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  1. https://www.amazon.com/Friday-13th-Game-Ultimate-Slasher-Xbox/dp/B07FM9Y4DT/ref=sr_1_4?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1541016838&sr=1-4&keywords=Friday+the+13th+game https://www.amazon.com/Friday-13th-Game-Ultimate-Slasher-PlayStation/dp/B07FPGMZP4/ref=sr_1_5?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1541016838&sr=1-5&keywords=Friday+the+13th+game
  2. It would be pretty damn dope if this wasn't sarcasm.
  3. BigJay

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    That wasn't meant to be a joke. I just asked a question.?
  4. BigJay

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    Do you still have hope for future content? ?
  5. BigJay

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    I thought Horror inc. wanted this game to get more content and move forward with future film projects? I guess that was just a bunch of BS.
  6. BigJay

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    So I guess this means no more Reggie? ?
  7. https://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3528166/friday-13th-legal-battle-drags-sean-cunningham-filed-notice-appeal/ Game Over!
  8. BigJay

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    Well I guess that seals the deal for new content and a new movie in the near future.
  9. The OP confirms that there will be no more maps added to the game even if they can add content again. Since they don't want to pick up where they left off with the Grendel map, they wouldn't start working on a new map if they don't want to finish a map that has already been started. So new maps are definitely out of the question and never will be coming. But there still might be a chance for the leaked kill packs and clothing packs to be in the game at some point. That is all I would expect for new content be in the game if they could resume content again. I am not having high hopes for new content but I guess anything can be possible. It all depends on what Sean and Victor decide to do. It could take months for them to come to an agreement or if Sean/Horor inc. decide to appeal, then that pretty much means that content will never come to the game again. I guess we have to wait and see what happens.
  10. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Now it is just a waiting game. But thank you for the statement Wes.
  11. So if you were given the permission to release content by the rights holders you wouldn't even think about finishing the Grendel map?
  12. BigJay

    Rainbow Blood

    F that man lol! I don't like it and it looks out of place in my opinion.
  13. BigJay

    Rainbow Blood

    Yeah, I can't believe that garbage is still in the game. Should have been fixed months ago.
  14. BigJay

    October Event Celebration!

    Uber Jason and Grendel? OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I am so hyped. Lol, I'm just kidding! I know that and other things will never be in the game. But I do hope that it will be a 230% increase in finding the Tommy tapes. I only found five of those elusive bastards So far.
  15. BigJay

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    So where is their statement? I mean, I already know on what they are going to say but I was wondering when they are going to rephrase what they said back in June and kill the hope of the delusional people that think this game will ever get content again.
  16. This seems like a pretty good idea but it would be considered new content. So I highly doubt something like this will ever make it in the game.
  17. My favorite Jason to play has to be Uber Jason. I love his strengths and his weaknesses are not that crippling. Pre-Uber Jason is pretty decent. I like to play him once in a while. I love the Reboot Jason's sprinting strength but I hate that he has a morph weakness. The FvJ Jason has to be the worst Jason in the game. Worse than Part 7 Jason before the big update. The Part 5 hallucination Jason is average but I seldomly find myself playing as him.
  18. There has not been a confirmed sequel set to be released. People on the forum want a sequel since this game got cut short because of the lawsuit. But a sequel can't happen until this lawsuit is settled. Since this lawsuit is going to last quite some time yet, we might get a sequel to this game in maybe half a decade if we are lucky.
  19. Not gonna happen! The lawsuit fucked everything up. This game is going to completely die in a few months. Maybe your ideas can be used in a sequel one day. But for this game, it's just not gonna happen.
  20. If the game were to be dead, then that means there is nobody playing it at all. The PC player base might be low but that doesn't mean it can be considered dead. The console player base is still pretty high. The day the game completely dies is when the servers are taken down for all three platforms. I still play the game but not as much as I usually did since there is nothing I can look forward to. But I still enjoy playing the game and will continue to enjoy it until the servers are taken down.
  21. I just found out about this feature. I was in a good lobby with a good host. Then I had to take a shit so I went and hid behind Jason's shack. I came back to a screen stating "You were kicked, 120 second time limit exceeded". Not a fan of this at all unless it is a longer time limit than 120 seconds; then I would be okay with it.
  22. BigJay

    Gamer Tags for F13!

    Platform: Xbox Gamertag: JayFlo315
  23. Now I'm worried! I can already hear his shit talking in my head.