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  1. Let's talk about bear traps.

    How is that? If Jason gets caught how is that benefiting the counselors? Just puts you in the same position. You can't escape because he's still outside and can shift to you in a moment. If he steps in the bear trap at least you actually have a chance to escape since he's already inside.
  2. You're all DOOOOOOMED!
  3. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/5431-jason-perks/?page=4 Here I made a list of perks. They are each powerful and useful, but Jason can only equip one of them. That means you can select each perk depending on how you want to play Jason, rather than just getting an objectively better rarity of perk like Counselors. While the perk system isn't that broken (except for Medic) compared to DbD, it isn't my favorite that the perks have random negative effects.
  4. If you're playing against randoms killing them will be fairly easy. However playing against groups is where it sucks ass as Jason. I hate it, because there is such a gap between people who are "experts" in the game and those who are average playing with randoms, that it's hard to even balance such a mechanic.
  5. That's how the Counselor perks started out. The negatives turn out to be increasingly insignificant compared to the positives, and most of the time hardly even related. Jason already has his strengths and weaknesses. We should rarely mess with those; Jason doesn't need a copy and paste of the Counselor system.
  6. Jason should be able to have one powerful and useful perk. That's it. There's no need for him to add "____% Stun Resistance" or "____% Run Speed". Jason doesn't need a rip off of the counselor system. He should have a choice of all available perks, each powerful and significantly helps an aspect of his gameplay, but can only equip one of them.
  7. I think of Perks for Jason more as tools rather than simply buffs, at least when I manage my perk ideas. For example, Hemorrhage is a perk I came up with, and the idea is that it would help track survivors by leaving a glowing blood trail after slashing that tails behind a survivor for 40 seconds. Or Mortal Wounds, where the counselor bleeds after you slash and they have to hold still for six seconds to stop the bleeding. Or Numb, which reduces the stun time on Pocket Knives by 50%. These are powerful perks, but Jason would only be able to select one. If you want a Perk that just makes counselors absurdly strong, look no further than Medic. If you have one counselor with one medspray they can soak up triple the damage. One counselor with two, you may as well stop trying to injure them and go for the throat. You get a group with all medic and thick skinned, Jason is pretty much fucked in regards to throwing knives and slashes. Medic is OP.
  8. Weather

    I think more weather variation would help. BUT I'm sick of it raining all the time in games. I've grown sick of rain. Lessen the chance of rain please.
  9. I've been seeing many people justify hitting Jason and/or Counselors through solid wooden doors and pretend it's supposed to be that way. They tend to quote that Gun/Illfonic stated that Jason using Combat Mode on the door is not an exploit, but intentional design... however, I would point out that just because Illfonic stated that Jason using Combat Mode on doors isn't an exploit means that hitting Counselors THROUGH the door isn't as well, and vice versa. So my question is... when will this be fixed?
  10. There has to be a punishment for quitting. I get that there's the problem of "what if my computer turns off" or some shit but honestly at this point youre 90% more likely to come across leavers who leave on purpose rather than someone who had an "accident" and that's a problem that must be addressed.
  11. You can't call my reasoning stupid and proceed to not give reasoning yourself, you hypocrite. I misinterproted the post anyway.
  12. A new design would have to have approval of Tom Savini or the whole license of F13th. Neither of which are cheap. That being said I would love for Savini to design other Jasons.
  13. I was wondering if anyone knew of any locations you can trap that can get counselors by surprise. Traps seem to be used exclusively on objectives. I don't like that. It's wasted potential. Personally I only trap the phonebox if I'm a Jason with low traps. Otherwise I like looking for locations that could catch counselors by surprise if they don't pay attention. Pinehurst is the perfect location for this; trapping the bridges makes them great choke points and players may not pay attention because nobody is expecting a trap there. Has anyone found a good routine for alternative trap locations?
  14. The inate advantages is that you can stun Jason from a distance and don't need to risk your own saftey. That alone makes Shotguns very useful. Unless you have good backups, like other counselors you can rely on or pocket knives, then a shotgun is a safer option. Baseball bats are better as a melee weapon but as a safer weapon go Shotgun.
  15. Hopefully this is the next step toward even more weapons for Jason to use.