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  1. I'm kinda wishing that they would of just stuck with this Idea and never accepted the F13 license. Yes, I love F13 and that we got a F13 game but look what happened to the game because of it being a licensed IP. If this were to be a unlicensed game, we would still be getting updates and additional content added to the game without any legal bullshit to worry about.
  2. Same here on Xbox! Every lobby I get into as of late all have gametags I don't recognize. I also rarely run into glitchers but I have been running into quite a bit of Jason teamers over the past few days I have been playing.
  3. For me it probably has to be the Grendel. Love the map so much! Actually feels like Grendel from Jason X.
  4. I don't expect anything to come to the game if a settlement were to take place. Wes said on a Beyond stream that Black Tower would have to learn the game's code that Illfonic has been working with for a year. So it seems he has no interest in continuing content whatsoever. We just have to accept that fact. IF and I mean a VERY big IF they decided to finish the content that was already almost finished then that would be one of the biggest miracles in gaming history. Another thing is that I bet many people on this forum have no idea that Kay-Em was going to come with Uber and Grendel as a call in hero like Tommy. She has a uncompleted model and a player portrait. There was also a futuristic looking radio to call her in with on the Grendel. All her voice lines are also on YT as well. Yeah, it sucks to realize that this content will likely never come to the game but that unfortunately is the way she does.
  5. Wes never said that. That was said in that non existent interview on the French F13:The Game page that is not official and is not associated with Gun. Wes was never interviewed by anybody.
  6. In your title, you say the settlement has been canceled and in your post you say the settlement hasn't been cancelled. So which one is it lol? And I believe this appeal has been reinstated as a placeholder until their mediation on May 7th so that maybe they have more time to come to a deal.
  7. DBD is so damn ass! I bought it for $15 on Xbox and a few of the licensed character DLCs and played the first 6 games and thought to myself "alright, this game is already boring". It's too limited in its gameplay. Only one objective for survivors and killers can only slash and hook and sometimes do a special kill. I do occasionally play it but not too often since it's gets boring pretty quick. If it offered more variety in its gameplay like F13, then I could maybe see myself playing it more. That's just my opinion though.
  8. Without the exception of Rob Zombie's Michael Myers.
  9. That second video is not as good as the first one but it is still not bad and is acceptional.
  10. You want Michael vs Jason? Well here is the best Michael vs Jason fan film you can find on YouTube right now. This one is also pretty good:
  11. I'm still finding games really easily on Xbox. It usually takes 30-45 seconds to find a game.
  12. They either have to come to a settlement or refile the appeal by April 12th. Larry Zerner confirmed this on Twitter. https://mobile.twitter.com/Zernerlaw/status/1113123570031321088
  13. I also forgot to add that there were the 6 baseball bat(most likely a sledgehammer) kills as well. I sincerely feel really bad for Gun. They spent all this money on mocapping these kill animations that they can't release and will never release. All that money and time right down the shitter.
  14. What I usually do to avoid getting killed is once I see sweater girl and Tommy together, I use my throwing knives to try and wound one of them and then shift and slash them to death while my mask is still on. And if I run out of knives then I morph away to go look for more knives. I do that or I wait for the best time to try a shift grab when the two are away from each other. I usually go after females first or immediately go after Tommy once he spawns in to decrease my chances of dieing. The more I'm playing on Xbox, I am seeing more and more Jason hunting teams. Which is why I always stay alert when playing Jason.
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