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  1. see ppl would seppuku over shit like this on my prayustation. as an aside, (since that other dude got away w sayin "relish") too u xboxers: i wanted to let ya know that ur gmail underwear cams servers were down for a brief period this spring. ;]
  2. jist make an rp thread for ur lil chad orgy fanfic, it dont gotta be cannon. 8P
  3. not gonna read this novel, but wanna point out what your 400 cucklord comments got... ya fkn dorks. that was a nice lil easter egg. next plz band together over somethin other than outfit emotes and we can be friends again.
  4. im not interested in this particular time sink, more meat and less parsley plz.
  5. milf13...while we are on the subject of wooing, my penile kazoo ftw.
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