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  1. Yeah and approach the door from left to right at an angle to avoid open door selection option, and it sets it perfectly in the middle right on the door where Jason can't side step it.
  2. I like this. I'd be more excited about finding an epic perk then a useless tape...
  3. Jason takes manhattan, Julius head punch for sure. The oh shit look on my face had to be priceless watching as a kid. Remember rewinding and watching multiple times..
  4. I hope people being drunk or stoned is the excuse for some of the people I run into on QP...
  5. Yeah usually they just run around without purpose. The other night one turned around and snuffed my ass when I was practicing knife throws. I was like wtf you little bastard!
  6. Sweet, so play your game in the salt mines away from me...
  7. Can solve suicide trolling by just giving xp kill points to Jason, the way it should have been from beginning. He is the one that forced you to climb 4 times through a broken window or take a leap of faith out 2nd floor window. Give the man his kill...
  8. I see it as if hes hiding in the water, then should have no issues starting car or calling cops.. Win for me..
  9. I've had people purposely run in front of car like they trying to die.. I try my best not to hit you, but sometimes I have no choice. In real life, if you standing in the middle of the road when someone is racing around the corner, your prob getting pancaked. Try standing off to the side and give me a second to react, stop and pick you up. Better experience for everyone...
  10. Haha, thats the first thing I thought of when I saw this. Jason is 1 sick motha..
  11. Yeah, had a Jason quit right after we got away in car last night. Only 3 of us inside, so could have still got 4 and a possible Tommy, but guess he didn't have the time...
  12. I usually run lone wolf and low profile. As long as i don't sprint I am never detected early in the match. Utilize crouch and hiding spots as needed If hes close. Once he has Rage though its all bets off, just don't get caught in the open. I can kite pretty good cabin to cabin, but if there's a long stretch, could be in some trouble cuz stamina is shit for sure... Weapon hits are hit or miss, so I try not to engage if don't have to. If grinding good enough in that early match can usually find what is needed to have a chance for escape. It always helps if there is a runner out there taking all the heat off for sure..
  13. good point. That prob explains why I never can see the ones at phone objective either..
  14. I'm embarrassed to say I have done this before at packanack. Was looking for gas that said it was on map in that cabin. I didn't see so hopped out window to look outside. Didn't see so went back around to go inside again and realized, fuck I locked that door and its the only way in. I no longer lock doors without a barrier, It just hurts the counselors..
  15. AJ still my #1. Still don't get all the hate for repair counselors.. I stealth my way around and barely get noticed first 10 mins of a match. When getting chased, use cabin hopping to manage stamina.
  16. An update to the existing road map would be nice. The you are here is from before emote pack...
  17. I'm not colorblind and I have issues seeing the difference. I'm usually racing though when I hear go off and trying to get there as fast as can. I could prob use a larger monitor to see better detail..
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