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  1. Make Jason scary again and not a joke of a piniata.
  2. In between playing Silent Hill Downpour, Silent Hill 2 and Sims 2 depending on which game I feel like playing that day till I finish the Silent Hill games and dig out more. The Sims 2 is for coming home from dealing with bullshit people at work and needing a laugh. I have Part 7 Jason in my Sims 2 game and for some reason, he's taking up a habit of peeing on some of my Sim's book shelves when he comes over to visit them. Recorded him to in the act of doing it. I don't think my other characters appreciate having their books drenched in lake water and zombie pee.
  3. Considering I don't find Jason scary ( Because I always root for him lulz) I'd like to learn more about his history and what he was like before he became the unstoppable undead killer we all know. Kinda same goes for Freddy. Although really his character speaks for himself and knowing his backstory won't make him better or less better. I like Freddy's comedy. As for Michael Myers, leaving him as a mystery works for his character. It's what gives him the appeal as a horror villian that he is. I don't acknowledge the stuff in Jason Goes to Hell as Jason being an ass crawling alien worm that body hops and shaves naked hairy men as canon to Jason's character.
  4. I find the 120 time limit crap also. I dunno how many times I got booted when playing with friends and all the sudden, I had to go take a dump and come back and find that I was booted from the game.
  5. Jason is a well known and established character and many of us like him for reasons other than him being a scary killing machines. He HAD a human side but it was never explored. Many of us would love to see photos of him and his life as an innocent child before the incidents that lead to him becoming a psychotic killing machine
  6. Avanious

    July Friday the 13th

    That 100% agree and I find it a shoddy excuse. I was so looking forward to playing Uber Jason against my dumbass bots when this crap came up.
  7. It's been two more months since I even played the game because of this very reason. The game crashed 2 times when I was Jason and the game crashed when I was counselor. Rather than putting risk of getting punished, I simply wrapped the game up and went back to my Silent Hill games and War for the Overworld. Waiting until the game is functional again before playing online. I don feel like being put in the salt mines with the kids and clowns and I'm sure the honest players should not have to pay for this either.
  8. Avanious

    July Friday the 13th

    The devs already made it clear in their official Twitter that Uber Jason is not going to to ever be released because he is not complete.
  9. @ShiftySamurai What about the camera lock glitches where my camera gets locked in one place and I cannot perform any actions other than just moving around? Had that happen twice when opening a drawer and hiding under a bed. As Jason, when breaking a window, I get stuck to where no buttons work. I cannot interact or attack.
  10. The game breaking bugs need to be adjusted first.
  11. I want to see Jason step on and squish bunnies that hop in his foot path. Lol!
  12. It would be unfair once the game is disconnected permanently from the main servers (Don't give me 'It'll always be up') that we cannot play the games and have our own progress stored on the local machine. I play Bots more than I play Quick Play anyway.
  13. Even if the servers won't be shut down anytime soon, I would love to have my games progress and data be stored on my machine so I can play offline on days when my isp is down or when I'm out traveling with the laptop.
  14. Avanious

    Uber Jason

    I for one would like to see him dropped in the game now and fixed later before the end of June.
  15. Please don't just permanently call it quits. Yeah, I can understand that you guys have to put future content updates on hold but just don't flat out say they'll never be new content added ever again. Just wait and see how this Lawsuit Settlement drama pans out first. I don't care if I have to wait a year for new content. As long as bugs are getting fixed and proper moderation over those who misbehave in the game are being dealt out, a lot of us who are patient are cool with it.