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  1. @ShiftySamurai What about the camera lock glitches where my camera gets locked in one place and I cannot perform any actions other than just moving around? Had that happen twice when opening a drawer and hiding under a bed. As Jason, when breaking a window, I get stuck to where no buttons work. I cannot interact or attack.
  2. The game breaking bugs need to be adjusted first.
  3. I want to see Jason step on and squish bunnies that hop in his foot path. Lol!
  4. It would be unfair once the game is disconnected permanently from the main servers (Don't give me 'It'll always be up') that we cannot play the games and have our own progress stored on the local machine. I play Bots more than I play Quick Play anyway.
  5. Even if the servers won't be shut down anytime soon, I would love to have my games progress and data be stored on my machine so I can play offline on days when my isp is down or when I'm out traveling with the laptop.
  6. Avanious

    Uber Jason

    I for one would like to see him dropped in the game now and fixed later before the end of June.
  7. Please don't just permanently call it quits. Yeah, I can understand that you guys have to put future content updates on hold but just don't flat out say they'll never be new content added ever again. Just wait and see how this Lawsuit Settlement drama pans out first. I don't care if I have to wait a year for new content. As long as bugs are getting fixed and proper moderation over those who misbehave in the game are being dealt out, a lot of us who are patient are cool with it.
  8. Pamela is the Navi of Friday the 13th. Non-stop nagging. Would love an off switch on her.
  9. Avanious

    Bot Betrayal

    LMAO, yeah. I stopped breaking windows on bots. Had 5 suicides that last match where I decided I was not breaking no more windows.
  10. Avanious

    Where Do We Go Now?

    I want them to focus on fixing these bugs first before worrying about adding more childish emotes to appease the trolls.
  11. Avanious

    AJ gets around huh!?

    Never understood that to. AJ kinda would have seem to be someone with more self respect. Tiffany to me looks like the town bus who would screw everyone, including Jason and the two cars.
  12. Not the most reliable source for us who prefer to play Jason for training for online mode. The bots don't troll, hack or cheat like many of the live players in QP do. I like playing bots because it's something to relieve stress from coming home from work and not wanting to deal with the drama and BS QP dishes out all the time. The bots make you laugh with their stupid antics and they are also good when you are testing audio and video recording software that you are setting up. Not to mention, a good source to farm XP and CP on. I'm glad they actually made the bots more challenging according to difficulty levels now. Before, difficulty meant nothing and on Hard, all the bots did was hide in closets and under beds forcing you into an annoying game of hide and seek.
  13. Just think about it. When they continue to quit like that because they think they are entitled and nothing bad will happen to them, they'll end up in the salt mines in no time. People in general are idiots, just be patient and as the days progress, you should see less of those morons.
  14. Avanious

    Textures dont load

    I'm getting the same issue to. Looked fine before the update. It's a blurry mess for me to.
  15. Played with a friend after a month hiatus from the game because I'm to the point where I'm finally sick of it and about to wrap it up for good. He came back after a month also. Nothing but trolls running people over with the car, a hacker kid, a dumbass exploiting a glitch that prevented me from grabbing him behind some rocks that I couldn't access, majority of the people I catch before I can kill as Jason rage quitting before I perform the kill and 5 kids from different lobbies shouting the N world and talking about racist immature crap. It's gotten worse than I last played. It's sad. This game was made for fans of the F13 movies and is now being swarmed with a cesspool of filth and morons who don't care about the movies or even seen or heard of the movies before. I'm also sick of the Dead by Deadlight comparisons. DbD has NOTHING to do with Friday the 13th. I'll just wait for the Single Player challenges and when they actually start implementing bans and punishments to those who ruined QP.