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  1. That was some Sith bullshit on that choke! ? Always fun! Lots of shenanigans last night for sure. And I stayed sober the whole time! Winning!
  2. The only thing missing from this is Mitch wringing his hands together and laughing maniacally.
  3. Thanks, man. Pinehurst is my absolute enemy. The game ALWAYS chooses me on that damn map. I think @Thatguyinktown and @Risinggrave have it rigged somehow. They seem to get the most chuckles from it.
  4. Well, now you know my secret that gets me through the embarrassment! ? Its also the only way I can stay awake sometimes, because I’m a laughing drunk.
  5. Always fun! Though I blame @Thatguyinktown @TheHansonGoons @JasonSquared @Risinggrave @BrokenFattHardy @TxJason @Super Ty @Riot_Dame for my poor life choices.
  6. Am I the only one who realizes it’s Thursday?
  7. He’s my favorite Jason and I’m actually playing him now. P4 can eat a dick.
  8. I test drove it a little bit yesterday and it’s still fun to play. Like Russian Roulette! ? I won’t give up until it’s physically unplayable.
  9. What @Risinggrave is failing to mention is that @BrokenFattHardy was Fox and I was AJ, so who would you rather sprint halfway across the map to get keys to a car that was trap free and ready to go? ? its not my fault that Hardy had to be a hero and pick up Tommy which resulted in his death. He had the car going and didn’t make it out. Whoops. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @Alkavian, sorry your 10,000 grabs took forever to work on me. You had me dead to rights about 9,987 of those times. ?
  10. That’s good to hear! She sounded so annoyed last night. ??
  11. My lobby lasted about two rounds, which was impressive based on my past experiences his week. ? I took @TheHansonGoons lobby dashboarding as a sign to call it quits at about 12 CST. I did appreciate his chivalry in my one and only boat escape. I won’t discuss the epic cock-up on my second attempt.
  12. @Riot_Dame Nooooo! ? @TxJason Hopefully it won’t be bad again! @Thatguyinktown It’s on. I’ll be there same bat time, same bat channel.
  13. That’s awesome! I missed the Fright Night group picture last year and I’m going to die mad about it, so I knew I had to splurge and get this once in a lifetime pic. It helped that it happened right after my birthday so I was able to con my way into getting it paid for. ? i cant wait to see pics of Kane as a Retro!
  14. Don’t worry. My play style isn’t much different without the glitch. You haven’t been missing much. ??? I empathize 100%. I only bought a headset for this game and I tend to only use it if I’m in a lobby with at least one other person I know.
  15. @Risinggrave and @Riot_Dame gave me my first Jason kill! ? I honestly don’t care if I get killed, so I’m surprised this was my first time. Jason IV is not my homie and his playstyle failed me! *That doesn’t mean everyone should go for this whenever I’m unlucky enough to be Jason when we play. Just going to throw that out there.*
  16. Good times last night! I can’t remember who was spectating with me at the time, but I was not able to capture @JasonSquared stepping into a trap as Jason and then losing his mask because of it. ?
  17. Yeah, the gas cans were a pain in the ass. Did anyone else notice that the counselors looked like they were vibrating when they were being killed? I’m sad I didn’t witness unicorn rainbow blood though. ? I will be on later and will look for you guys. I have wine. You’ve been warned.
  18. I’ll be on later but not sure in what capacity. If anyone wants to try some MP shoot me an invite.
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