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  1. We all know that througout the F13 franchise Pamela and Jason are equal opportunist when it comes to stalking they're prey (counselors, officers, and crazy Ralph). It would be awesome if tje game starts in the day but gradually descends to night...with that being said, Jason is better at night opposing during the day...yes Jason is truly a master of his craft which is killing, ad night falls, his abilities increase...i thought of how GTA puts you in the game or story as you play...except from dawn to dusk... It would be ?.
  2. Wouldn't it be nice if counselor had perks that meet there roles when searching for items. Imagine if Chuck is looting a cabin and he finds a joint cigarette...he can use it or smoke it rather to get an extra boost of stamina, speed or repair...but if an another counselor uses it, it me decrease their stats because it doesnt suit them. Another example is if Shelly finds a (prankster version) similar to the clear mask in Friday 14th part 3 he wears. A final example: What if Fox finds that furry tale that she has connected to the belt of her leather biker pants that she stunningly looks sexy in, it may increase her ability to be less likely be detected by the mask murderer himself, Jason Voorhees... I hope my suggestions may help improve the game for the devs, but its just a suggestion.
  3. Thank you Randygbk for the welcome...I play F13 on PS4...but i want to invest in a gaming computer, I keep hearing its so awesome. I would like to say thank you for the warm welcome to this forum. I'm huge movie buff, but i always enjoyed horror films since my first one, the classic Friday the 13th...been a fan since 6 yrs of age.my sister was 15 or 16 when i first watched it with her while she babysitting me...scared the ? out of my britches...
  4. I was Tommy and there was 1 counselor left Jason grabbed therefore i used my knife so i know must put my running shoes...Jason was hot on my trails...the guy was an excellent morpher... As Jason started hacking me i knew i had two med sprays left... I replenished my health as my stamina was decreasing from hauling azz... Wow! Out of nowhere there was a cloned Tommy that could not move...that was my ticket to escape...be Jason went for it... Just enough time to stall him...for a close call getaway...Glitch of the year
  5. 10 - 13 refers tothe status of conditions a dispatcher may ask an officer for her 10-13 to determine if everything is okay or if she/he needs help. It can also refer to weather conditions or the status of a victim or suspect. Other signal codes 13-(suspicious person) 4-(automobile crash) 0-(weapon or armed) 10-( stolen vehicle) So therefore i believe the cops said 10 -13 copy...how convenient for the game...pretty genius guys
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