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  1. How is the community? I'm always hesitant to start multiplayer games late. Don't feel like being called garbage all game long.. I still get that at times in f13, but I'm good enough to get them back next round and throw some shade back..
  2. I've been thinking about giving the game a go. A lot of people seem to like it. Have mixed feelings though. Kinda like going after the wife's sister. If I shes really good, do I ever come back to the wife?
  3. Funny enough, I always forget to use it. After seeing that block grab compilation video, I need to start practicing and up my game... Power to the Jason!
  4. Some people are just out for themselves. You find out who they are pretty quick in this game. The other night I put the gas in car(2 seater), grab flare gun to defend against jason while car is started, I fire and turn around to run to car, another guy hops in and yells cya AJ!.. I'm pretty sure they both died and I escaped to cops. It was all good.. Karma is a bitch when you leave an AJ behind....
  5. Agree, but if you wait too long to start applying pressure you will let the game get away anyways...
  6. At least he could talk to you and wasn't just spazzing out on the flashlight. I end up whacking them with a bat to get them to stop and then just tank it, so I don't have to deal with that shit anymore.. F13 problems...
  7. The only positive is that I run into the same players on QP quite frequently. Remember them for the most part good or bad...
  8. Kill early before they have the chance to find them.. If you are morphing all over setting traps for 5mins then you have to deal with knives later...
  9. Nice. Looks like we had a similar weekend. What platform you on?
  10. Damn, I don't even have 50,000CP. Can you give a brotha a loan?
  11. I went up 8. Would have went up more if Sat and Sun night were more like Friday night, but there was a bit of a drop off.. Did manage to find 6 tapes, 4 Pams and 2 Tommys .
  12. Damn, that sounds easy enough. Now I just need friends..
  13. you'd be surprised the shit that comes out of some peoples mouth to spare them early in matches. I get a kick out of female players that think they can sweet talk you. Jason has no sexual preference woman! Just cleaver to the groin....
  14. yeah he prob hopped in not even thinking about it. But would have been nice if he dropped before getting in. other players could have headed to phone house while jason was chasing the car..
  15. Yeah pretty much says hes looking to teabag and I'm going to snuff his ass... an no i didn't mean sniff....
  16. I've died as a counselor with high fear and when came back as Tommy my items and mini map were blacked out for that game.. Real pain in the ass..
  17. Yeah, I used to get excited when saw some 150s in a lobby. Lately I have found they are cheats/trolls if they actually play. A lot of times they leave the match at some point after start with no contribution..
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