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  1. I personally would love this! not exactly sure how he would work. And also I'm pretty sure that Jason is actually supposed to be a deadite? Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't know too much about this but I did read somewhere that Adam Marcus, who was the directer of Jason goes to Hell said that So a map with Ash Williams as the hero may be a thing. Or even add him in as an Easter Egg hero, like in the series Ash vs The Evil Dead, Season 2 I think? Ash gets summoned. So you could have to find the book somewhere on the map, and then summon him somehow?
  2. ^^^^ This is the kind of thing I was meaning, or make it so there is only qte on the grab kills and environmental, slashing and stuff all is normal. Just adds more suspense to the game in my opinion, rather than get grabbed if I'm alone I normally sit back and am like okay gg, but there would be more panic if I still had that glimmer of chance to escape. Or even if they made it you could interrupt the grab kills with a qte. And like I said before it's just my opinion, some like it some don't. And in the end it's up to the devs. Although I can see where everyone who disagrees is coming from
  3. Cool down, like when he grabs he has to wait like 2-3 seconds before using it again rather than just lunging all over the place. Like the second you get grabbed there is zero chance to escape, and if its 2 seconds into the game. It's no fun, at least if you kite and he misses you still have a chance to run rather than a second grab coming for you 2 seconds later. BUT in saying that, they would need to fix the grab, because there have been lots of times I go to grab them when I'm ontop of them and it misses and other times I grab them from AGGGES away. Each to their own opinion, we all enjoy different things about the game. Great game none the less. I'll play it either way
  4. Instead of being able to chain grab counselors, or spam grab. Maybe make a cool down on the grab it self? or even the kills, and make them go for environmental kills more often. I know that may seem dumb, but I find it really boring when you get the people who just spam choke people. Especially right at the start of the game and there is really no way to escape without a pocket knife. So a couple ways to improve the grab could be; - Cool down on grab - Need to hit a certain point of rage (like half full bar) to use the grab kills - Need to do a certain amount of environmental kills to use a grab kill I just think it would make the game more interesting and last a bit longer. People will say "No that would make it to hard" But I've had games where I've only used environmental kills and no grab kills. Just gives the counselors a chance to actually enjoy the game rather than just get asphyxiated every game.
  5. Sometimes I feel as if Jason is to easily noticed and so it takes that bit of fear from the game, especially with all the people who don't use stalk and do the good old fashioned grab and headbutt the fuck out of the keyboard to get that juicy grab insta kill. I think would be pretty cool, if they added a game mode where the killer is Pamela. So keep it mostly the same but the killer has way more stealth, and to balance her out maybe give her a ranged weapon like a bow from the movie? so if the councilors all group up she wont get butt fucked, she can just chill and snipe so they all split up. Or give her ways to deceive and lure councilors away from each other. And instead of escaping its just survive the night until authorities get there. Not sure if anyone else would see this as fun, but I think the constant on edge of not knowing where the killer is and the scare of her being just around the corner waiting to stab you or something, may just bring some more spice to the game. What do you guys think?
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