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  1. I also have not had the issue. I'm on PC and was previously taking 4 or 5 tries to get in. All week its been first try.
  2. I haven't seen the infinite stats hack either. That was more annoying to me then someone just having a skin..
  3. I had a girl in one of my matches last night flop outside the cabin when Jason showed up. Thought she was just doing a bot impression, but maybe she had this bug too.. 🤔
  4. This happened to a Jason in one of my matches a little while back. The person he killed that glitched stayed in game but both were interaction locked. the counselor could run around like normal but couldnt pick anything up or open doors/climb through windows. And Jason couldnt grab him to get him out of it cuz he was walking with hand up preying to the gods.. lmao. Will have to try the water thing as suggested if I see this again.
  5. Anything to make the kill squads actually work for a kill I'm good with. They usually quit right away if they fail at the kill anyways. Make them play the whole game. I like it!
  6. No I have not. I should start diving everytime though. Last night I got grabbed slow crawling through window twice while Jason was stalking.. sneaky lil bastard!
  7. Some will throw down 2, but makes no difference if have health sprays and medic perk. Tank, hop in side. Run Jason around. He gets tired of chasing and morphs away. Repeat previous. And if he just used morph before you tanked first trap, you have time to spray and tank second usually. And with how the 2 are placed, usually means cant lay down a third that will get easily triggered as the previous traps now stop that. Also remember, the longer the battle at house, the easier it is to get Car/boat going at other locations, so dont be afraid to kite around the house and allow others to escape by other means even if you end up failing. Note: from time to time you will run Jason around for 5+ mins and think people are getting shit done, only to die and spectate everyone dancing around a fire afterwards.. lmao
  8. Most lobbies have adapted and do not beat on Jason. As a result everyone is either dead or cops called/car started well before rage kicks in. I think I've hit Rage maybe once the last 10 times I played as Jason. Way better experience in my opinion.
  9. They also are the devs from layers of fear games. Pretty excited for this after i saw trailer from E3!
  10. This. I always find it as Tiffany but never as Deb.. SMH.. 😂
  11. Buy an xbox and you are golden! 😀, Still waiting for someone to gift me one too btw.. lol
  12. yeah looks like they took it down, def a mistake. Silly Microsoft
  13. yeah, im not a backer so not too much of a bother to me, but just weird to see that as its been said over and over that backer clothing and savini will never be for sale.. Although it is free, so maybe that was the loop hole? lol Honestly was prob a mistake by someone, and will be down pretty quick. So get it while its hot non backers! btw, i grabbed a copy. Even though i dont own an xbox. 😀
  14. How the heck is Judie Aronson 55 years old???.... Cool find btw.
  15. Ahh, makes sense. Could have been worst. Could have had a daughter and be known as the DisneyPrincess or something.. lol
  16. Whats the point of changing tags? I get so confused who is in my steam friends list with everyone always changing names and also deleting previous name history.
  17. yeah used to think it was jason knifing the car or collision with other object space, but I was going straight down a road the other day and fell off the map. the reason said suicide, and then spectated another person in the other car do the same thing moments later. i asked jason after if knifed the cars but he said no(maybe he was lying) So not really sure myself why this is happening. A month back or so i grabbed the car up northeast on packanack circle and all i did was start the car, drive forward a few feet then tried spinning it around to go other way. this threw me off the map too. No Jason around, in the middle of the road and still happened. So weird. Going to be a really really hard one for them to fix after the roof glitch patch is done.
  18. Nice! props! I only have a little over a hundred matches as Jason. There was a long while in beginning I where i was afraid to play as Jason so always had counselor preference. I put a lot of practice into offline mode and got the courage to start playing Jason in QP and never looked back. I'm maybe Jason once out of every 8-10 matches so def going to take forever to get to 500 let alone 1000.
  19. aww man I would have loved this too. Just imagine hiding or ducking in a corner somewhere and hearing that trimmer revving up and getting louder as Jason got closer. Menacing! haha
  20. Hey Matt, what kind of details will be useful here? Like time/Date of connection attempt? I can try taking a video of it too, but the database failure is while loading the game not an issue once in game. ex. The game is launched, you see the intro videos then get to the screen where it says click to continue and once clicked the screen shows connecting. When it works it will load your user account and then bring you to the main menu screen. When it doesn't connect it will just show connecting for like 30 seconds or so then will say database connection failed. Options are to continue offline or quit. If you quit and reload game a bunch of times it will eventually make the connection, load your account and take you to main menu screen. The big issue here is if you launch the game first try and get the database connection screen, and do not follow the forums and know you can retry multiple times to get in, you just think the game is down and play something else. The end result is barely anyone is playing right now because of this. Lobbies are taking forever to fill up as only 160 players were playing across all servers last night. I know you guys are concentrated on getting the roof fixed, but when able to get a resource free and need any further help looking at this one let me know and Ill do anything I can to help. P.S. Really appreciate sharing the extra info on future testing being ramped up. Shows you guys really do still care about this game and are trying to make things better. I'm looking forward to the new patches and testing out and providing bug reports on anything I can find to help make this game better. If both sides stick together, Jason can never die!
  21. Oh nice. I watched the beyond stream yesterday and didnt see anyone mention it in questioning, and thought id search through tickets real quick before i tried bugging him again on it. Was happening last night to me and took 5 tries to get in, so was rather annoyed. Lobbies are dead on PC at least in my area WNY. Ive been loading up friend list with people I have been running into since that seems like the only way to get a lobby filled is through invites, else playing games with only 4 or 5 people.
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