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  1. Incorporate new campers like Julius tina sheapeer Creighton Duke who could also die Jason not only with the execution of the jersey but also with the dagger and the book to take Jason to hell. As Freddie goes out in the movies he could see another modality with 2 assassins that also kill each other between eyos to win
  2. HELLO PEOPLE WANTED TO EXHIBIT IDEAS TO THE GAME TO IMPROVE, AS AN EXAMPLE, GANZUAS FOR CLOSED DOORS AND CEPOSES, AND THERE FEW POCKET KNIVES also a perk to have a perk more or also one that is a backpack and can store more objects. You can escape on an individual motorbike for the sow that escapes only from arms a hockey stick. A map invented in a ski slope with motorcycles Snow to escape by the police for a snowshoe. Settle to be in combat mode and have a camper nearby and attack the comrade instead of Jason
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