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  1. Ðarius

    E3 2018

    I'm hoping Resident Evil 2 Remake will show up at some point.
  2. Ðarius

    What is your favorite Friday the 13th?

    Hard to choose one, I enjoy most of them, except for Part VII and Part IX. I think Part VI is my favorite, but I voted for Jason X because Uber Jason is so fucking badass.
  3. I already play "hide and seek" with Tommy Jarvis in offline bots. Nice idea, though.
  4. In private matches I always drop the keys, but never in QP for obvious reasons. I don't want to be left behind If I fixed the damn thing. Bro, I'm with you 100%, but let me give you one piece of advice... don't feed the troll, he just wants attention.
  5. Definitely! They deserve more than average recolors.
  6. They spawn with duplicated key items too. I killed LaChappa and Fox and they both droped a fuse. Two dead bodies with two fuses in the same cabin at the same time. Maybe it's a bug.
  7. Ðarius

    Textures dont load

    Same here.
  8. I was going to say that. Reopening a trap is too much but he should be able to set another trap in the same place multiple times.
  9. Yes! That's a good idea. Sometimes I'm not in the mood to come back as Tommy, to be honest. Tommy has to be the hero and sometimes I just don't want to, specially in QP for obvious reasons.
  10. Ðarius

    Who is your favorite Jason?

    Kane Hodder for sure. He's a beast.
  11. Ðarius

    Did Uber-Jason survive?

    The ending hints that Jason survived and it will be Crystal Lake all over again. They just decided not to continue, IMO.
  12. I'd rather just tank the traps and heal after that, but if I'm a high repair counselor and there's just one phone trap, I'll waste without a doubt.