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  1. There is gonna be no more new content for the game so there is not much of a point to talk about content. And if you want ideas, there is hundreds of pages of ideas in the suggestions section of the forum.
  2. BigJay

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    Thanks for the clarification!
  3. BigJay

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    Oh okay I think Wes said that you will hear Pamela when rage is active but I guess not. @mattshotcha did one of you guys say this would be included? Or am I just losing my marbles 😂. Maybe they removed getting put back to the main menu after a match? That would be a good thing if you are in a good lobby.
  4. BigJay

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    Did you also hear Pamela? They said in the stream that Pamela would laugh when Jason's rage is active.
  5. BigJay

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    I would like to know this too.
  6. BigJay

    Best Jason Music?

    Game: Part 8 Jason Movies: 2009 Reboot Jason
  7. BigJay

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    Okay, I understand that can be a blocker for Jason looping. I just don't like it when I'm Jason and I shift into the house and I get stuck in that particular spot when I'm chasing someone who ran into the house.
  8. BigJay

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    Looks good but what about the invisible wall under the stairs on Higgins Haven?
  9. The new Jason grab is too slow I hope they do something about that.
  10. In a sequel to this game, I would want no lawsuit to put an indefinite end to content. That would be pretty cool.
  11. BigJay

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    I think that Scream game is not happening anymore. I made a thread about that game in the "Other Games" section a few months ago and since then things have changed for the game. Their Facebook and Twitter pages are no longer active and the last thing they posted on their Facebook was that they are looking for a new development team. And now that they have deleted their social media accounts, I think they have decided to abandon the project altogether which is what sucks.
  12. BigJay

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    😂😂😂 I get your joke there. That was pretty good!
  13. BigJay

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    Maybe he had a meeting with Horor inc. and they had discussions about potential for new content for F13. 😂 I wish.
  14. BigJay

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    Wes hasn't tweeted about this "future project" in a while. Wonder why that is.
  15. BigJay

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    If Gun is working on such a project like a Halloween game, I hope they are not working with Illfonic again. I love F13 but Illfonic could not put out a decent patch that fixed the game but just made the game worse with new bugs with each patch. They maybe have learned from their mistakes but I think I can still not trust them with another game like F13.