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  1. Are they patching every bug in this game for this next roll out? I mean christ, was the roof glitch really this hard to patch out? Given the amount of time spent so far, this handful of devs have to know every line of code by heart. 😂 Maybe thats a good thing going forward.
  2. I'm a no mercy Jason and spare no one, so noobs will die like the rest of them. I trap objectives first and knockout power along the way. If a counselor is nearby when I'm trapping I will show them a little attention, just enough to get them away from what I trapped, so they don't tank my trap as soon as I morph away(surprised more Jason's are not aware of this). But once everything is trapped I start my hunt. I also will knock down doors along the way, especially ones that are not locked. This gives Jason a huge advantage later in the match. Same with knives. Collect everyone that you pass. It only takes a couple of seconds to grab one and only 2 knives to get a counselor limping. 😈 US Servers are fine. PC play is great on those ones.
  3. I have a shit ton of fun playing counselor currently. Maybe you just need some tips on how to play? I can stream some and share if needed. Last night I was practically unkillable for a good long stretch. Then of course random luck kicked in and I was dead first the following match. 😂 That's usually how this game goes. Depending on where you and items spawn, some matches are easier then others. If you want to buff your counselor find a buddy to team up with. Counselor strength is in numbers if you are trying to battle Jason(not sure why you would want to do that. Fix shit and get out!). But to your point, that would be a hard NO! Counselors do not need a buff in any way.
  4. I have no interest in killing Jason(Too easy). I prefer to choose the most difficult path to survive the night. If that is kiting a raging Jason for 15 mins, so be it. 😀.
  5. yes, tommy tapes are more rare then pam tapes. ive gone months at a time playing a few hours just about every night and wouldnt see them when i was still collecting. to the point i think i commented in a thread like this like do these things even exist anymore!? haha. when they run event with double chance for tapes the blue ones will appear more often. Ull get them all eventually just keep at it. searching every drawer even if cabin was already searched as us 150s are out there that have them all and are leaving them behind.
  6. I can't give these things away anymore. I've had them all for awhile now, but still keep finding them. I try to give peeps heads up but no one ever wants to come get it. I don't even think new players know wtf I'm talking about when I say hey over here there is a tape in the drawer! lol
  7. I have found if you set stalk in the line of site of a counselor you will remain on the minimap. so morphing a few houses out of site, then setting stalk stops them from seeing you shift at them. But maybe if you morph far enough away you will go off the map again if you set stalk in line of site? I'll have to test that one. if im morphing across map i will always stalk sense morph as you said. Immediate shift too as soon as morph lands can catch them right before they break out of trap if you are quick enough. I liked that one grab you got on me the other night outside of pack lodge. You followed me all the way down the main road just to the beginning of house when I was Tommy, but I noticed the door was closed so couldn't run inside. Right then you morphed to the back end of the car and immediately shifted. I was just a sitting duck running in circles trying to dodge at that point. lol rip.
  8. Well they didn't think so, since we have been screaming from the top of a mountain to bring it back and they still haven't. 😭
  9. I'm the same way. The best part of the game are the chases. When I'm Jason i want the counselor to give me his best everytime and when I'm counselor I want to bring the best out in that Jason and have him get a good kill. Now if the counselor was emote dancing and tea bagging along the way I may get a little pissed, and think of as a troll, but its still his right. The way to get revenge on those ones is to kill for mama. 😈
  10. I think that's the hard thing to determine. What was intended and what wasn't(well some things are blatant obvious like roof glitch). Only way we ever find out if a close one wasn't is the day it gets patched out. I just like to have fun with others, so if something I'm doing pisses people of I just don't do it rather it was an exploit or not. Just had this instance the other night with a long time steam friend of mine. I was last left and making it tough on him to catch and kill and he got a little pissed and yelled and called me a troll since other people that were dead in lobby were waiting for match to end. In my head I was having fun running him all over, but he didn't enjoy it, so i just stopped and let him kill me even though i had another knife and 2 spray uses left. It is what it is.
