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  1. lol. I have a little over 100hrs in the game and I'm still pretty bad when compared to some, so it is a game that takes quite a bit to master. Prob why it is still fun. I can't afford any breaks considering they are locking new features to 100+ levels now and I'm only Lv54.. Have a ton of grinding left to do.. ?
  2. That's the whole point anyways right!? ? If I was just clearing lobbies or escaping with little to no effort, I would be pretty bored with this game..
  3. Yup, I can see that right now. "Hey Jason! over here! Badass has the keys and 2 pocket knives." Queue hack N slash Jason til I'm dead...
  4. Haven't heard anything about child's play game. Saw some fake twitter tweets a year or so back. Would make for an interesting game though I think..
  5. Or have different Jasons atleast start with an ability they are good at...
  6. HAHA, yeah most of the kills end up seek and destroy. They jump in a closet or slide under a bed when I am standing right in front of them.. ?
  7. Glad, I'm not the only one that has trouble at times finding bot Tommy. Its usually when the AI flakes out and Ill find him out in the middle of no where crouched down not moving. Have to give him a good wack to get the AI working again and start the final chase..
  8. Maybe an inexperienced Jason. A good Jason still has me shitting my pants...
  9. Wife and I are going to see them In July when they come to Buffalo. Have seen them 3 or 4 times over the years. Always a good show.
  10. Tapes dried up for me. Found a bunch +130% weekend, and none since. I kind of like it this way though. Really excited when I find one since they are so rare..
  11. Yeah just a few seconds. I have a job where I'm usually on the internet googling something anyways so was no biggie.. ? bad news is I'm driving home from work during the start of the stream, so will prob have to try to find it somewhere later if someone records it..
  12. believe it would be 11PM since it is currently 5:47pm in Turkey..
  13. I've never seen any of the Hatchet movies. I guess its about time I give them a go. Worth watching all 4?
  14. I havn't seen this thankfully. Permanent closet hiders are bad enough. Then a bug where you can't even kill them after waiting for rage to find them? I'd be one pissed of Jason..
  15. I would love to see a Halloween game, but would def want it to be a totally different playing style. Else it would just be F13 with a different killer. Would be a tough sell...
  16. You ever get the pc streaming issues fixed? Wouldn't mind getting some folks on here together again for a few games... short lived last time.. ?
  17. Damn, well him and I have more in common then I initially thought. ?
  18. He puts on tights in a phone booth.......
  19. Yeah, I used to record people and send them in, but no one really cares. The teamers know also, so just laugh at you when you say you are reporting them. I just remember names if I can and avoid when I see them. Pretty easy with small community, but then again they can always change name so....
  20. ?. Yeah i cant believe people still don't realize that Jason can hear what ever you are saying when close by. Its hilarious listening to their master plan then foiling the shit out of it cuz they just told you in mid chase.. ?
  21. Yeah have to know where you are in the game as counselor. If I know he has stalk ability I will bring up map and see if I see anyone else scrambling around. That usually means he morphed and moved on to them, else I wait it out a bit. The camera thing is a good tip, I may use that going forward.
  22. Ive had a few lock up in front of me in past before I knew giving them a wack could free them up. I told the one guy to try morphing into water as I heard that works sometimes. It didn't work so he quit. I don't blame him, who wants to play jason with no interactions. Helps if you have a mic to talk it through. I don't use mic as Jason, but turn it on real quick when having issues. A lot of people appreciate you sticking around and giving them a chance to unlock you and not just quitting as soon as you lose control(I did that once before I knew about the bug too). In due time hopefully won't have to worry about these things anymore.
  23. This is so well known now, most times I will just announce i'm glich locked and someone will usually volunteer to come hit me(this usually fixes it). Else the game is pretty much over for everyone since you can't enter any cabins/break windows/smash phone fuse box(i literally watch someone finish putting in fuse and jump in window to go call cops one time. nothing i could do about it). Can still grab though if someone is outside in the open.
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