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    Scooby snacks, eating, Velma. Not being chased by terrifying monsters, creatures, ghouls, goblins, or ghosts. Also, ax murderers. No to all of that scary spooky stuff!

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  1. My PS4 just blue screened on me again. It only does this on Friday the 13th. Anyone know why? Between this, and the lag I get often, this otherwise fun game becomes ridiculous to play. I've stopped playing this game several times and then picked it back up again because I want to play as new characters or enjoy the double XP weekends. But I can't because this game keeps crashing or lags so bad I can't enjoy my time. I want to play this game but it frustrates me so much how laggy it is and how it drops me into blue screen. (It's the only game that does this.) How do I fix this and who else is having this issue?
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking for a specific sound effect file for male and female councilors. You know the sound you hear when Jason is murdering one of your friends in the distance? I'm looking for that sound file. I'm trying to put it into the background of a musical track I'm compiling together for more Friday the 13th the game stuff. I have some vocal files already that work well, but I have no screams, dying sounds, or the kill sounds of bodies turning to broken corpses. If you can help me find any of these it would be helpful. I need clean or semi-clean sound files. Loud music from the game with the sound effects will not help me. Sorry.
  3. Hello, I'm Richie, and I do silly voices when I stream Friday the 13th. Mostly I do Shaggy or Kermit. if I am Jason I can easily be bribed to let you go with Scooby snacks (Drop your items.) As Kermit, I always say "Hi-oh!" to my victims upon meeting them. And if I happen to be Joker... run. There is no saving you. If you don't mind being on a stream, have a good mic, and don't get so loud that it will make headphone users ears bleed. You're welcome to join me for some games. Or you can just watch me on Twitch. That's fine too. I play on PS4. My PSN is NatsuPodcaster.
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