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  1. Slumber Party Massacre (1982). Think there were a few sequels also..
  2. Maybe a single player challange. Jason sneak in on a couple counselors in the moment and become the final climax..
  3. 16 person lobby that spawned 2 separate games, throwing counselors at random into each would be kind of cool too. When died got to spectate either match and all went back to the same lobby to chat it up after the games.
  4. I honestly just mash the buttons while walking around with counselor until one of them works. Yes I'm still a pretty terrible Jason.. Head punch and head crunch usually work the fastest and in tight spaces..
  5. Maybe as a new game mode. Kind of like a hunger games free for all. Everyone starts around the fire where Jason hacks "Rob". Then its all out war for survival every man for himself.. that may work as Jason would prob only have to kill 3 or 4. Everyone else would be killing each other to increase chance of survival. Could be fun and a different experience.
  6. yeah, its been rough getting a full lobby on PC the last couple of nights after double xp. Really hope player base increases when new patch comes out.
  7. What platform are you playing on? I'm on pc and always looking for group of people to get together in private match.. that is away to block all trolls..
  8. Trolling has a pretty wide range in the view of some. If someone is running around and kicking your ass while you are Jason, dancing in your face and surviving, that is not a troll, just a better player then you. Could probably use better etiquette, but to each is there own. The ones that should be able to be named are the ones that are actually cheating. "Hey Jason they are over here come kill them" or using the various exploits to gain an advantage. But no one wants to see a million threads on this. Would much rather see good discussions on the game, so just keep spamming the bad instances to the devs and hopefully they do something about it in future.
  9. You get points per minute survived i believe(10pts per min?), so if you can out run for last 5 mins, can earn another 50pts.. up to you if worth it or not. I use that time to perfect my running to use on early encounters in other matches where Jason is on me before I get out of first cabin. I still need a lot of work.. haha
  10. I feel like there is already a bit of a cooldown from the grab animation. When you miss you lunge forward and have to wait to be able to melee or grab again. I think that is good enough..
  11. If I put in battery and gas, and go off searching for keys, I'm constantly checking the map for anyone running over to the car. I've had a guy run right past me with keys and say absolutely nothing, get in and leave. Not even a flashlight flicker...
  12. Yeah I've been just saving. I see no point in wasting cp until the legendary perks are in the drawing. Unless you perks are really terrible at the moment..
  13. Glad I'm not the only one that has done this. Spawn by fuse house. Get chased for like 5 mins as AJ and finally he lets off. I catch a breather in cabin, trap the door. Realize I didnt lock the door and didnt want someone else to run in and step in it so i go to disarm and move, but step right in it. Moments later Jason is back and now I'm limping around like a sitting duck. Dead about a min later. The real kicker was nothing else got done while he was chasing me. Was hoping I allowed at least someone to escape that match...
  14. This is where teamwork helps a lot. Have Vanessa step in trap(giver her a spray if doesn't have one). AJ crouch around the corner. Jason appears, chases after Vanessa. AJ swoops in and does repair. One pissed off Jason when he notices he just got played by Vanessa and AJ. There is a chance Jason just ignores Vanessa and sets another trap. In that case rinse repeat...
  15. I've had the camera glitch too. The worst when it happens when driving car. Everyone in car is like what the F man and thinks im crashing purposely. The last time it happened I just got out and said im glitching someone else please drive! We actually got away still too.
  16. I have this issue at times on pc. I use xbox 360 controller. When selecting menus before game sometimes they wont work and i have to click with mouse then switch back to controller to get working. I've had times in game where it will glitch and some buttons will stop working as Jason, but never as councelor.
  17. Honestly I don't even know what Jeepers is. Fuck im getting old.
  18. I only see 4 "Classic Fearful Icons" in your post. Undead Jason all the way though...
  19. allow shift up ladders? Would be a fun way to surprise people hiding up top. stalk, shift your dead!
  20. I was in a room last night where a group decided that everyone had to be a black councelors and pt2 Jason to hunt them down(idk some sort of immature kkk reference?). When i disagreed and stuck with AJ they said I would die first. I was fine with that and was up to the challenge. Right at spawn one of the pricks started yelling hey Jason hey Jason, badass is over here. Come kill AJ! He immediately showed. First time i quit a game. Next room I got in was amazing though. Worked together and escaped in the 4 seater. Rooms are just hit or miss. Ive found if people sound like they are jerks in lobby they will most likely be jerks in game, so i will just exit and load to a different room if possible.
  21. I have been seeing this happen more often lately. Either QP lobbies are just getting better at working together or maybe it is just way too easy...
  22. I got my first Pamela tape the other night. Took me to level 22 to get one. Not lucky at all.. hehe
  23. Couldn't they do this similar to how they do with counselors? If you only push up on joy stick slightly he walks, all the way pressed and he runs(instead of jog that the counselor does). Seems pretty easy to me..
  24. Steam: badassgixxer05 Im usually on after 7:30est during week on nights wife is working and when daughter is in bed. Get on at times late friday/sat night also if no plans..
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