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  1. Thanks gun media for just giving up and abandoning the game.
  2. I've only played a few matches I started playing dead by daylight for a while but I'm back playing again. And just a few things I've been experienced within 2 hours of gameplay. *Stuns arent working after Jason pulls out pocket knife *Hitting Jason in back with baseball bat isn't stunning him when he immediately turns around at same time *Jason's block is now so slow you have to turn around when counselors swing at you *Jason's kill animation is still going through even when struggle had been completed I would love to see these bugs fixed and worked on. I understand now why the update was rushed. No worries
  3. I don't know about anyone else but I play PS4 and since the update I am experiencing super glitches. The most annoying is trying to run from Jason and I automatically stop running and my character turns to the right so I have to click L3 again to try running again and it happens again and gets me grabbed. Every time
  4. I've played as Jason and have heard the traps set off with a pocket knife all the time but maybe it was because I was close. Idk
  5. Jason hears the trapset off I've been playing since the game came out just a feature I'd like to see added
  6. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way but pocket knives are so rare that it's pointless to use on a trap that's just going to alert jason anyway and Bam guess what now you need that pocket knife you just wasted so course I just step in the trap and spray myself but health sprays have also been reduced so I need the perk medic. It really drives you away from playing a stealth character when Jason is just alerted no matter what which makes it super hard to fix the phone and requires much teamwork to keep him distracted I find myself playing Deborah alot getting things done only for Jason to get an easier kill (if that Jason's any good) and a lobby full of players that have no repair escape.would love to see it implemented that traps set off with a pocket knife no longer alert jason, I feel it should be that way already.
  7. Okay I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels it is necessary that pocket knives are so rare that when used to set of a trap should not alert jason. It is pointless in trying to be a stealth character when Jason sets a trap and is alerted when that trap goes off no matter what because he always knows when something is getting fixed and I usually find myself playing Deborah and getting the car repaired only to die if Jason is any good. For a car full of bugsys Vanessa's and Chad's to get away. It is so annoying I've been playing this game since October and I would really like to see that added that pocket knives used on a trap not to alert jason
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