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  1. What about blood? if jason kill someone and it is extremely bloody will blood stick to him for the rest of the match? I know it's not battle damage but just wanted to ask.
  2. How is that funny? Death is not funny! JK those are some cool kills.
  3. I currently have 4 miniature shnowzers and a Great Dane.
  4. Welcome! I am happy you could join us to be killed by a scary hockey player.
  5. If you guys and girls want to see nudity just watch the movies, look up porn, or find a playboy magazine, it is that simple.
  6. Welcome Scorpius I am glad you made through the woods and not hung to a tree by your own intestines by jason.
  7. Well I could not think of anything else for part 9 because that's all he did.
  8. I think it would be cool if all the jason skins had some sort of boost like, jason in part 2 ran a lot so jason could have the power to run, jason from part 8 teleported a lot so have him be able to teleport more than usual, jason from part 6 had super strength so he could break doors,walls,etc in one hit, jason form part 9 switch into different body's so he could turn into the consuler he just killed for 30 seconds, jason from part 7 was in the water more than usual so he could be extremely fast in the water, jason from part 10 ( uber jason ) was like a tank so he could be unstoppable against traps. Those are the only ones I can think of I am sure you guys can think of other ones or different ones.
  9. And also does anyone consider Baston as a tank?
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