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  1. Rage Quit Percentage Revealed!

    Excellent point! I was wondering how long it would take for someone to point that out. Obviously, if somebody wants to wait until they get their own lobby each time, they would drive the rage quit percentage to zero. For these numbers, no I don't have a record of how many lobbies I've hosted. But even if I guessed that I had my own lobby half the time, which would probably be an exaggeration, that would result in a 12% rage quit rate. Another factor that would contribute to a lower rage quit rate is how often you stick with a lobby that's got a 'proven' host - someone who hasn't rage quit yet, even though they've had several opportunities to do so. End of the day, the numbers from my original post are to be taken with a grain of salt. I've played 142 times, I've hosted lobbies when they've been awarded to me but I haven't done anything special to try to avoid the rage quitters. If someone does the same thing, maybe they get similar numbers, maybe not. It's interesting. That said, last night two of three matches ended in frustration, but I won't get into that!
  2. Rage Quit Percentage Revealed!

    Yes, I definitely agree with you - I would love to see advanced stats on my own gameplay!
  3. Rage Quit Percentage Revealed!

    Yeah, I'm sure they have all sorts of stats on how these games play out. I suspect (hope) that the developers have access to the advanced metrics so that they know exactly how many matches end early and why. Of course, if they did, they wouldn't need a reporting system for team killers or frequent ragers.
  4. Rage Quit Percentage Revealed!

    No, that's pretty tough to keep accurate stats of, since a lot of hosts don't have mics, so I can't tell how old they are.
  5. Why do you like this game?

    Had to vote for 'Other' because my answer is 'All of the Above'. Except for the $40 option... Huge fan of the movies, love playing Jason, love the feeling of being 'in' the movie, and having a great time playing with my brothers who are 3000km away.
  6. Good Sportsmanship Club

    I'm interested in some Good Sportsmanship! XBOX1: KingSherlockx I never rage quit, I play to counselor strengths and work objectives as best I can. I'm just looking to have fun!
  7. Rage Quit Percentage Revealed!

    That I haven't kept track of, sorry!
  8. Rage Quit Percentage Revealed!

    I considered it a 'Host Rage Quit' if I got the message 'You were kicked: the host has left the game.' If I got the message 'Connection to Host Lost' or 'Connection Timed-Out', then I considered it a 'Connection Lost.' This assumes that the error messages are consistent in each case. But I have wondered, when I am the host and I lose my connection, whether my lobby thinks I raged on them!
  9. Rage Quit Percentage Revealed!

    Good point! I'm on XBox.
  10. I've been keeping track of my game results as I've progressed from level 18 to level 36, mainly to get a sense of how many XP are required between levels (and also 'cause I'm probably a little OCD...oh well). Doing this has also given me a fair sample size to draw some conclusions about the frequencies of certain outcomes. This is obviously just my own experience, and from Quick Play at that, so I'm not suggesting anyone will or has experienced something similar, but the numbers are interesting. Total quick play counselor matches from level 18 to level 36: 142 Total Wins (escape/survive): 20 (14%) Total Losses (death/betrayal): 83 (59%) Total Host Rage Quits: 9 (6%) Total Jason Quits: 16 (11%) Total Connections Lost: 14 (10%) Or, to put it in a slightly different way: Complete Matches: 103 (73%) Incomplete Matches: 39 (27%) Or, to put it in yet another different way: Matches Resulting in XP: 119 (84%) Matches Resulting in No XP: 23 (16%) The one result that really surprised me was that Host Rage Quitting was only at 6% - it certainly seems like it happens more often! I always breathe a little easier when I get to host my own lobby! -J
  11. I voted for 'Jason having too much trouble with groups' - even though I know my issue with that and with several of the choices on this poll are partly (mostly?) related to my inexperience. I'm enjoying the state of the game. I choose to believe that not finding pocket knives is the tough love that will make me a better counselor. That said, I still have matches where I find two, but it feels like a bonus and not an expectation.
  12. Gamer Tags for F13!

    XBoxOne: KingSherlockx I never rage quit.
  13. My name is Jason...

    Hi Everyone! I'm a longtime horror fan in general, and a longtime fan of Friday the 13th in particular. I've owned this game since just after Christmas, and I've loved every single minute of it. Yes, even when the connection is randomly lost, or the host quits with 3:23 left in the very game that I repaired my first car and escaped for the first time, or my Jason glitches and the one remaining counselor won't come out of his cabin to hit me - this is still the most fun I had playing a game in a looooong time. I've even got my two brothers hooked - and one of them had to be convinced to buy an Xbox just to play this game. My favorite moments so far: 1. Executing a flawless phone repair with Tiffany (all other repair counselors had been incapacitated) 2. Shifting into an open door while stalking, and ending up right behind Tommy, who was trying to ambush me. Of course, he used his knife, but I got him later... 3. Successfully repairing the phone and a car while a Jason helper kept trying to tell on me. If you're on Xbox One, feel free to add me - I go by KingSherlockx on there. I never rage quit, and I work objectives to the best of my ability. Thanks for reading! This forum has been a big part of my enjoyment so far - the passionate discussions and thorough playing guides have kept me excited to try new play styles and have taught me a lot. Thanks to all of you for that! -Jason