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  1. I prefer to play with productive people that have mics.. Some can also be just down right hilarious and make for a really fun game. Others can be annoying as F and I can't click the mute button fast enough...
  2. Locking the door at packanack main house. Kite Jason half way across map to car with gas. Just enough time to put in and run to main house to find the door is fn locked.. Thanks, now I'm dead. Glad you made it so Jason couldn't "sneak" in on you the first minute of the match with no abilities...
  3. lol, yeah the ready up thing is annoying(def worse from a 10yold). When playing multiple games in a row sometimes I use that min or two for quick bathroom break. I get back and someone clicking the shit out of ready and I see like 5 or 6 messages saying ready up you asshole.. I'm like damn guys, sorry had to take a piss. Good thing I didn't have to take a shit you impatient bastards! lol
  4. I play on PC and in QP. Really fun if you get in with a good group of people. Every once in a while get a bad batch, but for the most part the game will still be fun. Just have to switch up game plan a bit to fit the situation.
  5. There is a team aspect to this game. I have found survival easier when 2+ vs Jason then me lone wolf against Jason.. Give it a try sometime. Now if Jason shows up and the other player just runs off leaving you to die, then yeah, F him...
  6. This just happened to me in a game last night on higgins small. I went to put the fuse in, and it just kept kicking me out. I noticed there was a tree pretty close to the house, so I went around to the other side of tree and tried again. 3rd time was the charm and it let me put it in. Really thought it wasn't going to let me put it in at all for a sec. Luckily i still had enough time to run inside up the stairs and call the police. About 5 mins later a Jason getting killed scene popped up, so all was mute anyways. Something that should get looked at in the future though. No need for tree to be a foot off of house..
  7. This would be amazing. You know people driving would bait Jason and bail at some point to troll, leaving everyone else in car to fend for them selves.
  8. Yeah i had one of these last week. Got in car. Looked like going to escape and guy throws it in reverse and drives all way to other exit then stops and goes straight back to first one, and repeated this for like 5 mins or so up and down the main road. I just left and went to get something to drink . Didn't care at that point if Jason came and killed me.. When i got back i was in new lobby, so not sure what the outcome was...
  9. This is great.. helping a fellow counselor in need. Should have got some extra xp for that.. lol
  10. I took a Jason on a good adventure a couple weeks back as AJ. I don't remember how i got the knives, but I had used two on him already and found one in cabin while he was busting door down. When I used that one he was more like Jesus christ how the hell do you have another knife. He killed me with like a minute left, so damn if I only had 1 more(or some better AJ stamina).. He was cool as hell though after and said damn you really made me work for that one and said prob was one of his best chases yet. There was another lady still in game that died just before me and said was watching me get chased all over map and had no clue how i was still alive. Was a really fun match. Maybe if I survived he would have been more bitter, but if was me I would say gg and get him next time..
  11. Slumber Party Massacre (1982). Think there were a few sequels also..
  12. Maybe a single player challange. Jason sneak in on a couple counselors in the moment and become the final climax..
  13. 16 person lobby that spawned 2 separate games, throwing counselors at random into each would be kind of cool too. When died got to spectate either match and all went back to the same lobby to chat it up after the games.
  14. I honestly just mash the buttons while walking around with counselor until one of them works. Yes I'm still a pretty terrible Jason.. Head punch and head crunch usually work the fastest and in tight spaces..
  15. Maybe as a new game mode. Kind of like a hunger games free for all. Everyone starts around the fire where Jason hacks "Rob". Then its all out war for survival every man for himself.. that may work as Jason would prob only have to kill 3 or 4. Everyone else would be killing each other to increase chance of survival. Could be fun and a different experience.
  16. yeah, its been rough getting a full lobby on PC the last couple of nights after double xp. Really hope player base increases when new patch comes out.
  17. What platform are you playing on? I'm on pc and always looking for group of people to get together in private match.. that is away to block all trolls..
  18. Trolling has a pretty wide range in the view of some. If someone is running around and kicking your ass while you are Jason, dancing in your face and surviving, that is not a troll, just a better player then you. Could probably use better etiquette, but to each is there own. The ones that should be able to be named are the ones that are actually cheating. "Hey Jason they are over here come kill them" or using the various exploits to gain an advantage. But no one wants to see a million threads on this. Would much rather see good discussions on the game, so just keep spamming the bad instances to the devs and hopefully they do something about it in future.
  19. You get points per minute survived i believe(10pts per min?), so if you can out run for last 5 mins, can earn another 50pts.. up to you if worth it or not. I use that time to perfect my running to use on early encounters in other matches where Jason is on me before I get out of first cabin. I still need a lot of work.. haha
  20. I feel like there is already a bit of a cooldown from the grab animation. When you miss you lunge forward and have to wait to be able to melee or grab again. I think that is good enough..
  21. If I put in battery and gas, and go off searching for keys, I'm constantly checking the map for anyone running over to the car. I've had a guy run right past me with keys and say absolutely nothing, get in and leave. Not even a flashlight flicker...
  22. Yeah I've been just saving. I see no point in wasting cp until the legendary perks are in the drawing. Unless you perks are really terrible at the moment..
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