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  1. I really cannot say you are wrong. I personally do not care about single player, as I bought the game for its multiplayer. I was hoping to see something new to play with in this update and the challenges cannot offer me that. I am definitely looking forward to JasonX and the Grendel map...
  2. I play both these games quite often. Even though they represent the same genre, each one of them has its own style. What dead by daylight did to attract more players is in my opinion,except from the lower cost, the tension it offers through the gameplay. And the main factor for this is the rank system and the importance of teamwork between survivors so as to achieve higher rank. Personally, I do not consider any game better, as they have different things to offer. I really enjoy playing both of them...
  3. I hope we will be able to play cross-platform soon...Right now I cannot play with most of my friends...
  4. Sunday, 18 February, 2018. You can see it on the photo Ok thanks
  5. Hi everyone, I am really sorry if this topic is aleardy discussed(i didn't find anything related to it). I have encountered several times (and most likely you also did) players on steam having jason x, even though he isn't realeased yet. So I decided to add one of them as friend to learn how he got him. Basically what he told me is that there are files being sold through codes and can be downloaded. I am 100% sure that these files are not legal and there are also savini jason files. This topic is very important as we are talking about copyright issues. The photo I attaced is from a real conversation between us. Please let me know what you guys think about this. And hopefully, if F13 Team responds, such files will be blocked. Having uber jason and savini in this way is first of all a cybercrime and secondly unfair for the rest of the players. Any response is welcome.... Best wishes, Angelos
  6. Hi everyone, Yes it is not an urgent topic but it would be great if we could play across platforms. I think most of you have at least one friend that doesn't own a PC or his/her PC isn't good enough to run F13. The use of one multi-platform edition would also really ease the process of developing the game.
  7. I play on computer. Thank you buddy!
  8. Hi Community, Forgive me if i am wrong but right now we can all play only with players in the same platform (PC players with PC players.etc.). It's pretty much ok right now, I mean the game has been improved and I really have fun playing. What really concerns me is the fact that I can't play with my friends that don't own a PC but they play the game in other platforms. What if there was one game version for all platforms? Everyone will be able to meet more people and maybe link his/her account to multiple devices. I know that there are other features on hold (paranoia, single player challenges and more) but please let me know if there are plans to do so. I will be happy to see any reply... Cheers Angelos
  9. Hi everyone, I am Angelos and I am knew to the community. I live in Greece and I signed up to learn more things about the game and the movies and to help improve what we all really enjoy playing...
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