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  1. I played from 7:30pm to about 1:30am est on PC. Got in with some cool people and the game actually kept us all together for the most part without even being in a party. Went up 4 levels, found a pam tape and two tommy tapes. Will prob go at it again tonight around same time. Didn't run into anyone from here yet though...
  2. That's what happens when there are a bunch of self entitled cry babies playing this game unfortunately..
  3. Buy the game on PC? We don't have host quit issues...
  4. Nice! Some good shots. Looks like was a lot of fun.
  5. I think it does matter. I've played a ton of offline matches to practice and they don't show up as matches played under my badge stats..
  6. On PC I get that every now and again when Steam is jacked up(it can't link to your steam account i think to pull in game profile). Closing and reopening of steam fixes. Not sure if something similar on console.
  7. I just wish there was some sort of mechanic that didn't guarantee a knife stun. Probability chance in use or button press to block/counter by Jason. I can usually tell when someone has one though when they are running around carelessly. That fucker just gets hacked/knifed to death..
  8. Yeah they could have went into deeper if they split the movie up into its own film series with a few movie releases...
  9. Damn, i just recently got up to 30k waiting for the epic perk release.. I remember a while back they made a temporary change for a couple of nights that made it easier to roll higher perks. Maybe they will do that again soon...
  10. The dark knight for sure...
  11. What platform you play on? Sounds like you still found a way to have fun non the less.. I usually just let it ride and see how it plays out also. If I get killed by a cheat, oh well Ill just get them next time..
  12. Its fun when you try squeaking by to get around to objective and head comes flying your way. Like oh shit! that was a head, I better hurry my ass up and get this gas in..
  13. I usually play QP for a couple hours every other day or so. With player base so small on steam now, I usually run into some of the same players. Some fun people still out there if you play enough you will find them...
  14. I didn't find a Pam one forever, then I got 3 over a couple nights, then haven't seen one again since. Still no Tommy...
  15. I would be fine with that. Save my eyes from seeing another Lachappa teet bouncing around while dancing..
  16. All I have heard is that it is not in the next update. I have seen an uptick in the amount of people playing the hacked skin uber jason though again. So much for that being fixed...
  17. I feel I have a different experience most of the time. Sure the mechanics are the same, but what game isn't like that?
  18. I love AJ. I got called a noob for playing as her by a 150 level guy the other night. He said she was the worst player in the game. I can loan wolf her like no other undetected for most of the game. Sure if you are not playing her right and out in the open trying to take on Jason she sucks. But if you move around the outskirts of map, cabin hopping for parts, she is unstoppable..
  19. One thing I've found is if you don't touch the Look controls and just steer, It drives much better. Any time I look left or right the steer gets all out of sync and I usually end up hitting a tree by the time I get her straight again..
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