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  1. Sorry this message board has alot of rules that I don't remember seeing in the rules. I'll try to quit being the f-up new kid
  2. Sorry I'm at work not a whole lot of time to do alot of searching but I will try to do better Just did a search the only thing that came up was my post Not sure why your search worked and mine didn't it's been a long time since I message boarded
  3. Jason should be able to get perks also. Ability increases, just basic improvements so everyones Jason can be customized. The special kills are nice but perks would be awesome. Thoughts...
  4. Read and understood boss I didn't see anything about language? Maybe I missed it but is ok to let the occasional f bomb fly or is that frowned upon?
  5. Just when you are getting into a good game... Booted Maybe instead of so many chances to get booted the host status transfers to another player like the Tommy Jarvis intro. Or if I Jason quits a new Jason can emerge from the ashes of a dead councilor. Just another idea...
  6. How bout a bizarro Crystal lake with multiple Jason's verses one councilor. Maybe up to 7 Jason's the councilor would need better weapons machine guns, bombs, and more places to hid, the upper levels of barns, under cars, under tractors, on roofs. Just an idea there are lots of places you could go with this...
  7. Hey there Been playing since I finally got a copy on x mas and upgraded to Xbox one so I could play. Anyway been playing a couple months. Getting halfway decent at Jason (almost level 50) even though I been killed twice. Those councilors are getting pretty good at that. Not so good at being a councilor myself I mostly use AJ due to her KA Halloween get up. I'm getting better but I die... Alot anyway I mostly came here cause I have some suggestions i think that they could be some cool variations or improvements on the game. Like I said I'm on Xbox and my gamer tag is K1LL3R ZOMBEZ So feel free to add me.
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