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  1. Matt23leo

    Perk problems

    To be honest, this is an error I have never seen before. I searched this forum to see if anyone else has encountered this problem, but I could only find one other relevant topic where a guy asked about this type of situation. Sadly, he never seemed to get an answer or solution. I hope someone who has experienced this is able to offer you a solution to fix it before the update.
  2. Matt23leo

    Yet another counselor post.

    Agreed. lol. Most of my gay friends seem more similar to Adam's character lol. To be honest, I don't really see the need to specify any counselor as gay or straight, but if they did I wouldn't care. Its 2018.... gay, straight, bisexual, pansexual, whatever.... Who cares? I agree again. Don't know why so many people get so hung up on what others do for sexual fun.
  3. Matt23leo

    Daytime maps

    I'm not really a fan of the idea of daytime maps, but, at this point, anything that adds any variety to the game will get a thumbs up from me.
  4. Matt23leo

    Last Year: The Nightmare

    I thought this game looked really interesting initially. However, the more gameplay I see, the more skeptical I become. I like the overall look of the game, but something about the objectives I have seen and the weapons some of the teens used in the video I watched seemed kind of corny or goofy. All of this may be pretty moot due to the fact I don't really like playing PC games and, if I have the correct info, this game isn't coming to consoles (PS4).
  5. I agree. I wouldn't mind if you couldn't earn any CP or XP while in salt mines to be honest. lol.
  6. For some reason, until this engine upgrade patch actually falls, I cannot even entertain the thoughts of what should come next and when. At this point, I think the next patch actually finally arriving (with the salt mines and all the new features) will keep me satisfied for a little while at least.
  7. I don't mind using pocket knives to disarm traps if I know I have a decent crew of people working towards goals. If I know I'm in a lobby of douche bags who aren't helping to get anything done, I'm not wasting my pocket knife. I also use thick skinned perk a lot, but I usually tank traps only after watching the person playing Jason use his shift ability to warp away to another section of the map. That way, after I step on the trap, I know he will not be able to get back to my location before I have already made the repair needed and run away to a different location.
  8. I agree. To be honest, in the future, I hope they add more clothing packs for all counselors. By "more clothing packs" I don't really mean anything like the Halloween pack. I would love an alternate 80s outfit pack for each counselor to add more variety to each character. It would be nice to put Vanessa in something other than a track suite, Tiffany in something like pants with leg warmers, etc. Anything that offers more variety and customization would be welcome. I hope that, after they fix everything that obviously takes priority, that they do look into something like this in the future. I think it would also be great source of monetization for them since they do give a lot away for free in terms of new content. And, as always, I also hope Jason gets more kill DLC packs in the future with maybe more downloadable weapons to add to weapon swapping.
  9. I wouldn't mind if they added the option, but, personally, I absolutely despise first person games.
  10. Yeah, I heard that too. Its too bad. I hate the technical aspect of this business in terms of "rights" and the like. While the overall plot of that movie may have been way too convoluted, I at least thought that variation of Jason was scary. I would like to see what they could do in terms of creating a map from part 6 or 7 though. Could be really cool.
  11. Matt23leo

    I Play Offline.

    I can definitely see how that would be helpful. I've never really been one to play games on PC. I still don't think I could ever get used to using a mouse and key board to play games. It would probably take me ages to get the hang of that lol.
  12. I agree with the sentiment that they are just trying to get the update done and out, so I wasn't that surprised to find there was no real news this week. I am a tiny bit surprised that they have not shown any footage at all from Victoria in action (like they did with Shelly), but its no big deal. If they are trying to prioritize all resources to get the update done and out then I can do without these types of little gems. I'm still really looking forward to getting my hands on this next update, and I think it is going to go a long way to revitalizing this game. I hope so anyway....
  13. Id like maps from part 6 and part 7 the most. Part 6 map would be ideal for me; I think that was my absolute favorite F13 movie. To be honest, I know a lot of people are excited about the upcoming Grendel map and Uber Jason, but I would be much more excited to get part 6 or 7 map with Remake Jason character instead. I didn't really care for the remake movie much , but I would take that Jason and map over Grendel and Uber Jason, because I still try to pretend that the horrible Jason X movie never happened. lol. Right now, Higgins, Packanack, and Crystal Lake are all my favorite maps. I would love a similar yet different map based on the location in part 6, and I wouldn't mind yet another small variation of it to accompany the "normal" sized one. Anything at this point that adds more variety and flavor will be a welcomed addition.
  14. Matt23leo

    I Play Offline.

    I've been playing since last year and I still enjoy the occasional offline bot match. I agree with the OP and think its a great place for new players to get a feel for playing Jason without worrying about jumping into your first match as Jason online and dealing with trolls and douche bags. It does enable you to get a solid grip on using shift and the rest of Jason's abilities as well as learning the range of his grip and just how he feels to control. I still play it from time to time when I'm looking to just screw around and have a completely stress-free fun time being Jason. The bots are really extremely stupid at the moment, but I'm hoping they vastly improve with the next update, which I think they stated they did make significant improvements in the bot AI coming with the next update. Time will tell, but I hope this is true. :)
  15. I agree with the OP. I cannot count how many times I have tried to help someone then accidentally sprayed myself. Its usually long after climbing through a broken window or something where I took minimal damage and forgot about it. It takes longer, but I've gotten to the point if I come across a limping counselor I just drop the first aide spray by them and let them spray themselves.