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  1. Yep, I've been working on that. Picked up on that while spectating. When councilor jumps through window and is laying on ground pelt him with a couple knives. Someone had some tips on here to use the shoulder to line up and aim for quick knife throw when chasing too. Embarrassing as it is, i didn't know there was a separate button to hit when in rage to bust down doors, so i would still be hacking away at end of match. Now i know to just hit A and get right through, leaving them less time to recover stamina. Getting better slowly. haha.
  2. ahh. cool, thanks. Maybe that's why everyone is so excited when i become Jason. I'm only level 20.. haha.. I can usually get 5 or 6 kills though. That last Tommy that I'm chasing around at times for final 10mins of game and cant seem to catch is prob high level.
  3. I know kind of a stupid question, but how do you see player stats in lobby? I didn't even know you could do this.
  4. One thing i noticed last night. After clicking continue when viewing earned xp, at the top will say returning to lobby or returning to quick play, depending on if you are going back to same lobby or to main menu searching for new lobby. So guess this is just the way they programmed it? Not sure why. Maybe they could put a button click option in there to give you a choice to return to lobby or get out to a new lobby.
  5. Wow, I didnt realize it was that much of a difference. I loved Tomb Raider on pc by the way. So why do people still console game if experience is that much better on pc?
  6. When i enter a room and hear children voices I usually exit the room and try for another. Maybe its because I'm a parent and feel guilty playing such a gory game that they prob should not be playing(damn I'm that old guy already..). Same if I hear adults saying childish things and throwing insults before the game starts. Just my preference..
  7. Im keeping my hopes up for cross platfrom. I play on pc, but literally everyone I know has it on ps4. I play with xbox 360 controller, so wouldn't have any advantage over anyone on console. Not sure what advantage keyboard or mouse would give you in this game anyways. Its actually way slower to try to hit all the different key bindings. Although i always console gamed as a kid, so am way more comfortable with controller..
  8. I just click A on xbox 360 controller to continue when prompted after viewing earned xp. I can try disconnecting controller at end of match to see if it is being wonky, but never really had any issues with it during game play. One thing of note, is i use steam mover to play game off of my ssd C:. Steam is on D: hard drive, so this moves all game files to the C: and creates a junction point to allow steam to still play the game. I noticed when latest patch came out the other day the game wouldnt update until i moved everything back to D: . I will move files all back and play off D: for a bit to see if that is causing issues. So many variables.. Damn it.. so it is a pc thing then.. yeah it is really annoying like i said when you find a good group. I mainly play as lonewolf as everyone i know has it on console instead of pc. Cross platform would be nice if they could pull it off...
  9. Yeah, i get no error message. It is rather seamless. Right to main menu screen, quick play is already selected for me and looking for match. Im right back in another lobby in a matter of seconds. Sucks when it was a good match, you are talking post match with players having a good time then your out and in a new lobby with all new people again.
  10. This is on PC- steam. I submitted a bug report before I posted this. Everyone I have talked to has it on ps4 and they state they have never had this issue. Its prob just me. Maybe I should try uninstalling and reinstalling.
  11. I noticed after finishing a quick play public lobby match(i am not the host), most of the time I am returned to the main menu screen and searching for a new lobby to join. This really sucks when you get in a match with some good players and want to continue playing with them. Does this happen for everyone or is it just me? I don't remember this ever happening awhile back when i first started playing the game at release. Just recently picked the game back up last week and has been a real pain. Happens i want to say 90% of the time. I see the kill score, my earned xp for the match. I continue and then instead of going back to existing lobby it sends me all the way back to main menu with quick play already selected and scanning for a room....
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