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  1. BigJay

    The End

    It sucks that we will never see your fantastic idea of a Pamela game mode to never be in the game but at least you took the time and gave us a visual of what that mode could of been like. You were a great contribution to the forums and it's a bummer to see you go. Goodbye and take care!
  2. BigJay

    Optimistic Prediction

    You just won't stop with these content threads huh man? Just let it go dude! Nothing will be coming for this game in the future. What you have now is what you are going to get. Sometimes that is just the way she goes.
  3. It looks like all of the Uber Jason machete kills have been deleted from YouTube.
  4. BigJay

    What the....

    Yeah, this was pretty stupid!
  5. No content can be released at all even if they have nothing to do with the Friday the 13th franchise. Content can only be released after the lawsuit is settled which is going to take a very long time and the developers will be moved on by then. So what is currently in the game now is what you get.
  6. If they said that they are going to continue to fix bugs and glitches then I'm sure they will follow through with their promise.
  7. Is this petition for encouragement to the developers to not abandon the game while they can still fix bugs and glitches? They said they are going by to continue to fix the bugs and glitches and also add dedicated servers for consoles if that is what this petition is about.
  8. Why would they work on DLC that they can't release?
  9. It would be a sad sight seeing on how much the Grendel map has progressed and just knowing that we will never get it at all in the future.
  10. Since content will likely never be released for the game again, I don't think it would hurt to see on what content the developers we're working on before this whole lawsuit fiasco came into affect. Like on how far they got on the Grendel map or the chase music for Uber Jason since we seen pretty much everything else for Uber Jason. Or if they started to work on Paranoia or made more kills for Jason, clothing packs, emotes, planning future maps, or designing a future Jason. I know it would be a sad sight because we will never be able to play with those certain things but at least we can get a glimpse of what we could of had in the game.
  11. Yeah it is real shame since he was almost done and the Grendel map was probably almost done as well. What sucks the most is the only people that got to play Uber Jason are the ones who hacked into the game files on PC and now the loyal members of the community who waited patiently for him to release don't get to play with him at all.
  12. Nope! This is what the team said: "So what does this mean exactly? There will be no additional content added to Friday the 13th: The Game. This includes “Uber Jason”, The Grendel Map, Jason Kill Packs, Clothing, Emotes and new Counselors." So that means he is never coming to the game unless the lawsuit gets resolved. I think there's also a thread on this already.
  13. I think that adding snow and daylight would be considered content.
  14. BigJay

    We're Still Here

    This game was a dream come true for me. Ever since I got into horror movies when I was younger, I always dreamed about a horror video game existing of one of my favorite horror franchises. I finally got my wish when this Friday the 13th game was made. I will continue to support this game for years to come even after October 26th which is when a game that I have been waiting for so long comes out which is "Red Dead Redemption 2" but I will continue to play this game while alongside that game. Thank You to the developers for making this game a reality.