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  1. Decepciionado_boi

    Kicking Jason Helpers

    Voted yes
  2. I think when the host leaves a new leader should be chosen so the match doesn't end ~|}ecep~
  3. Decepciionado_boi

    New Outfits ~ Grendel Map

    I like this idea it is what I have been thinking about because I mean when you said they didn't put specific clothes for other maps it makes sense, but this is a whole other map and the normal clothes they have including (the spring brake clothes) already match the other maps but this one is in space and you wouldn't run around a space ship in a bikini #tiffany and jenny I mean you could but I would prefer a space themed clothing pack.
  4. Decepciionado_boi

    Pinehurst Small

    OK you voted no right so there should be no comment why you did its a poll not a chat room for opinions like you said it only asked if you would like a small pine Hurst yes or no not oh this idea makes no sense if it made no sense to you don't vote or comment
  5. Decepciionado_boi

    Counselor Choice

    Lol I an sooooooo weak
  6. Decepciionado_boi

    Catty girl names

    So who voted for who????????
  7. Decepciionado_boi

    Counselor Choice

    Chad I'm surprised I didn't know people could hate the rich kid with the speedo lol
  8. Decepciionado_boi

    Counselor Choice

  9. Decepciionado_boi

    Counselor Choice

    R.I.P I can't find you
  10. Decepciionado_boi

    Counselor Choice

    lol I just found these I'm weak ????
  11. Decepciionado_boi

    Counselor Choice

    You guys are mean lol????
  12. Decepciionado_boi

    Counselor Choice

    Lol I'm weak
  13. Decepciionado_boi

    Catty girl names