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  1. Just put on their weapon kills and use the snap or crunch for your quick kill and always look environmental first. You aren't strategic you are just a try hard. I never used Choke or Punch, i'll do a long kill and let the car get started just so i can stop it and i killed 666 when the game was one month old and 20 days later reached 1313. Care about your prey aspire to jump scare them and kill them in creative ways. You will get much more nudes in that inbox and/or them digits that way because they sick of playing with all you "Strategic" Jason's who suck all the fun out of the game to protect your fake image
  2. They made it too easy to kill Jason so dumb people can have the illusion they have skill so that they keep playing. Avoid lobbies with these people they suck all the fun out of the game. I see these people that stream and i play with occasionly and every match is the same they all grab weapons , fix absolutey nothing and then the rest of the match just go running straight at Jason swinging doing more damage to each other than Jason and either kill Jason or are all dead before you can even get the gas you found at the beginning of the game to the car. If they don't kill Jason its because of crappy game mechanics but if they do it's because they are the best players in the world. Truth be told the game was nerfed so stupid people could have a false illusion of skill so they don't switch to Dead by Daylight that supplies that false illusion well. They have from what i can tell one skilled player in their squad and hail him as the end all be all Jason that nobody has ever escaped but all he does is throwing knife and slash with Part 3 against his people because he knows they are just gonna rush him like chickens with their heads cut off then if he faces people he dont know plays the Try Hard Part 2 game. Play the game the way it's supposed to be played, you will never get truly better at the game if all you do every game is run around like a pack of idiots hitting Jason and each other. Fix objectives and make Jason chase you not you chase Jason and when he least suspects it turn around and lay him out. Killing Jason should be none by beautiful architecture within the course of a normal match. Ain't no fun when every match is a race to see if Jason or the counselors will find the Tommy House first and that decides the whole game And when you are Jason don't make it all about yourself using the same Part 2 and 3 Try Hard tactics. Remember when you are Jason you are the entertainment, make the game fun for people and not just use annoying little bitch tactics. A Jason that stalk shifts you and gives you a cool kill cares about you and is more skilled than the Jason who only cares about himself who only that does nothing but exploit Slash, Choke and Kill with the same two Jason's
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