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  1. Lots of teamers with all the new players buying in Steam summer sale. The funny thing is the Jasons are all pretty terrible so it just about evens out, so I can't complain.. lol
  2. On PC lobbies take a bit now also to fill up. Def not an hr though. I'm guessing something was messed up. I always cancel search if it goes over 2 mins. starting search again usually will get me in right away after I do that.
  3. lol, nice! I was in a match the other night with a group of new players. They were using the qp as a trial and error match to "test" there skills. Needless to say, Jason wasn't killing anyone, no one was trying to escape 2 of the newbies were driving the cars. Not sure who had the fuse to call cops. I was going to kill Jason to end game as I was annoyed, but after I grab sweater I remember F! Someone has to die for tommy to come back. When they finally realized this and wanted the points one guy volunteered to die. Jason killed them, but in reality 2 had to die. Right about then someone got out of the car so I got in. I went to backup and just leave but there was a tree behind car and then remembered the match still isnt going to end until these guys are done fucking around. So I blasted forward and also took out 3 at the same time. All I remember hearing was woah wtf! from Jason. I let her grab me and kill me after hoping they would give up and end the match(i prob should have just quit at this point.. lol). But of course when i got to the spectate chat the guys I ran over were mother f'n me. I told them to not fuck around next time if they didnt want to get ran over, and to take that shit to private match. They still didn't care and said something about all being buddies and in discord chat together.. I gave up and left at that point. smh..
  4. This is a good point. I agree. Being away from the screen so long they had to do some character development. Now Michael can come back and be scary again! 😈
  5. It should be a proximity sound. If Jason is in the close proximity to the boat when it starts, let him here it start. If not, no sound. Should prob be the same for cars, although that may be too much of a nerf as its a lot harder to stop a car then a boat.
  6. RB allows for full control over shift(while manipulating left and right joy sticks). Can shift in place, sideways, back and forth, instantly change direction, spin in circles. Its amazing, but haven't played around with it enough to master it, so usually don't use it either in QP. People that have mastered it are really badass Jasons. There is no hiding anywhere. They can shift through a whole house and back again without missing a beat.
  7. Id buy a switch if it were like $100. $250-300 sounds steep to me for what I would play on it.
  8. cool, ill keep an eye out for ya. Usually have a few good groups to play with. Changes from night to night on who is online and available to play.
  9. Was there any update on when the hotfix for this patch was coming out?
  10. Nice! Can't wait! I enjoyed the latest one. Had a lot to build off of. Just need to have more stalk/chase scenes in pt2. Bring back that eerie feeling.
  11. I'm on PC too. Same name. I'm sure ill see you around. What is your Steam name? Camp Blood T-shirt??🤔
  12. Current methods are being patched out. Hoping that answer can be you can't after it is released.
  13. Chat is which makes this game soo much fun with or without friends. I've met some cool peeps through this game.
  14. Welcome my friend! Hands down one of my favorite games to ever play. Glad to see you are also enjoying it! What platform you play on btw?
  15. 😂.. Main reason i cant go that way. The cat/mouse chase could be fun, but where is the climax!? They brought in Memento Mori, but come on, it should be in the game by default, no perk spot needed. Thousands still play it though, so guess cant knock those devs too much.
  16. I use controller only for pc gaming, unless the game doesn't have support for it. This game plays really well on a controller. Only issue I ever have is when im running and turning real quick, sometimes i accidently push down on the R stick and go into combat stance when all I wanted to do was loop around. This has got me killed a few times.. lol
  17. Nope, but the usual object collision though. Why the game wouldn't force her to exit on the other side of boat as there was no space the way she ended up going. The logic is not strong with this one...
  18. I also have not had the issue. I'm on PC and was previously taking 4 or 5 tries to get in. All week its been first try.
  19. I haven't seen the infinite stats hack either. That was more annoying to me then someone just having a skin..
  20. I had a girl in one of my matches last night flop outside the cabin when Jason showed up. Thought she was just doing a bot impression, but maybe she had this bug too.. 🤔
  21. This happened to a Jason in one of my matches a little while back. The person he killed that glitched stayed in game but both were interaction locked. the counselor could run around like normal but couldnt pick anything up or open doors/climb through windows. And Jason couldnt grab him to get him out of it cuz he was walking with hand up preying to the gods.. lmao. Will have to try the water thing as suggested if I see this again.
  22. Anything to make the kill squads actually work for a kill I'm good with. They usually quit right away if they fail at the kill anyways. Make them play the whole game. I like it!
  23. No I have not. I should start diving everytime though. Last night I got grabbed slow crawling through window twice while Jason was stalking.. sneaky lil bastard!
  24. Some will throw down 2, but makes no difference if have health sprays and medic perk. Tank, hop in side. Run Jason around. He gets tired of chasing and morphs away. Repeat previous. And if he just used morph before you tanked first trap, you have time to spray and tank second usually. And with how the 2 are placed, usually means cant lay down a third that will get easily triggered as the previous traps now stop that. Also remember, the longer the battle at house, the easier it is to get Car/boat going at other locations, so dont be afraid to kite around the house and allow others to escape by other means even if you end up failing. Note: from time to time you will run Jason around for 5+ mins and think people are getting shit done, only to die and spectate everyone dancing around a fire afterwards.. lmao
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