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  1. They really dropped the ball with Jason, had plenty of time (over a year!) to fix the game breaking bugs and still failed. So , no.
  2. Forget Victor Miller, the backers should sue Gun/ILF! ? Joking, maybe. Seriously though, I’d say your chances of a refund are zero point zero. One of the downsides of Kickstarter im afraid.
  3. They will probably pull some BS and say any further patches counts as adding new content. GUN and ILF have been acting very peculiar as of late. To be honest I’m starting to suspect they are just using the lawsuit to dump this game for good. Seems like they lost interest in it sometime around last year. But hey, that’s just one guys opinion.
  4. Support them in future endeavors? why, I would — ERROR: You were kicked from this post! Host quit.
  5. I don’t mind fire crackers / knives, it’s just delaying the inevitable so long as it’s not near an escape method.
  6. I think the future is bright for the Friday franchise. This game is the best thing to happen for it in a very long time and has introduced an entire new generation of people to the series. Plus, 80’s horror is big right now with IT, Stranger Things, etc. The time is right. All they need to do is make a proper reboot that looks like this game. (The stellar art degisn not the buggy glitchy rainbow blood stuff)
  7. In a way I’m kind of glad this happened...it is now impossible for the devs to ignore how utterly broken this game is like I and many others have been saying for quite some now. Quite some time now.
  8. Why did they think people wouldn’t want to skip the intros? It genuinely boggles my mind.
  9. Despite all it’s flaws, I don’t think this game is dead yet. In a coma, life support, intensive care, maybe. But not dead yet. And it could still make a full recovery yet.
  10. You know what? Jason X and the Grendel are the farthest things from my mind right now. All I really want is dedicated servers.
  11. I don’t mind that at all, that sort of thing is a not a problem for me honestly. I actually love the weapon swap and think it’s one of the best things they’ve ever added to the game. If anything, it gave the game a huge breath of fresh air. Besides, I’m sure they will add more stuff to the game to always keep it interesting.
  12. I don’t nean to be overly negative, I actually love this game but my patience was already wearing thin with it before this update dropped. Then, trying to give this game another chance, I had a terrible time with it this past weekend with bugs and host quitting. It put me in pretty bad mood. Most times i post here are usually right after I get kicked for host quit.. Thankfully the devs have realized they needed to step up with threads like this. All we are asking for is communication, so this thread makes me happy to see it.
  13. Glad you guys have finally taken the initiative a year in and started writing down known bugs. It’s a start I guess.
  14. Okay, quit arguing semantics about your analogy. My point still stands. The developers need to patch the glitch spots that have been known for a year now. So blame them. Hacker/glutcher idiots are going to be in every game. It’s the responsibility of the devs to fix the game and stopping this from happening, which they have failed to do. SP has been great so far. and props to the devs for that.
  15. Thats true giving credit where its due Yeah, maybe if it was SP game they wouldnt be so in over their heads, but now! forget it.
  16. The devs cant handle this game. Its too much for them. This latest patch is just yet more evidence of that. I love this game and I wish it were different, but it is what it is.
  17. Go back and re-read my post. I already did. This is a game not real life. Real life has no “patches”. The games does. the devs can patch out the spaces for glitchers to get into (many many people have reported on them numerous times for months on end) and make it so that glitchers have nowhere to hide, but they don’t, so ultimately it’s their fault. Hope this clears things up for you.
  18. I can’t tell you. Gun media got so lucky being handed this IP and they dropped the ball badly. Really a shame.
  19. Glad the devs have time to correct people’s spelling in their twitter mentions and no time to correct the errors in their video game.
  20. Dedicated servers are not coming. Stop thinking they are. It’s a bill of goods they’ve sold us to keep people playing.
  21. The sloppiness of the code enables glitchers. If Gun could simply fix the maps properly for once the glitchers would have no where to go. This has nothing to do with the real life laws, so dispose of that analogy. The devs are essentially God in this world. They have the ability to fix the game, the either cannot or will not fix it. Are glitchers dicks? Yeah, but a huge part of the blame lies squarely on the devlopers shoulders.
  22. Yes, it absolutely is some janky half working bs they threw in to scam people into waiting even longer for dedicated servers.
  23. As much as I hate cheaters, he has a point. The repeated and continuous incompetence by the developers enables glitchers.
  24. I love this game if it actually worked. I bet when your friends were imagining a Friday game they never said “and you should get dropped from the match constantly for no reason”. The game is unplayable in it’s current state on PS4. “$40! $40!” aint no excuse. They should be paying me $40 to put up with these Host Quitters.
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