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  1. I've already replied to this post, but I had to ask if anyone else has had the following experience since the latest update: I was hit by the car while climbing through a window to a cabin yesterday and it didn't kill me. It just put me into the limping condition. I'm guessing it was because I had thick skinned perk on, but I'm not sure. Is this a glitch and did I just get lucky? Thankfully I had two health sprays. I loved watching the two trolls in the car get slaughtered. I also enjoyed the fact that even after being hit with the car I was the only survivor of the match. lol. It may have just been a glitch or sheer luck that the car didn't kill me immediately. Has anyone else had this happen?
  2. I thought I had become accustomed to the new car controls until yesterday. I guess the ping was the problem. It wasn't that great and it caused the worst driving experience I have ever had in this game. I swear I must have crashed into something every five feet or so. lol. At least now I know that if your ping is off..... don't even attempt to drive the car at all.
  3. Since the last update I haven't really had a problem with Bot suicide via broken windows. However, I have several occasions where a Bot with a shotgun murdered one of the other bots while they were in Jason's grasp. I always laugh when it happens. It reminds me of what happened repeatedly before they took out team killing in multiplayer.
  4. I appreciate the Devs trying something with the salt mines. However, I do not understand why they didn't just take away the option for the host/Jason to quit once the match begins. Sure, you would have some just closing the application in order to quit, which could still offer salt for the salt mines, but I don't believe this would happen that often. The thought of having to close the application, restart the application, and then go back into lobbies and find a new game..... I just cannot see too many people doing this over and over just to leave a match that isn't going their way. It wouldn't stop the problem entirely, but it would help. If they are working on dedicated servers-- they cannot come fast enough. The host quitters piss me off more than those who quit as Jason. However, with the preferences option, why are you Jason quitters not just setting your preferences to counselor if you don't want to be Jason? It makes no sense.
  5. I have not run into this as Jason, to be honest. I have seen others do it while I'm a counselor, though. Team killing with Jason is really shitty, but I really hate the ones who make it extremely obvious. I had a game the other day where Jason was chasing me, so I ran into a locked cabin. Shortly after, Victoria comes through a window and I was glad to have some help fighting Jason. Nope. She unlocks the door, Jason walks in, and he glides right by her to come after me. I kind of chuckled to myself and shot him with a shot gun and ran. While he chased me, Victoria was jogging after me right beside him. lol. The really funny part is this went on for the entire match. The Jason was so shitty that even with the help of a team killer, I still beat him with weapon after weapon until each one broke. The Jason was the one who eventually rage quit. It was hilarious. You couldn't win as Jason even with others telling you where to find people and unlocking doors for you? That is pathetic. This is one instance where I wish I could have shot Victoria with the shot gun and just simply killed the team killing douche. This just emphasizes my belief that, regardless of all the bugs, the main, most detrimental problem with this game is the over abundance of douche bags in the player base lol.
  6. I agree. And, never get in the car with strangers, especially if you do not have a pocket knife. You may be surprised after getting into a car with an anonymous player and having them drive you right to Jason and letting him take you out of the car. That has happened several times to me. I'm at the point, if I'm not the one driving, I completely ignore/avoid the car at all costs.
  7. I didn't have many problems on PS4 for a few days after the patch. However, a few days ago, the host disconnects were unbearable on PS4 for me. Out of 7 games (or attempted games) the other morning, I was only able to finish two of them without the host (or Jason) quitting. Maybe it was just a bad day--- I'm not sure. Have not had much free time to play since, though, so I'm not sure if it was just a fluke and bad luck.
  8. I love this idea. Honestly, I would have preferred this over Roy or Uber Jason to be honest. In any event, it would be nice to see more original, new interpretations of Jason.
  9. I hate players like that, and, sadly this game seems to have more than its fair share of toxic douche bag players. I have been in lobbies with me and like two other people (only 3 total players) and they constantly click the ready button trying to get me to ready up. I was rolling perks waiting for the lobby to actually fill up. What the hell kind of match are you going to have if you all ready up with three people? One Jason and two counselors.... really? I've gotten to the point if the host starts that kind of shit in the lobby or seems overtly obnoxious in his mic, I go ahead and leave the lobby. I'm not wasting my time starting a match with some obnoxious douche who will most likely end up being some prepubescent troll or rage quitter. The moment the host told you guys that you were going to be "punished" for not readying up, I would have just told him to go screw himself and left the lobby. I have met some really cool, friendly people playing this game. But, I have also met so many complete immature dicks.
