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  1. i agree with Widow, it would get in the way of the whole gameplay experience if it happened for everyone but wouldn't make sense if it was just certain people feeling the slow motion. but maybe if you wanted slow motion you could have if it were the last survivor against jason making the fight for survival way more dramatic knowing you are the last one alive but as for slow motion with multiple campers i don't see it being good.

  2. @BlackWidowLaPorte i had not seen that since i just signed up today. I imagine since Pam wouldn't have the powers of Jason she would be more of a set up character for Jason to get easier kills albeit they see Pam and start to run and run straight into Jason.


    yeah with throwing weapons i though maybe a scenario happens where the Jason player comes across two campers and what if Jason throws his weapon at one that starts trying to escape and he takes out the other.

  3.  Will Jason have the ability to throw whatever held weapon his has such as his machete, the axe etc...and i guess another thing i would like to say is if this game does really well and I'm really hoping it does, I'm extremely excited for this game but after launch what if you incorporated another mode where you have Jason's mother and Jason against the counselors. this may be too much but i imagine the challenge would become way more intense for some more hardcore ish players.

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