  11. I still don't agree, when the intended purpose of the trap was to trap Jason. The issue if anything is that the devs restricted where Jason could morph in that leave him with a handicap. Kind of like his engine upgrade grab. Its long and clunky, so baiting and stunning became a useful tactic. Would you call that an exploit? The intended purpose of a stun is to stun. IDK, just the way im thinking, maybe im grasping at straws here. I would be happy as hell if I ever got morph trapped. Kinda like I am when i nail a morph grab,. lol
  12. Is morph trapping really an exploit? The point of traps is to put put them down in places where you can catch Jason. Usually players only put them behind or infront of doors, but why not on spots you know he will spawn or in places you know he will go to put down traps? He puts his traps in places he knows you will go. Is Jason exploiting when he traps a car from repair? Just my opinion and I have no interest in morph trapping. I have put down counselor traps in front of phone box or car repair spot at times if it was left untrapped. I just always thought of it as staying ahead of Jason.
  13. You can use this even when chasing a counselor. Morph just a little bit away, activate stalk. Sense, then shift at them from a distance. During this time they usually think you are gone and morphed away to somewhere else and end up running in a straight line for an easy grab kill. Very useful against those tough to catch vanessa joggers. 😀
  14. Why would they patch that out anyways? If you throw a knife at someone in a car in real life, there is likely hood of damage occurring. Seems like something they should have kept in game even though i never knew it existed. lol
  15. I've talked to many new players over the last few weeks and many are saying, "man I love this game. It is so fun! But why all the bugs still?" When you talk to long term players its always " I love this game, bugs and all!" Biggest issue is, and always has been, The Bugs.
  16. I think ive seen if you shoot in face it still briefly stuns. Also when mask comes off.
  17. Wouldn't be surprised if its another thing that has to do with ping. I've noticed ping spikes everytime an environmental kill is about to glitch. Will even see like a brief shake of the screen. When i see that they just get head punched and I move on. Too many people make you chase them again after a glitch and if they escape the game is hung. SMH Ahab sent me a couple game invites last night, but both times i was in middle of match and didnt see til after, then had to hit the sac for work in the am. Should def all get up and play sometime!
  18. lol, yeah I'm on PC. I've died plenty of times as Jason, so not one to back down and hide in water when I know they going for kill. I died the other week to a squad, i was kinda pissed. They couldn't get my mask off as i was block slash blocking the shit out of them and dodging, but couldnt hit any of my quick knife throws. I still eventually got sweater girl limping but she used spray by time i got over to slash her, even though i got a slash in after she still was able to run just out of reach and tommy hit me from behind and i lost mask. RIP Jason.. 😭
  19. I love his comment later on his stream. His buddy was like hes a pretty good Jason, and he was like, yeah hes "alright". 😂 I went 8 for 8 on them twice last night too .. hehe I finally got a good game out of him the last match. They were "alright" to play with though. Pretty cool peeps outside the random super young kid that i had to mute the first game. was making my ears bleed.. lol
  20. Just realized the guy I was playing with last night was streaming. Death to the Vanessas 🍻 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/451554491?t=01h02m15s
  21. Vanessa is good at one thing. Running. Don't play to her strengths. Getting Vanessa tunnel vision will make your whole match go to shit. Ignore her early on and when get stalk, take her ass out like @DontZzz34 said above. Trap the shack if you are worried about getting killed. Once she has sweater she is too easy to find. Had 2 matches last night against some Vanessa's that wanted to kill me. They failed both times. First time i got there when they hit my shack trap after I lost mask. quick killed the one stuck in trap then blocked the door for one in shack and baited run right into my grab kill. The next round they tried grabbing the sweater early, but Just as I got shift, and no one was dead yet(Tommy wasnt coming) so was easy to key in on her from a distance and shift grab while she was running to a new cabin a min or so later. watching them try to repair shit is always hilarious too. Most will miss atleast one skill check and still have plenty of time to morph shift grab before they finish. The newbies using vanessa is even more funny as they will miss like one of the first couple skill checks and i have time to morph over, taunt a bit then knife them ending that skill round and they will still stand there starting over and try to do again.. 😂
  22. Same! Dodge ball king of the 5th grade. 😂 quick and little went a long way in that game. Now I'm a big goon with no mobility. Damn growth spurts and old age! 😭
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