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  1. Jason Selection Update

    jist go ahead and do it now, im bored. 8]
  2. Small things you’ve noticed.

    knock knock....candygram
  3. Some words that are overused

    you shut ur mouth! 8P
  4. Some words that are overused

    that spell causes pale goth chicks to pile.
  5. J.J's whammy/tremolo bar

    lol dafuq? did some doofus jist jam it in a missing knob hole?
  6. game mode: summer job

    i think the game needs fleshed out more, this would be good for whats suggested in the tags.
  7. new town/house/woods maps, players play as counselors alongside npc's through several maps to get to one of our familiar maps to survive the night w jason chasing them. fear lv persuades rng jason encounters.
  8. seems like itd be frustrating to lack the abilities like that. i like the idea tho so i suggest giving the counselors a "take cover" button like many other games maybe the crouch button. so if youre hid against the other side of a rock or tree you might not be sensed.
  9. i gotta bunch of great ol ps2 games still, shadow of the colossus, way of the samurai, and of course every la le lou li lo game ever.
  10. I just lost all my levels!!!!

    ....and this....is how jasons are made.
  11. to me it feels like that spiderweb of glitches starts at a window anomaly, like not being able to break it or envoirn kill w it.
  12. Roy's Coveralls

    ^sounds like another set of algorithms, since this game is so indie and this is its forum, arent there doods for that? someone say the new engine will have x feature that blablablas and solves that XD