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  1. What happens when this patch breaks the game? Been playing since almost day one. Don't piss on us and tell us its rain.
  2. Still a shitty perk system.🤦‍♂️ Make legendary perks actually legendary! 18,-10,1 is a shit perk! Increase XP to at least 4X's if the perk system will remain trash!
  3. I love blowing 100,000 CP and not getting the perk I want. Then getting a Legendary with -5% damage taken. Genius perk system! I hope other game developers are taking notes.
  4. Thanks. I've been here but dont visit often. Suggestions are like talking to a wall. I've had the honor of having Shiftysamurai reply to the perk situation on Reddit a while back. He basically said that since illfonic left, they are too incompetent to even turn on increased perk chance; let alone try to fix the system.🤦‍♂️ (My simple solution was to leave on increased perk chance indefinitely.)
  5. The perk system is complete trash! Selling a good perk is the worst. You can literally spend 1 million CP and not get one as good as the old one. That and legendaries are trash. I rolled a hypochondriac that was 18/-8/1. That is legendary trash!
  6. Please for the love of God, fix the perk system! Remove negative values from legendary, increase the good value to the fullest possible for starters. Make it so you dont have to spend a million CP to get sub par perks. #Makeperksgreatforonce
  7. So I have well over a thousand hours into the game. Why do I not have the best of the best perks? Why is there a negative value to "legendary" perks? Why are some epics better than legendary? Why not leave on increased perk chance as a temporary fix? There was talk months ago about higher levels getting better perks and nothing since. There has to be a better way..
  8. I'm gonna be a realist here. It doesnt seem like previous patches were properly tested. How can I be certain that the testers are actually testing the game? What new bugs will come from these fixes? I honestly think your testers are taking the money and not doing their jobs. Anyone else who's been playing the game for a long time will agree.
  9. I saw somewhere where someone said a single knife cant flip the car every time. Care to join me in a lobby so I can show you? One knife is all it takes to flip the car 100% of the time if Jason knows where to throw it. That is all.
  10. When in a party of 4 or more on xbox one person will not make it into the lobby 9 out of 10 times! The last update broke the game more than it's ever been!
  11. Get rid of shitty legendary perks! Why is a "legendary" 18/-4/1 then the epic is 20/0?! There should be no negative values on legendary perks. The high value should be the highest and you shouldnt have to spend 1 million CP to get a sub par legendary perk.
  12. Make legendary perks actually legendary! Why does a legendary have a negative 5% and 2% less value than an epic? To me that's what's called a shitty perk. There should be no negatives and the value should be the best possible. Also, why 1% as a bonus? That's not even noticeable. 3% should be minimum on all.
  13. Gonna keep it short and sweet. Legendary perks are not legendary! They shouldnt have a value less than epics and they shouldn't have a negative. End of story. Make legendary perks actually legendary!
  14. Still No fix for interaction lock after hitting Jason?!! Or guns sticking to counselors?? Why create Jasonkillsbugs.com if you dont use it to fix game breaking bugs?
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