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  1. A lot of people was very disappointed with the graphics update because it wasn't exactly what we were expecting. I know that the game is dying but I'd love to see a very huge graphic update if it's possible. - better looking textures - better physics, like on the powerful computers, because they're not impossible to put in consoles too - better lights, like the flare gun doing the orange light when using it - fixing bugs with the lights What do you think about it? ?? The flag is an error, sorry.
  2. Will graphic improvements be possible again? Like hair physics like on the computer, lights effect for the flare gun, ecc.?
  3. Please guys fix the interaction bug as fast as you can, I can't always play and die because I can't pick up stuff it's frustrating
  4. Am I the only one with crappy animations? When I close the door or open the window the animation is super fast and even when I get through the windows (not always but most of the time) the first animation part is super fast and then it suddenly come back as normal. And also, after I hit Jason or get grabbed and use a pocket knife I'm not able to interact with anything anymore and of course it makes the game unplayable.
  5. I already found two bugs: 1) In some matches, after a little bit, I'm not anymore able to take objects or opening windows and stuff 2) in some matches, if you press the interaction button too fast, part of every animation gets faster than the usual But the patch is amazing, thank you?
  6. There's a problem about posting the patch due to different countries hours. I'll explain it in a better way ; I'm Italian, there are eight hours of difference between my country and America so I'm kinda disappointed. I mean, I don't know if it's not possible or if you don't think about it so I'm not going to say anything or blame you in any case. So in the end, I'm always pretty sad when a game patch comes out, because it gets released too late so I always have to wait till the next day. Anyway, I'm very happy for all your hard work guys and thank you for always bringing fresh stuff in the game?
  7. Hey everyone ? I was thinking about something maybe impossible to do but I thought about new textures. The new engine update will make the frame drops disappear, it would be cool to add these kind of things: - when getting killed, blood go In different positions all the time, even on the floor (maybe not transparent and not always the same form) - when it's raining, your feets and legs get covered in mud and when you jump through a window, when you touch the floor the body get covered in mud I don't know if I've explained the first one good enough to be understood. Let me know what you think about it ?
  8. Hey everyone We all know that there's the new update coming with a lot of stuff in it, so this post is about some things that I would love to see in-game one day. Things like: - the flare gun can have two different functions like shooting Jason to stun him or shooting in the sky to reveal where the four seater car is and knowing where Jason is with a huge orange flash lightning a big part of the map. -When you're walking as Tommy Jarvis, he will hold the shotgun in his hands, ready to shoot Jason in the face. -The stuff in the drawers is not always in the same position. -More movement animations like in the beta (not the door opening and the fact of being super slow). Also, we might get one day, some new swimsuit skins because of the developers diary video on gun media YouTube channel... Nothing's official, like everything in this post. Do you want this things too?
  9. You all might have understood by the title, that what i want is the 3d vision. I know that the ability to see in 3d on a television is not always possible, but it would be cool to have the opportunity to play with the 3d. It's also something to add for the memory of the third movie with all the 3d effect. What do you think about it? P. S i just re-watched the fifth movie and... What happened to Pam?
  10. Guys, I don't know you, but I have a bad feeling about the new map coming with the April patch. I feel like they're not going to release the Grendel map, as I think they might need more time for developing it; the thing is that we still have to see an another map... Camp Green Forest from Friday 13th part 6. They already have the stuff for creating it instead of the Grendel and so I don't know.
  11. With the new patch comincia, i thinked a out something: clothes. I know that the pajama pack is probably going to be realesed with the patch itself, but what i want are new skins for the skins we already have; like normal clothes and swimsuits (not the Halloween ones). Because the last patch we got the level 150 for just nine skins and for three characters that get used by a very small crowd of people. I want some skins like the ones on the pc (Tiffany's bees shorts or zebra shorts). What do you think about my idea? Do you want some new skins for our fellow counselors too?
  12. The counselors should be more scared of thunders but the car, most of the time, is difficult to drive and not crash so the slippery thing will make the car impossible to drive.
  13. The weather is something important for me recently and i've understood what's wrong... It's always RAINING! I know that in most of the movies there was a lot of rain, but there are times where i do like five consecutive matches with rain. I'm not saying to cut it off completely, but to equilibrate the normal and the rainy weather. Not finished yet, i want to talk about something once again. Last night i thinked about two different kinds of weathers: the "windy" and the "night creep". Both of them are capable of changing some gameplay stuff. The windy: - the unreal engine update will make possible the plants to move in a faster and more realistic way, along with floating leafs falling from trees. - counselors will not be anymore able to ear Jason's steps (indoor & outdoor). - Jason will not be anymore able to ear counselors screams when teleporting nearby them. The night creep: - as a more realistic representation of the night, it will be so dark that the flashlight will be the most important thing for counselors to survive. - the counselor fear will be removed but more screams will be added when being chased or attacked. - finding counselors with Jason's vision will be more difficult, but not impossibile of course - more weapons will be added for more self defence - new tracks for counselors and Jason Let me know what are your opinions and thank you guys
  14. @Slasher_Clone @bewareofbears Thank you for having replied but i don't want you to be mad at each other, i don't like people fighting for some opinions and suggestions about something that we don't know if it will never be in the game; but anyway, thank you again for having replied and discussed about my topic
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