  10. I understand the gist of what the OP is saying. I don't like lobbies that are full of Tiffany's or Vanessas. Its not always true, but most of the time I find lobbies like this are painful, because they rarely do much. Not always (I have seen people who can repair very well with these characters) but most of the time it just makes for a painful match. However, when it is a lobby full of Deboras or AJs, it doesn't bother me. It makes me feel sorry for Jason (trying to find and stop a lobby full of stealth and repair characters), but, as a counselor it doesn't bother me. I know that if they disabled duplicates though, it would make filling a lobby take longer and I just don't think it would work.
  11. I have actually seen this. I have been the counselor being killed by Jason when a car hit me. I do not know who got "credit" for the kill, but on the list of players my death was listed as a betrayal and I know the person who hit me with the car (the friend I was playing with) told me that he did lose 1000 XP for doing it. I have no idea if Jason also got credit for he kill, too. I had no way of checking that because he had no mic. That was before way before the last update though, so I have no idea if it is still possible or not. In any event, we got a good laugh from it.
  12. I have had this experience, too. I don't know how many times I have repaired (or at least helped to repair) the car, picked up enough people to fill the car, and then have some douche stand in front of the car because they want to get in. Word to the wise-- at 150 you no longer need XP, so choosing to get in front of the car to stop my escape because you're pissed you don't have a seat is a bad idea. I wont stop, swerve off the road, or slow down. I will laugh as I hear the thud of you going under the car, and I will take my passengers to safety. And, if you are Tommy, don't get upset and whine into your mic if I refuse to let you in the car and leave you in order to pick up other survivors. You were called back to help others escape and be the hero. No one wasted their time to call you in so you could immediately come back and leave while others are trying to survive. Do something useful and help people by trying to complete objectives or distracting Jason. Don't just leave or hide in a closet or under a bed. With that said, there have been rare occasions where I have accidentally run a person over. This usually happens because they are standing directly behind the car like idiots while I'm clearly trying to avoid running into Jason. This actually happened with someone playing Tommy. He chose to just stand behind the car while I was reversing to get away from Jason had been chasing me in front of the car. I hit him and he immediately started whining into his mic. LOL.... I laughed, watched Jason screw up a morph, and actually had time to get out of the car and pick up dead Tommy's pocket knife and shotgun and drive off. I don't consider this trolling at all. If you die because you're dumb enough to stand in the way of a moving car, that's on you. However, if I ever do actually run over someone and I know it is actually my fault (like when I go off road and simply don't see someone running and accidentally hit them) I will send that player a message apologizing. I don't feel bad if you are killed because of your own stupid choices (when you deliberately get in front of the car or stand behind it), but I do not intentionally troll innocent players by running them over.
  13. I agree. When I lose internet connection due to a storm or anything else, I can only select a couple of Jasons and the rest of the unlockable stuff and my level is erased. I wish there was a way around this when in offline bot or single player challenge modes. Even if that means that XP and CP are both disabled while truly offline.
  14. Thanks for this update. It is appreciated. I have heard a lot of people still anticipating new content (especially Uber Jason and new maps) and, I'm not going to lie, I would love to see new kill DLC, clothing packs, etc.; but I really hope none of this is even considered until bugs are corrected. Side note-- I absolutely loved the SP challenges and hope that, after you guys finish working on priorities and planned projects that future SP challenges are a possibility. This is something I would definitely be willing to pay for through small DLC packs. They were very well done in my opinion. Even with all the issues, I am still happy with most of the improvements that came with this update (the new lighting, the new Jason grab, the new Jason swing animations, etc.).
  15. With all the trolls and rage quitters that seem to have come to this game, I would love a mode like this. If I could play a full match with just one or two friends and fill the rest of the lobby with bots, I would love it--- well, as long as the bot AI continues to improve. Here recently, I have even found myself wishing for a mode where I can be a counselor running from an AI Jason. I understand how difficult is to build functioning and realistic AI, but it is something I would love. Over the past few days, even with the salt mines, I cannot count how many matches I have started that ended because of horrible Jason quitting or the host getting killed and immediately rage quitting. Anyway, guess that is a different issue altogether. The idea of playing with a few friends and the rest of the lobby being bots is a great idea.
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