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  1. I just had this one last night. Took that Jason and his friendly helper all around Pinehurst from the main house and then all way up north and circled around to the east island then down south. A nice 12 min chase, until i made one mistake and the Jason finally got me(yeah i fell for his shift inside and climbed through window right into his grab uhhh!). I know they were looking for salt after but instead I said good game man, I like hard mode! The salt from them was from the game before and I was Tommy. I called the cops and then headed over to the west car. Jason was there so i tried bating him and getting him away so someone could grab the keys and get it started. It worked but he crashed. After it was just baiting back and forth and dodging shift grabs trying to get him away enough so the other could get in the car and get it started. I didnt have a weapon(i used the shotgun early to get car started), but rarely do i need one, so the one guy yelled dude go get a weapon. so i went the cabin over and grabbed one. He didnt follow me and died. The cops came and i escaped shortly after. I said GG to jason and then said sorry to the guy he died but he was pissed i didnt grab a weapon earlier, so i said sorry i dont usually need a weapon to survive so didnt go get one i was just trying to bait after using shotgun. Then said if you wanted me to protect you could have just dropped your weapon. He didnt like that and turned out he was in a party with a few guys, one that was the Jason that last match. Fun times! haha Fav Quotes of the chase: from the third wheel guy in their party that didn't take much part in the teaming to Jason: "Dude, you still didn't kill that guy!??" Jason: "This friggen guy doesn't make a mistake!" (my window gaph! uhhh again)
  2. I heard of this game sometime last year. Were they in early access for a bit or something? The person I heard it from was playing it, but said it was kinda childish, not really scary, but who knows it may have changed a bunch since.
  3. Good news. Must mean patch is ready and has submitted for certification approval then I assume?
  4. On Packanack, Is there a good morph point for the car up north that spawns by the water just east of the main house? I think thats the only one i still cant find a good close morph spot. I don't even waste a morph anymore if i'm in that general area. Shift usually gets me there quicker.
  5. I know this. I should prob try the same. I'm so rusty against the cars since they barely get started. When they do, ive been missing them here and there.
  6. This^^ although @Ahab is pretty good at stopping the cars with pt4 main. He doesn't trap cars at beginning so gets a ton of practice..
  7. as frustrating as it can be, just try not losing cool. When you notice some cheating going on, either use it as hard mode and play against all odds, or leave and find another lobby. Don't give them the attention that they don't deserve. I had a match the other night where the killer laid down 2 traps by the phone. He morphed away and I tanked both of them. He came back after and laid another one and I ran over to tank that one and some how he appeared right there again after morphing away to car(believe someone tipped him off and he shifted back over). He landed a nice shift grab on me and killed me. But after was spectating and saw his buddy(the tipper) grab car part and hop in car. Jason could have stopped and killed him but left alone. Moments later that guy was mowing down every counselor he could find. His name was a troll name, so i should have figured such. A helping team, that was looking for salt. I gave them none and left immediately.
  8. Still a work in progress. From my understanding, team is really small, so there is a long turn around on bug fixes.
  9. Not sure many know this, but Jason can shift in past the door close animation if you get there right at the beginning. Counselor is still stuck in close door animation so you have time to come out of shift position self behind them and grab immediately when animation ends. RIP door in face closers..
  10. Same. Don't die if you don't want to wait 20 mins, or exit lobby and join a new one. Makes no difference to me. 😊
  11. I was thinking pt 9 right away too. That's one bad ass Jason once he gets rage.
  12. Or they rage quit, but that just means they weren't meant to be f13 campers. 😁
  13. Thanks @mattshotcha. Can we get the kill bugs sorted out soon, and the Car glitches while you are at it, and this game is smooth sailing after that!
  14. Same. My first was part 8 rented from the local corner video store. Looking back I'm still like Dad, wtf were you thinking letting me rent that, but thank you! haha.
  15. I haven't seen anyone do this in prob over a year, so i too thought it was patched out. A real pain though to check every room, smash every hide-able then find out the douche was just crouched outside using an exploit. SMH
  16. I remember this was bought up a month or so back on beyond stream and it was kinda side stepped/shot down to the point I took it as the perk rework isn't going to happen. Ill have to see If i can find that stream.
  17. I honestly haven't seen anyone on the roof in forever. I'm guessing those trolls just got bored. How much fun can be in dancing on a roof for 20 mins, especially if the Jason is like me and just ignores them. Maybe its dif on EU servers where most of the glitchers live...
  18. Same. My biggest fear though is that they took all this time to patch and someone still finds a way to get up there or we find more glitches. Will lose a ton of players again. Fingers are crossed and hoping for the best.
  19. Are they patching every bug in this game for this next roll out? I mean christ, was the roof glitch really this hard to patch out? Given the amount of time spent so far, this handful of devs have to know every line of code by heart. 😂 Maybe thats a good thing going forward.
  20. I'm a no mercy Jason and spare no one, so noobs will die like the rest of them. I trap objectives first and knockout power along the way. If a counselor is nearby when I'm trapping I will show them a little attention, just enough to get them away from what I trapped, so they don't tank my trap as soon as I morph away(surprised more Jason's are not aware of this). But once everything is trapped I start my hunt. I also will knock down doors along the way, especially ones that are not locked. This gives Jason a huge advantage later in the match. Same with knives. Collect everyone that you pass. It only takes a couple of seconds to grab one and only 2 knives to get a counselor limping. 😈 US Servers are fine. PC play is great on those ones.
  21. I have a shit ton of fun playing counselor currently. Maybe you just need some tips on how to play? I can stream some and share if needed. Last night I was practically unkillable for a good long stretch. Then of course random luck kicked in and I was dead first the following match. 😂 That's usually how this game goes. Depending on where you and items spawn, some matches are easier then others. If you want to buff your counselor find a buddy to team up with. Counselor strength is in numbers if you are trying to battle Jason(not sure why you would want to do that. Fix shit and get out!). But to your point, that would be a hard NO! Counselors do not need a buff in any way.
  22. I have no interest in killing Jason(Too easy). I prefer to choose the most difficult path to survive the night. If that is kiting a raging Jason for 15 mins, so be it. 😀.
  23. yes, tommy tapes are more rare then pam tapes. ive gone months at a time playing a few hours just about every night and wouldnt see them when i was still collecting. to the point i think i commented in a thread like this like do these things even exist anymore!? haha. when they run event with double chance for tapes the blue ones will appear more often. Ull get them all eventually just keep at it. searching every drawer even if cabin was already searched as us 150s are out there that have them all and are leaving them behind.
  24. I can't give these things away anymore. I've had them all for awhile now, but still keep finding them. I try to give peeps heads up but no one ever wants to come get it. I don't even think new players know wtf I'm talking about when I say hey over here there is a tape in the drawer! lol
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