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  1. getting really really really really really really really really really tired of seeing this.
  2. im a bit disappointed this morning... today is friday the 13th...im playing right now before i have to go to work... and im not seeing anything new? i thought we were getting the jason x jason and map.....sigh. oh well.
  3. okay update: i just counted and i have more than i thought i did... i have 16 pamela tapes but only one tommy tape.
  4. i cant look right now cause im playing but im pretty sure i have like 8 or 9 pamela tapes and 2 or 3 tommy tapes
  5. i cant look right now cause im playing but im pretty sure i have like 8 or 9 pamela tapes and 2 or 3 tommy tapes
  6. nope.... never works for me. when i click on anyones name all it shows are options to add as a friend and stuff like that...but i dont see anything about which level theyre on.
  7. theres been so many times where i was in the lobby waiting for the game to start and i hear a kid reading off what everyones levels are including mine and im like "how the hell does he know that?" because i tried everything and cant figure it out. i click on peoples names and i dont see anything. i wish someone could tell me how to do it. it would be nice to know whos experienced and whos not.
  8. i like it! now if only counselors couldnt run around the big table over and over and over and over and not get caught....that would be great! i mean c'mon....hes jason....why cant he just flip the damn table over????
  9. might as well mention the flaws that i think should DEFINITELY be changed to make a superior game.... 1.there should be no time limit. thats the biggest problem to me... its very frustrating when im jason and im down to one counselor and time runs out before i can kill him/her. in my opinion and im sure others will agree... the game shouldnt end until someone wins. or at LEAST have it where if the time runs down the counselor doesnt get credited as winning or surviving. it really makes no sense if you think about it.... the other day i was playing and i was down to one counselor and i was chasing him for over 4 minutes. and he survived because time ran out. i just couldnt catch him. he kept running from cabin to cabin to cabin to cabin to cabin and somehow never ran out of stamina.... it was very frustrating. but if the time didnt run out...i eventually wouldve killed the bastard. theres no way he wouldve been able to put the fuse in and call the cops and theres no way he wouldve got the car up and running. i was in rage mode walking through doors and yet it still didnt matter. i just couldnt keep up with him. im guessing he had some perks that made him faster and whatnot. speaking of car.... that brings me to the 2nd big flaw that i gotta say i dont like. and this one goes the other way.... when youre a counselor..... you go through sooooo much trouble to get the car started.... gotta find the gas, the battery, and the keys and HOPE jason didnt lay his traps down around the car...not to mention the ridiculous amount of time it takes to start the car.... i feel like once you managed to pull AAAALL that off which is pretty rare.... you should be able to just drive away. i dont like that jason can pound his fists on the car and stop it. hes not the incredible hulk.... which brings me to flaw 3. there were WAAAAY too many times that me and 3 other players (thats a lot of people...4 people!!!) are all scrambling around the car.... we whack jason with a bat...or shoot him in the face with a gun... he falls down.... i get in the car..... go to start it up aaaaand...... jasons already up and pulling me out of the window before i can get the car started. so theres gotta be some kinda change. either one: have the car start immediately. two: have jason stay down longer. or 3. have it where we can run him over with the car. i mean c'mon..... show me one movie where jason smashed the hood of the car while its driving.... i can understand that working while the car is stopped....that would be fine..... but not while its driving....so lame. but other than those 3 things..... the game is amazing. i wouldnt change anything else.
  10. not sure how many people will read this...or who would care but here goes. (i'll try to make it short) first off im a huge fan of the movies. and i have waited Y E A R S for this game to happen. im 37 years old and the only friday the 13th game i was able to play is the one for the NES. which we all know....... SUCKS! i cant express how good it makes me feel to be jason and go around killing counselors. and being a counselor is just as fun. although i will admit i didnt like it at first. but like everything in life,the more you do it the better you get at it. i play this game every day. every chance that i can get. i play it on my lunch break (i dont eat btw...i'd rather play friday the 13th). i play as soon as i get home from work... i play before i go to work. oh...actually.... the first couple of days of playing this game i was losing sleep because of it. every time i closed my eyes my brain wouldnt shut off. i just kept thinking about this game...kinda playing it in my head.... but i got over that thank god. are there flaws??? of course there are....but name a game that DOESNT have flaws. but one of the many things i love about this game is all the updates. the new maps and new jasons and counselors that pop up once in a while. i love it. i cant wait to see what comes next. playing as mrs. vorhees would be cool... or the jason from jason x with a perhaps spaceship map? could work... anyway...keep up the good work. im loving it! its about time theres a good friday the 13th game!
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