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  1. I say just throw in Uber Jason and the Grendal Map, finish up this content for the game, keep working on it as an alternate version. Polish up all the bugs and when the lawsuit is over release it to us as an update. Also the collectibles. The lawsuit will be over eventually and this is content we all deserve to see. If this game is the labor of love the devs say it is then they would add this extra content for a post lawsuit release. Finish it now and relase it later. Working on programming errors and bugs isn't going cost anymore money to do it later than it will now, just put in the content we paid for and relase it later since you won't so it now. This makes sense to do this for us.
  2. I'll just put a link to the article for everyone here to read. http://www.gamerevolution.com/features/340409-friday-13th-lawsuit-wont-affect-game-lawyer-says-exclusive So basically this is a statement from a lawyer july last year clearly stating that the lawsuit will not affect the companies ability to develop the game. So in my opinion, the developers pulled the plug as the cash is drying up(sales are down). So basically the the lawsuit is an excuse to bail on the game. How long would it take to add the grendal map and uber jason, prob not much longer few months at most. Also they couldn't edit it out in the unlikely event the lawsuit did in some unforseen way impact the new content, I don't buy that. I just know we paid for them to make a game for us, and I think the money they received in my opinion is more than enough to make up for the costs of throwing in some already in progress stuff like uber jason and the grendal map. You just have the version of the game as it is today and then a seperate version in with the new content. Of course the developers can't really argue it will cost them money, as we already paid them to do all this stuff by buying the game so they would be adding this stuff for free anyway. Its not as hard as the developers make it seem to be. They can do it, thye can add the new content they already have worked on and are part way finished with. THe developers are simply giving up, the work i use would be quiters. Someone explain to me how this logic is wrong, I don't see it.
  3. Is it just me or if you really look hard at the unlockables from 100 to 150 level, Its like they just sat down on the weekend and said lets throw this all together really quick just to give them something to level up to. It appears not a lot of thought was put into the unlockables for the level ups. Especially the light bloody skins and the heavy bloody skins which an experienced programmer could knock those off in a day i'm thinking. Not to mention the light bloody skins are lame, hardly any blood. The three grab kills are the best rewards. And these clothing updates, seem like an after thought just mostly being a different color clothing. I mean if they sat down for a week maybe they could come up with some better clothing ideas we could level up to, fill in the gaps from level 100 to 150 where there is no unlock for leveling up. The game graphically is good so I don't really get all why they didn't spend much time thinking about good unlockables for level ups as it is lots of time involved to level up in the game.
  4. So i had this idea similiar to tommy getting called in when you call on the cb radio for help, tommy spawns in from someone who escaped or died. The idea is when you call the cops, not only does the cop car spawn in at the exit but a cop would also spawn in at one of the exits as a player that died or escapped already. So this cop that spawns in job would be to help other counselors escape. The cop himself wouldn't get xp from escaping but only get xp by doing stuff like fixing things or hitting jason or actually escorting players out of the map as tommy can escort players out. So here is the thing by taking away the xp or need to escape for the cop he will be motivated to help the counselors. You see tommy often just spawns in and runs off and hides and tryes to escape. So I would also suggest that tommy gets no reward for just escaping either only for helping and escorting so he will be motivated to help counselors. Id even go further and say tommy and the cop can't escape unless escorting conselors out or they are last one to leave after everyone else died or left as another possible option.So thats the idea to make the game more interesting. Also I suggest they add a tommy character and police officer character into your conselor lists as an added idea and give them diffrent clothes to pick from to custimize their looks only you wouln't be able to choose them as starting characters only if you spawned in as them. I'd even suggest maybe two or three cop models, short fat, tall skinny, middle of the road cop. What ever you pick you spawn in as if your the cop.Also you wouldn't be able to add perks to the cop or tommy spawn in as the perks from regular conselors would carry over to them. I think this idea could make things more interesting. Maybe add a couple boxes of doughnuts around the map and if the cop gets one from a counselor or finds one he gets and extra power, energy,and speed boost. I don't know if this has been discussed before as I'm newer to the game.
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