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  1. In order to make Stealth below 9 matter, it would be better if there were a more noticeable difference between each tier, as far as noise(range) is concerned.For example, Jason should be able to hear Vanessa no matter where she is on the map; right now there are some places where even she can jog silently.That makes no sense for someone with 1 Stealth.In the same vein, Jason should be distinctly closer to a counselor with 6 Stealth in order to hear him in comparison with a counselor who has 5 Stealth.For instance, let's say Jason is able hear Chad jogging at 400 feet away from him and Kenny at 415 feet away. So 1 point of Stealth means only 15 feet.Hardly any difference, isn't it ?The difference between each Stealth tier should be slightly higher than that. Moreover, so as to make Stealth more gradual and also more viable, it should have a slight impact on Jason's sense range, not so prominent as fear though. Lastly, the range of the Sense ability while in its final stage, should be significantly reduced. I've made a more detailed post about this here, but since no one replied to it I am assuming that those ideas of mine are not relevant enough http://forum.f13game.com/topic/17563-adjusting-stealth-and-sense/
  2. The issues of the Stealth stat are (in my opinion) its graduality and the fact that Jason's Sense ability somehow cancels its efficacy. As far as graduality is concernced, there is no considerable difference between tiers.A Stealth of 9 or 10 allows the counselor to jog silently and anything below that is mostly useless. The distance at which Jason is able to hear counselors hardly differs from one tier to another.Someone has tested this here:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=938559619 It would be better if the differences regarding the hearing distance between each tier were multiplied by 1.25 (x1.25) each. Stealth should also have a slight impact on the range of the Sense ability(like it is mentioned in the counselor menu).Characters with higher Stealth must be closer to Jason in order for him to sense them.Some of you might say Composure already does that(it affects fear which affects the distance of the Sense ability), but please have in mind the fact that some stats are put in relation with others in a similar way as well :Composure and Strength both affect breaking free, Luck influences the amount of Stamina gained from certain actions, Strength affects the amount of Stamina consumed while performing combat actions, Speed depends on Stamina and vice versa.So there should be no objections as far as combining Stealth and Composure in order to reduce the range of the Sense ability goes.Moreover, each other stat either gives more than one benefit or a major one (like Stamina, Repair or Speed), while Stealth is only related to noise pings and it is not even well graduated.This is why it needs to influence Sense a little too. The standard Sense range should not cover the entire map while in its final stage, but only 1/6 or 15% of it (approximately), something similar to this picture: This range is greatly affected by fear and slightly influenced by Stealth.It can get slightly smaller for counselors with high Stealth/ slightly bigger for counselors with low Stealth; hugely bigger for scared counselors(stage 2 and above)/ normal for calm counselors. Currently, during Rage each counselor gets a +7 bonus in Stealth.For balancing purposes, this should be removed. Since Jason is able to morph across the map, spam Sense and toggle it while shifting around in order to cover an even greater surface, this decreased range serves just as a delay.However, if even more compensation is needed, (although I doubt it) Jason's Sense ability range could increase much faster, so that after 5 minutes it already covers that portion of the map from the image above.In this case, Rage only affects the cooldown of the ability and the fact that Jason can now find counselors who are hiding in closets/under beds. Don't worry.There is no way Stealth would turn anyone into a ninja.If you stand still, he will eventually find you.If your character's Stealth is not high enough, the noise pings will alert Jason.Plus, you can see counselors visually sometimes and there is always a chance Jason morphs randomly and ends up at your location Sorry if this has been requested before
  3. Thank you for your replies ! It looks like we talked a lot about Stats. In case the developers will actually get to see this, I'd like to summarize some ideas here so that it will be easier to see the main points.Who knows...maybe they will take something into account from this topic after all. The stats I suggested for the new counselor seemed to be quite subjective, either balanced or OP but definitely special. I'd really love to see those stats in the game, but I doubt that would happen. Composure: 5 Stamina: 7 Luck: 1 Stealth: 9 Repair: 5 Strength: 1 Speed: 7 The stats HopeKiller suggested seem to be a great mix between balance and effectiveness. Composure: 4 Stamina: 7 Luck: 2 Stealth: 9 Repair: 7 Strength: 1 Speed: 5 Based on your ideas, it would seem that the following stats might be the most perfectly balanced, although slightly less effective.I tried to satisfy everyone, but I couldn't :)) Composure: 5 Stamina: 7 Luck: 3 Stealth: 9 Repair: 5 Strength: 2 Speed: 4 Now there are quite a few options to choose from as far as stats are concerned.It is understandable that such a counselor is not likely to be in the game, but adding either one of those groups of stats would definitely add more flavour to the game imho.The last group of stats seems to be perfect for Crazy Ralph
  4. I know that we have quite a few counselors to choose from right now, but in case the developers will add others, I would like to make a suggestion. I've noticed that we don't have any male counselor with great Stealth (at least 9, so that he could jog silently;Tommy does not count );wouldn't it be a nice idea to get one? This might sound stupid, but I'd like to see a male counselor that is a little bit more different from the others, for example an elegant, charismatic, gentlemanlike, smart looking German teenager, who has got blonde hair and blue eyes. His name should be Heinrich Hochmeister. More details about his appearance: - he has a gentleman curly swept up texture haircut similar to this one : - he wears rectangular framed glasses like these : - he wears a shirt, a V neck sleeveless sweather and a wristwatch like these : - he also wears dark jeans, a belt and sport shoes similar to these : As far as his Stats are concerned, the skill points(35) are distributed as it follows: Composure: 5 Stamina: 7 Luck: 1 Stealth: 9 Repair: 5 Strength: 1 Speed: 7 Please don't be too mean, this is just a humble suggestion
  5. Just wanted to say hi I have been playing this awesome game for a few weeks and I love it ! I joined the forum only to give a few minor suggestions and of course lots of likes Nice to meet you all ^^
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