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  1. Yeah I get what you mean. I wouldn't want to see like Jurasstic Jason in the game. The post apocplyse Jason had a cool mask but I could see why people would be against that, although there is a Canon futuristic Jason. The Frozen Jason would go really good with a corresponding snow themed map. The producers of the 2009 Friday the 13th remake planned on a sequel that would have been snow themed. Original maps wouldn't exactly be Canon but certain types like a snow map, Kensington Lodge, or classic horror settings I feel would fit right in th game. I also thought the Tommy tapes were really good even though those aren't exactly confirmed Canon. I just don't think devs should be just narrowed down to only Canon things from the movies as long as it isn't ridiculous or silly. Like with Savini Jason, he fits right in the game even though he isn't Canon and the controversy around him.
  2. I mean eventually they're going to have to come up with their own things. Part 6-9 don't have maps and it would be cool to kill counselors in the part 9 Voorhees house. Original maps like a Kensington Lodge, tropical resort, or a snow map of would be cool. They could also use a couple of Jasons from the killer puzzle game but make them more realistic. I'm not against original maps or Jason's as long as it isn't too silly. The devs do a great job at making maps and Jasons
  3. How is me calling the playable characters counselors an issue? That's literally what the game refers to them as. All the playable characters are called counselors.
  4. Mitch looks like 40 but I'm pretty sure he's a young adult. He's based off Chuck who's 24. Also with Demon people assume he is because of his clothing, no one knows for sure really since he was a very minor character. He had a cool death though, that'd be nice to add into single player; his and Anita's death
  5. Kenny Riedells Trope/Persona is Head Counselor, The characters are also frequently referred to as Counselors or Playable Counselors. So with that we can assume that they're counselors considering the setting. With the exception of Fox, every other character is also somewhere between the ages of a late teen to an early adult (Canon: Shelly is a university student) so they fit into the environment. Demon just wouldn't really fit into the environment. With Classic Tropes I mean every character in the game has it (LaChappa: Nerd, Victoria: Mean Girl, Tiffany: Flirty Girl, etc.) while Demon doesn't exactly fit into a horror archetype that doesn't already exist, his appearance is similar to Fox but aside from that his two stand out personality traits are "Biker" and "Musician" which aren't exactly horror archetypes but Fox has the Biker Role. A Musician Trope could possible be something F13 Devs could consider but like I said, having Demon or even a character that looks like him would be unlikely.
  6. I don't like the idea of Movie Film Characters being in the game as a playable counselor. With Demon he's: 1.) Not a Counselor 2.) A Minor Character; to elaborate on this actually I forgot Demon was even a character in the film. 3.) Doesn't fit a classic horror movie trope Fox and Shelly were somewhat understandable since Shelly fits a trope, is a main character, and they actually got the guy that played him to voice him. Foxs actress died but imo I don't like her being in the game since she fits all three aforementioned reasons.
  7. In my opinion Shelly is a better character than Chris. Shelly's character development and overall story is what makes him a notable character aside from the hockey mask. The only "backstory" we have on Chris really is that she was apparantly attacked or something by Jason a little while ago and her family owns the place. Nothing against Chris but that all felt forced and unnessesary. Plus that argument of only being a number to a bodycount can be said for The Final Girls: "they're only in the movie so we have a survivor" since they only appear in one movie too. Shelly isn't even the only example of a developed (and/or notable/relevant/iconic) character that doesn't survive. Examples: Mark (Part 2), Jimmy (Part 4), Melissa (Part 7), Julius (Part 8)
  8. They don't need to survive the movie to get characterization. Shelly is one of the first characters to die in Part 3 and is one of the most complex, interesting, and relevant characters in the movie. Still a counselor with awful stats though in the game.
  9. Well it is a luxury so it's not completely needed, but why not? You get to know more about the counselors we're playing as; their personality, likes, dislikes. Also Jenny isn't "The Final Girl", she's just the girl next door. If anything, there's an achievement titled "The (Unlikely) Final Girl" - which you get if you're the sole survivor as Tiffany. If It were me, Jenny would be The (False) Final Girl, or False Protagonist; she's presented as the main character, typical final girl, but then is killed first (Shock Value/Plot Twist). Fools the audience's preconceptions, by constructing a character who they assumes is the protagonist. Also this is completely opinionated but I hate Jennys voice. I know her voice actor is an actress and nothing against her acting, I actually think her acting is great, but Jennys voice just annoys me and I would like to hear as little of it as possible so pls no story for her.
  10. Kenny's gay and in the closet, Tiffany is his BFF that's why they were laying in the hammock together and the only person who knows. :))) Fr though backstories would be nice, I think single player will give us that. In the sneak peak with Buggzy and Adam they have a conversation about AJ. I believe their deaths though are determinant and/or they'll just appear again in a different scenario. The devs said SP wasn't a story so I'm assuming it's different scenarios but we'll learn more about the characters in each. Also you could assume some personality traits from stats. For example, Tiffany 10/10 stealth good at sneaking around.
  11. I'd call him "the nice guy" or something along the lines. Since boy next door would be too similar to Jenny and to narrowed down especially with your description of him. I'd be cool if they took inspiration from Mark or Nick but if they did I'd give him more stamina and speed. I mean even if they didn't use Mark/Nick as inspiration we still have too many counselors with 4/10 stamina and the only male counselor we have with above average stamina is Buggzy, would love another male with high stam.
  12. LaChappa is the nerdy guy and Shelly is the prankster. They actually don't have much in similarities, aside from stats from what we've seen in trailers LaChappa is kind of shy and introverted while Shelly is the opposite. Another problem with adding Alice aside from sharing the same horror movie archetype as Jenny is that she would have the exact same stats, if not similar. I still stan with adding original characters over movie characters but devs should give Jenny Alices clothing maybe in a Clothing pack.
  13. More diversity = better set of characters also keep in mind there aren't like 30 characters in many horror movies 16 counselors should be the max I didn't even think of that, I just thought of her as the nerdy girl. I was thinking of "pretty blonde shy girl who loses her virginity in the film"