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  1. Regardless of the outcome, content will never resume. @mattshotcha has said this multiple times on these forums. But we have known this for a while now so it shouldn't be nothing new to us. However, I feel that a new movie would quickly go into production if a settlement between the two parties were to take place. Here is my prediction on what I think will happen with this franchise over the next year. A settlement will start to be talked about in the next 2-3 weeks. Negotiations for that settlement will take 4-5 months. In that 4-5 months, they figure out on who gets what from the franchise. A settlement is finally reached and the lawsuit is completely over. The next month after the lawsuit's ending they are going to start talking about a new movie. They begin production the next two weeks. The movie gets released in late 2020 or early 2021. Hopefully i'm right or I over exaggerated some things like maybe it only takes 1-1 1/2 months to negotiate the settlement. I just hope they don't refile the appeal which would just ruin everything and make this garbage last for another 2-3 years.
  2. I have no idea on why they stopped adding new content. They just stopped without telling us. 😂🤣
  3. Kinda dissapointed they didn't include a severed Freddy head with a magnetic hand like the original figure or a severed Freddy arm.
  4. Oh shit! I seriously thought you called the F13 film series god awful. My bad man! And yes I do agree with you. That F13 series was absolutely garbage. A new F13 TV series with Jason wouldn't be a bad idea.
  5. I think we are moving closer and closer to a new movie next year for the 40th anniversary of F13(I really hope so). Too bad we won't be getting anymore game content but that is something we have known for a while now. All I care about now is a new movie.
  6. I just watched a documentary about the real life Lake Bodom murders in Finland that inspired the F13 movies. Good Docummentary and very interesting.
  7. Which icon do you think deserves their own game like F13:The Game? If I had to choose, I would choose Michael Myers in Halloween. Coming off of a box office success with the latest Halloween film and being the highest grossing slasher film ever; I feel Michael deserves his own game. Halloween is arguably the most relevant horror franchise at the moment. So I feel that making a game now would be great coming off of the newest film's success.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, wasn't that a Paul Phoenix video?
  9. Jason kinda actually did exist in real life: The scary thing about this is that any psychopath can dress up as one of these iconic horror characters and go on a killing spree. But if the actual Jason from the movies were to be real and he was standing right in front of me then I might as well just die. I would try to fight back but it would probably not end well. I would be most scared of the Reboot Jason. He was smart, brutal, and he could sprint. He also is not like the other Jason's that kill their victims fast and painless. He tortured his victims like a sleeping bag above a open fire or being caught in a bear trap.
  10. This is unfortunately very accurate! Horror inc. doesn't give a flying fuck about what the fans want. To them, it's all about the 🤑🤑🤑🤑.
  11. Yeah, this is pretty damn concerning. It's getting harder and harder to find a game on Xbox. It used to take only about 30-40 seconds but now it is in that 2.5-3 minute range or longer. I can still get into games in 30 seconds, but not like I used to. This makes me wonder on what the player base would be like if this legal garbage never happened. I would assume it would of been much larger if Gun kept on updating the game with new content. Or maybe it could be because of the bugs, glitches, and cheaters.
  12. Just out of curiosity how many employees does Black Tower have working for them? Are they bigger or smaller than Illfonic?
  13. Why did this lawsuit have to affect the game in the first place or why does this lawsuit even exist? 😭
  14. The game is not dead. It still has a player base and getting into full lobbies is no problem on Xbox ( IDK about PC and PS4). However, the player base is shrinking. So I agree with @F134Ever86 that dying is a better term to define the state of the game. It will eventually die when the servers go offline but let's hope that is quite a long time from now.
  15. Well, that's not what I wanted to hear. I felt this could of been the last chance for the game content to resume but it's whatever. I understand you guys need to move on to another project. But still thank you for the response and for being honest.
  16. @mattshotcha So is that fundraiser/second kickstarter that was suggested on the forum to continue content entirely off the table? Like if the lawsuit were to end sooner rather than later? I was going to ask this in the BEYOND stream yesterday but I entirely forgot about it. A response would be greatly appreciated.
  17. I sure hope so that another game would be made someday. I wish a big company like Capcom would make asymmetrical survival horror games like this. I do believe they could deliver a worthy product. Seeing on how they handled the RE2 Remake, I think a horror game like F13 from them would be great. I would suggest Bethesda, but how they handled online with Fallout 76 would probably be a no go.
  18. They confirmed in one of their Beyond streams that they will NOT be doing a second F13:TG. So if we ever got another F13 game, it would have to be from an entirely new publishing and development studio and I honestly don't know on what teams would be willing to do it. I know sure as shit a AAA company wouldn't do it.
  19. How are the graphics gonna look on the switch? Are they gonna look poopy like DBD does on the switch or are they gonna look close to the other platform graphics?
  20. Oh yes, that is definitely it 😂. It is totally not the character in @Armani? profile picture.
  21. I think I know who you are talking about here. 😏
  22. Yes, this should deffinetely be considered. The fans don't want to see this game die and if the fans are willing to help out then why not? Hopefully this legal garbage gets over soon so that this could maybe be a possibility.
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