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  1. Undead Jasons (Part 6, 7, 8, 9, Savini) should not be able to get stunned in rage because you know they are undead. And human Jasons (Part 2, 3, 4, Roy) should be able to get stunned while in rage. Also wouldn't mind if friendly fire returned or not. It doesn't bother me If we have it or not.
  2. The game looks like it can be fun and enjoyable like F13. But I can't play it because I play games on Xbox. But I hope all you PlayStation and PC players enjoy the game.
  3. Haven't played the game since Friday The 13th in September. Probably will play more again if this patch fixed most of the game's biggest bugs. Also, it's amazing how Gun/Black Tower continues to patch the game almost two years after the legal bullshit put a stop to the game's development. Props to them for that!
  4. Sid's Captain Spaulding is one of my favorite horror villains. He was a such a great actor and kind man that cared about his fans. Very unfortunate about his passing. Rest In Peace, my friend. TUTTI F***ING FRUITY!-Captain Spaulding
  5. I was probably in a crib since I was 1 year old in 2001.
  6. I hope Gun has no involvement in that. I would rather have Gun work with a different IP then we would get two horror franchise games in the future. @Strigoi, I know you are excited about a potential Halloween game but let's just wait for updates instead of making threads about something that may not be true. I really hope it is a Halloween game as well but we gotta wait and see what happens.
  7. I just wish they would end this fucking garbage so they can at least get going on a new and perhaps final 13th F13 movie.
  8. I never really cared about graphics when playing a video game. When I play a game with good graphics, cool! It's whatever. To me what matters most is how fun/enjoyable a game is. Not how it looks visually. But that's just me.
  9. I currently got the part 4, 6, and the Reboot Jason figures and still want the Roy and FvJ Jason. Part 7 would of been a nice one to have. Probably my favorite Jason design.
  10. Really excited for these two new 🎃 movies. Right now would be a great time to start production on a Halloween video game since the franchise is thriving more than it ever has.
  11. I have been doing the same thing. I really want a Halloween game to become a reality and like you said now would be the perfect time to make one happen. The 2018 movie was a major success and the 2020 movie will probably be a even bigger success. A game announcment alongside the new movie would make the franchise the most relevant it has ever been and bring in LOTS of 💰. I would like to think that Gun is secretly working on something 😜. For a start, it would be awesome if Michael Myers was a guest in MK11. I would accept that until we eventually get a fully fledged Halloween game.
  12. I wonder the same thing about how people play games on PC with a mouse and keyboard. I tried it at a friend's house and holy shit it is hard. I always have been a console player. I first started out on the Nintendo 64 to the PS1 and PS2 and now I have been with Xbox since 2010. Using a controller is way easier IMO.
  13. Very true! All I want now is a game with very little bugs and glitches in it. As long as the servers are still up then that is all that matters. And who knows! Maybe they are secretly working on a new horror game we don't know about while also supporting this game with bug fixes. Wes was teasing something on Twitter months ago so maybe they could be working on something now. That would be awesome!
  14. True! That game released on May 28th. It's unclear if it will be supported with post launch content or not since the developer that worked on that game with Gun are already making another game titled "Blair Witch" that will be released in late August. Idk, maybe Gun wants to move on to something that they can make a profit off of since they are not making anything off F13 anymore.
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