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  1. My favorite Jason to play has to be Uber Jason. I love his strengths and his weaknesses are not that crippling. Pre-Uber Jason is pretty decent. I like to play him once in a while. I love the Reboot Jason's sprinting strength but I hate that he has a morph weakness. The FvJ Jason has to be the worst Jason in the game. Worse than Part 7 Jason before the big update. The Part 5 hallucination Jason is average but I seldomly find myself playing as him.
  2. There has not been a confirmed sequel set to be released. People on the forum want a sequel since this game got cut short because of the lawsuit. But a sequel can't happen until this lawsuit is settled. Since this lawsuit is going to last quite some time yet, we might get a sequel to this game in maybe half a decade if we are lucky.
  3. Not gonna happen! The lawsuit fucked everything up. This game is going to completely die in a few months. Maybe your ideas can be used in a sequel one day. But for this game, it's just not gonna happen.
  4. If the game were to be dead, then that means there is nobody playing it at all. The PC player base might be low but that doesn't mean it can be considered dead. The console player base is still pretty high. The day the game completely dies is when the servers are taken down for all three platforms. I still play the game but not as much as I usually did since there is nothing I can look forward to. But I still enjoy playing the game and will continue to enjoy it until the servers are taken down.
  5. I just found out about this feature. I was in a good lobby with a good host. Then I had to take a shit so I went and hid behind Jason's shack. I came back to a screen stating "You were kicked, 120 second time limit exceeded". Not a fan of this at all unless it is a longer time limit than 120 seconds; then I would be okay with it.
  6. BigJay

    Gamer Tags for F13!

    Platform: Xbox Gamertag: JayFlo315
  7. Now I'm worried! I can already hear his shit talking in my head.
  8. The dedicated servers better fucking come. I just made a $100 dollar bet with my friend on if the servers will come or not. I think they still will come because the developers have promised them for over a year now. My friend thinks these companies are total pieces of shit who just want to be done with the game and take their money and run with it. I may have lost hope for the developers to fix the game but I still have hope that these developers can still push out the dedicated servers. Please developers bring out the dedicated servers as soon as possible. I don't want to lose $100 and hear all the shit talking from my friend.
  9. I would have gladly bought the collector's edition. But since everything got fucked up by the lawsuit, it would be hard to buy the most expensive edition for a game that can never be updated again and is just going to completely die in a few months.
  10. Uber will never be added sadly. They could put Roy in the virtual cabin but they cannot add text that you can interact with because that is supposedbly considered content.
  11. The world will never know. Just like the world will never know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.
  12. Would it be possible for them to make a collector's edition that just includes the poster and mask for a cheaper price?
  13. Dedicated servers will be coming for console on July 13th(sarcasm). I hope that we can at least get a release date for dedicated servers on Friday. But we will probably only get a increased tape drop and double XP. Nothing more than that.
  14. Everything that was said in that article was false. No one ever interviewed Wes and Wes never said that Grendel would have been the last map added to the game. The gameplay footage of the Grendel was from a leaked version a while ago which is why the map looks unfinished. "Friday the 13h:The Game France" is unofficial and has nothing to do with the developers.
  15. BigJay

    July Friday the 13th

    Maybe the developers will give us a release date for dedicated servers on console.
  16. BigJay


    I don't mean to burst your bubby but you may want to look at this thread about future content for the game. The game is a sinking ship!
  17. "Last Year:The Nightmare" is releasing this fall. But that will be only for PC when it releases. But the developers have said that they are intending to push the game out on consoles at a later date. So I would assume maybe in mid 2019.
  18. My favorite Jason to play as has to be the Reboot Jason with the FvJ Jason, Pre-Uber Jason, Uber Jason, and Tommy Halucination Jason coming in at a close second.
  19. Out of curiosity, I want to know if these changes made to Roy can be considered content: Remove Pamela's Voice Make him spawn at his ambulance with there being a ambulance model in the virtual cabin Kill him by draining his health
  20. Yeah, I agree! Jason's grab is slow as fuck right now and it needs a drastic increase in speed.
  21. BigJay

    What is your favorite Map!

    Oh yeah man! I get the same feeling when I play on the Lazarus map.
  22. BigJay

    What is your favorite Map!

    I also forgot to add that I love the Camp Forest Green, Shepard Residence, Lazarus, Manhattan, Voorhees Mansion, and the Abandoned Camp maps. All these maps are very fun to play and I am just so delighted that we got to play these wonderful maps in this game.
  23. BigJay

    What is your favorite Map!

    I really love the Grendel map.
  24. If the developers did not focus on Single Player Challenges to be released in the May update but instead focused on Uber Jason and Grendel to be released in that update; which one would you rather have come first to be released? Since we already got the Single Player Challenges and we will never get the Grendel and Uber Jason; do you wish these two could of been switched around? We could of got the map and new Jason but would of never got Single Player Challenges.
  25. Shitty ping without a doubt. All of the other options don't really bother me anymore since I am used to it by now. Lagging the whole game is what I hate the most in this game especially as Jason. When a host has shitty internet, I send them a message telling them to not host a lobby if their internet runs on a potato. This issue and the host quitting will no longer be a problem when dedicated servers come out. Hopefully that day is not far away.