opened to everyone at launch and Muffin would be in the game(I'm with the muffin campaign ,no hate) .
  4. The Gloved One

    Hosts rage quitting

    These post are becoming as pointless as those who want Savini still,Salt mines are coming and we will all see how that works out first. Not for long
  5. The Gloved One

    Hosts rage quitting

    So the Salt Mines...........................In Before lock btw.
  6. Eliminating duplicates just wont solve your problems anyways.
  7. He must care since he posted his opinion on an open forum just asking for people to disagree with him . Either way your gonna find the counsellors at some disadvantage .Btw, you just tripled posted.
  8. You said you didn't care if anyone disagrees .On topic though , it would be interesting for them to add this in a way of customization for private matches.
  9. The Gloved One

    Yet another counselor post.

    Jake from State Farms story sounds more like a my-uncle-raped me story.
  10. Most of these are contributed by one man by the name of ........
  11. The Gloved One

    How a Halloween game would work (POLL)

    I may be late but I'm going to say no to Mane doing mo-cap. Mane doesn't capture the essence of what Michael Myers is at all. Id prefer they get the new actor or Chris Durand to do the work.
  12. So how's the Victoria Sterling thread going alone..........
  13. The Gloved One

    First look at the new Michael Myers mask!

    I would never go off test screenings .Some have proven to save movies ,others to destroy films .
  14. The Gloved One

    Bruce Campbell as Tommy Jarvis

    So is that why My formatting's of gifs and pics weren't working?