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  1. Not sure if these have been listed but... Would like to see lightening and thunderstorms in multiplayer and not just single. Other weather effects such as wind and snow. Also light or immense fog in areas of the map (or the entire map) either throughout the game or at some point during would be pretty cool. As the night progresses the sky should slowly become lighter as the moon sets. At the end of the match when you "survive the night" you will see the sun start to rise. Different phases of the moon such as crescent, full, or new would also be an interesting addition. Or even a solar or lunar eclupse and super moon. Environment ambient sounds from animals such as crickets, owls, or coyotes. Adding simple animated animals in such as rats, rabbits, squirrels, birds, deer...but this may be asking a bit too much Probably more I cannot think of at the moment but think these would be some nice additions. A few other things that just popped in my head... Create your own counselor but for your skills, you may only select from a pre-made list. A way to shock (stun) Jason with electricity (such as a puddle of water on the ground) Hiding under boat docks as a counselor with jason stabbing you in the head through the planks. A map featuring the ship from part 8...although I'm not sure how this would turn out. Staying alive till the ship reaches Manhattan, escaping via lifeboat, or sending out an SOS (like phoning the cops in any other map).
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