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  1. I just got my PhD to pop last night with the Tree Stump kill in offline bots! I'd like to thank all those counselors who died to make this possible! I went by the list posted elsewhere in the forum, but my experience showed me that there were only two map specific kills: the Higgins barn closet and the Higgins cemetery fence. This also seems to be backed up by the awesome video that @The Wolf with that Toast posted above.
  2. I’m in Boston right now, 503 km away from home. That’s 313 miles. Trippy.
  3. This group has kicked my ass repeatedly when I've been Jason (which is a lot lately for some reason) but they have never ever made me feel bad about it. Heaven help you if you mash the A button too loudly though!
  4. I've played 21 matches on XBox since the patch dropped, and while I was dreading all the game-breaking bugs, it's turned out to be not as bad as I thought it'd be. Three of those matches ended with the early random ending glitch. I can confirm that it has nothing to do with whether Tommy's been called, by the way. I saw one instance of auto-suicide. I was not affected by the get-stuck-at-the-objective-after-repair bug. Those were my top concerns going in, and I'm happy they didn't happen as often as I was afraid they might. All that to say that the lobby I was in last night with @Zaneygrrl, @Thatguyinktown, @TxJason and others had an awesome night of gaming. Here's to many more yet to come!
  5. This, 5000% And to the OP, who buys games based on the promise of future content? If you were only waiting for Uber Jason, for example, why buy the game before he was officially released?
  6. I'm also an optimist, hoping that future DLC is still possible. And after reading the lawsuit through the link you posted, I envision the first new kill pack to include Jason forcing the counselor to read all 17 pages of it until their head explodes.
  7. Makes sense now why the J2 kill pack dropped so suddenly. Man, what a week it's been for this game.
  8. Is there a chance they'd stop the Xbox patch based on this feedback? I'm not looking forward to the auto-suicide (pun intended) thing.
  9. Mine is the number of times I've stepped in my own bear trap!
  10. I just gave you a "Like" to get your reputation score to +666. You're welcome!
  11. Yeah, I'm starting to regret not using the same name in both places! I'm always the 'and one more guy I can't remember' guy.
  12. I was in there for at least one round with you. (KingSherlockx) Thanks for the game!
  13. Sometimes a 'glitch' isn't a glitch. So I was Jason, chasing a couple of counselors into Packanack lodge. As I'm climbing the steps, I see one of them stoop to set a trap in the open doorway. Unfortunately for him, the trap-set animation is interrupted, allowing me to enter unimpeded. This guy starts swearing and complaining about how many glitches there are in this game and how the last update sucked, yadda yadda. The real reason the animation was interrupted while he set the trap? I hit him with a knife.
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