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  1. @Somethin CoolThe only issue i have with calling this rubberbanding, is when Jason grabs him, jason's location changes to where the counselor was. If it was rubberbanding, the counselor would have been brought back to the cabin where Jason was. Car/window/map sand rubberbands all worked that way. This is something new for sure..
  2. Well a good Jason will wreck with anyone. And its OK to disagree, we all have our own play styles. Choose a Jason that works best for what you want to do in match and go kill for momma! I like to trap objectives and then go hunting so a -trap isn't good for my game. @Ahab traps just the phone usually, so he loves him some pt4.. and some car chases. haha
  3. I look at teaming this way: Difficulty mode has just been changed to ultra hard, but not impossible. Use this game instance to work on your skills. Kite Jason for as long as you can. I've ran him out a whole game with his buddies setting traps at windows/doors trying to block entrances/exits. Talking shit in mic telling me I'm going to die. In the end I can just laugh and say they all suck and also got better at my game in the process. Sure its not the way the game was meant to be played, but it is what it is. I still find a way to have fun, and the fact that their trolling didn't piss me off means I won and they lost..
  4. Ill agree, pt4 1 vs 1 is a bad ass, but against a lobby working together he is in trouble. -traps -shift is brutal. oh, and he cant swim for shit either.. lol
  5. Pt4 and 7 are the weaker Jasons IMO. pt5 is a bad ass mofo in the right hands, to the point where its almost unfair... I will admit I stopped playing as pt3 because it was way too easy in qp.
  6. You are right. This post was a woman harrassment thing, until i made it a people harrassment thing. Was just bringing light that gender has nothing to do with harassment in this game. We all get harrassed, that is just multiplayer gaming in the 21st century. And it is not just this game. You must not play many other multiplayer, cuz it is every multiplayer game I have ever played. Also just to note, I've been kicking it around here for quite sometime and I would say most respect my opinions (look at the reactions on my posts in this thread alone) and especially when it comes to this game. I have many hours into play and have chased away many trolls in the process. Best course of action is to use the mute button. If they are annoying pre game they 1000% will be annoying during game so are of no use to me. And for the record, I will never play the victim card hence my sticks and stones comment. I'm unphasable in that regard. As far as game play, if you are on PC I play with many different groups that all play this game with respect and in the way it should be played, so feel free to join me anytime(same gamertag). Cheers and best of luck to you.
  7. Id be fine with them scaling back the rage buff a little bit as long as they gave some other buffs to go along with it. Jason needs to remain strong in this game.
  8. Looks like just bug fixes. hopefully no more roof hoppers that a lot of you have been seeing. They are saying that should now be fixed on all maps.
  9. People interactions in this game is the best part. Good or bad I always have a fun time. I'd say 90% of my steam friends came from this game. The few bad apples out there try to ruin it for everyone, but the best thing is just to ignore them and they go away. Trolls only prey looking for reactions. Without them, they get bored and move on..
  10. The last patch has been simmering for awhile now, hope we get some more balancing changes(badass Jason!) and possible perk changes!? Hoping for some good news!
  11. Sounds like you need the safe space bud. I was accepting of your opinion and just stated mine. You completely disregard mine and demand i see the same as you. That's the difference between us. We need less of your type in this world if we are ever going to come together on any subject. But please continue to throw out vulgarities and stomp your feet like a child...
  12. you can believe what ever you want, im just saying I hear just as many dudes getting harrassed on a daily basis(obviously more guys game them women)but It 100% happens to both. Cut the gender me too bs already. Because im a guy i should be able to take it better then a girl? Give me a break if that isn't slighted in the least bit. Where are my rights!!?? Oh i dont have any, im a dude... but like I said sticks and stones..
  13. yeah, wtf? Ive never seen that. He was able to slash and grab you from miles away. Unless you were under some serious lag, he was using some sort of exploit.
  14. Yes, keep it true to the game. They should have to find the knives just like in online match and only 3 available per match for everyone. The firecrackers I'm fine with as there is a perk for them to start with that(although a wasted slot IMO). The driving is hilarious as 9 times out of 10 they will drive the car slow as f right into a tree and then just stand on the gas peddle.. haha I still trap the car and respond to triggers just to keep my reaction sharp for that situation(try to morph shift grab them before they are out of trap). Offline is good for what it is, just a quick tune up to make sure skills stay on point when you havnt played as Jason in a bit.
  15. damn, must have a nice card. I get between 45-75 with fury nitro OC+ @1440p epic.
  16. When I was going for my sweater badge, i used Tiffany. Once you grabbed the sweater and darted away, she was hard to find, as she is much more stealthy then Vanessa. But 99% of the time when I run into a kill squad they are all Vanessa with thick skin and marathon. Easy to find, but will be hard to catch before she meets up with Tommy.
  17. Sorry to hear, but Im a 35yold male and I get called all types of shit in this game too. Heck i've been solicited sexual acts(from male and female) to not kill them in game and what not multiple times over. Nothing you can do but laugh it off. Sticks and stones. I know thats like an 80s/90s saying, but they really need to bring that back. People are getting way too soft these days...
  18. I'm same name on steam. Always down to play. I'll be on tonight(after 7:30 est).
  19. Counselors tend to move very linear(cabin to cabin) when not being chased by Jason. Searching for the "goods" and then eventually moving to the objectives. When i see a sound ping in a direction i open morph map and look for cabins/objectives in that area and 9/10 I will find someone at that morph spot rather easily. If unsure and there are 3 or 4 cabins/objectives in that line of sight i will split the difference down the middle and sense when i get there in what direction. Funny enough, counselors also tend to move very linear(cabin to cabin) when being chased by Jason too! Many times i just missed shift grab and they run away full speed in a certain direction. I open morph map aim for the cabin in that sight line and have hit many morph grabs this way if they run across that morph landing spot. And if just miss they are likely out of stamina and are mine for the taking anyways.. 😈
  20. Im just outside of Niagara Falls. I get tossed into matches with a lot of canadians on said US servers, but have never seen a CA server to this day.. Now EU on the other hand... haha
  21. I havn't seen anyone on the roof in awhile thank god. This is on US servers(NY region).
  22. Nice. I love the knife throws when they are climbing through windows. The best is when you are on there tails and they are trying to get in and you knife them and they are back on the outside again for easy grab kill. Another is when they are inside, you break down door and they try climbing out. Knife and they are back inside for easy grab kill. The response I usually get is "fucking knives!" haha
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